Satan has been defeated and now his minions are being rounded up

Satan has been defeated and now his minions are being rounded up

Benjamin Fulford |

Something fundamental has happened at the highest levels of world power. Satan -as in an ancient cult of human slavers- has been defeated and now a mopping-up operation is underway. The signs are everywhere. First, though, let us look at what has been defeated.

When Asian secret societies first approached me in 2006 they gave me the following hand-drawn chart of their power structure (sorry about the coffee stains).

At the top is the star of Satan (misleadingly called the Star of David) and directly underneath you find Switzerland and the Federal Reserve Board. The Babylonian god-king at the top of this structure was David Rockefeller. Under his direct control, you see Japan, Mexico, Canada, Africa, America, Iran, Greece, England, Russia and Mongolia.

On the left side, you see Queen Elizabeth and the European Commission (now the EU). Beneath her, you find the City of London and something called properties (presumably Crown land including most of Australia and Canada). On the right, you see France and hanging next to it the Fortune 500.

What you do not find under their control is Germany (then headed by Fuhrer George Bush Sr.). You also do not find the Middle Eastern Monarchies like Saudi Arabia, China, ASEAN and South America under their control.

Ok, so now let us zoom forward to 2023 and see what has happened. England under Queen Elizabeth split off, hence Brexit. Since her consort Philip was the monarch of Denmark and Greece, they also split off. Even though Elizabeth was murdered, England, Ireland and Scotland are now under the control of someone loyal to her spirit. It is not the fake King Charles III. This individual says he will make a public appearance in the New Year.

France has also split off. It is now under the control of Pierre De Gaulle, the grandson of Charles De Gaulle. At the Saint Petersburg Forum, De Gaulle raised the possibility of France joining the BRICS. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if France presented its candidacy, he would consider it.

Russia, of course, also split off when Czarists loyal to the Orthodox Church killed 200 Satanist oligarchs and exiled many others before placing the Avatar Vladimir Putin in charge.

Africa has also split off, which is why almost nobody submitted to vaccinations on that continent. The Russians have been providing military support for newly independent African countries. The Chinese have provided economic support. The British Commonwealth African countries are also independent.

Next, let us look at Germany. After George Bush Sr. and most of his family were executed for treason, the new Fuhrer became, according to the elders of the Black Sun Organization, Elon Musk. Donald Trump (the real one, not the fake one), is allied with this group.

Japan and the Korean Peninsula are now a battleground with the Rockefeller clan fighting (and losing) a rear-guard action to stay in control.

So, that leaves David Rockefeller Jr. an inheritance that now consists of the United States Corporation under the fake President Joe Biden, Canada under Castrudeau and many of the Fortune 500 companies. His politburo is the Swiss-based Octagon group. Politburo member Klaus Schwab Rothschild may have been trying to oust Jr. with his “great reset” plan. He failed.

In other words, much of the news events of the past several years can be seen as the Rockefeller clan fighting to stay in power. This is why the first thing they did when they stole the 2020 election was cancel the Keystone pipeline to stop the US from buying non-Rockefeller oil from Canada. They also blew up the Nordstream II pipeline in order to force the Europeans to buy Rockefeller oil and gas at twice the Russian price.

Now it turns out one of the big reasons for the ongoing genocide in Gaza is to secure the huge gas reserves found there. The map above illustrates this.

Nonetheless, despite impoverishing the Americans and Europeans to stay in power, the Rockefellers are still facing bankruptcy.


As points out “Russia, the most sanctioned country in the world ends 2023 with a $75 billion profit…The US, the most indebted country in the world will end 2023 with a loss of $2 trillion.”

Last week the Rockefellers hoped to stay in business by offering the Chinese pretty much anything they wanted in exchange for more money. They offered California to the Chinese and lined the streets of San Francisco with Chinese flags saying, “Oh look, San Francisco turned into China for President Xi’s arrival. Finally revealing its’ true colors.”

However, if you look at the expression of Rockefeller bagman Anthony Blinken after talks with his Chinese counterparts, you can see sheer terror. We asked Asian Secret Society sources what they told him and they said


they told him the Chinese would NOT lend any more money to the US Corporation. They also said they were going to insist the Rockefellers and others responsible for the vaccine mass murder war face war crimes tribunals.



After the meeting, the Chinese government press confirmed “The dysfunction of the US political system will continue to coexist as long as the country is still able to use the dollar to rein in the world economy.

This came even though “Biden” promised “the United States does not seek a new Cold War, it does not seek to change China’s system, it does not seek to revitalize alliances against China, it does not support ‘Taiwan independence,’ and that it has no intention to have a conflict with China,” according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The failure to get money is why “Biden” disparaged Xi as a dictator of a communist government after the meeting.


In any case, without Chinese money, the Biden show is doomed for sure because they will have no money to bribe generals and actors pretending to be politicians.

The signs that the Rockefellers are losing control of the US are everywhere now.

The biggest sign is a letter going out to soldiers that says, “Former soldiers who were involuntarily separated for refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination may request a correction of their military records.” What this means is the vaccine mafia has lost control of the US military.

They are also losing control of the US bureaucracy. More than 500 U.S. officials have signed a letter protesting Rockefeller surrogate Biden’s Israel policy

Donald Trump supporter Kash Patel, meanwhile, has sued Rockefeller enforcer FBI director Christopher Wray & and other members of the FBI & DOJ for unlawful surveillance. They will be grilled about this under oath.


Also, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) confronted Wray over “nefarious” buses “filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters deployed unto our Capitol on Jan. 6.”


Now the January 6th tapes have been made public proving this event was a giant fraud facilitated and coordinated by elements within the US government.

Ever since Friday’s release of more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol Police security video, dozens of clips debunking the Jan. 6 committee’s ‘violent insurrection’ narrative have been floating around X.

The other thing that is happening is the snowballing evidence of the vaccine crimes committed by the Khazarian mafia pharmacidical corporations. For example, Japanese researchers have confirmed the vaccines were designed to make heart muscles produce spike proteins. These in turn caused the immune system to attack them, leading to all those heart deaths. Pfizer meanwhile has admitted privileged populations received special safe Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ in different batches. In other words, vaccines were used to selectively cull the population of “undesirables.”

We also see a lawsuit has been filed against New Jersey for secretly harvesting babies’ blood for elite VIPs:

The Institute for Justice has filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, alleging that a secret program is allowing for the harvesting and saving of newborn blood without the knowledge or consent of the babies’ parents.

Now Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is pursuing federal criminal action against Dr. Anthony Fauci for perjury before Congress.

“Virtually everything they said in private, they said the opposite in the public at the same time,” Dr. Paul said.

He should be pursuing war crimes and mass murder charges.

A document by the “Secretariat for World Order” from September 20, 1991, for example calls for:

The immediate reduction of world population…This must be done by whatever means necessary…. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations, The Security Council of the UN led by the Anglo-Saxon Major Nation Powers, will decree that henceforth, the Security Council will inform all nations that its sufferance on population has ended, that all nations have quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force, when required.

Donald Trump, the real one, is certainly planning to file criminal charges against the Rockefellers and their hatchet men.

That is why the Rothschild-controlled Economist calls Trump “the biggest danger to the world in 2024.”

Jen Psaki Rockefeller for her part speaks about the fear of Trump “prosecuting anyone he deems an enemy” and how “this time he plans to line his administration with people who will actually do it.”

The Rockefellers are using a fake Trump to try to derail this. Here you can see a photo of the fake Donald Trump being used by the KM to back the fake story about “the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump to extend into early 2025.

Even if Trump turns out to be a pied piper, the rest of the world is taking action.

“The United States and Israel, who have long since joined forces, will both be held responsible for the mass massacres in Gaza. Within a few years, Israel and the ‘American Empire’ will disappear. Those who fight against the direction of history will provoke wars and unnecessary deaths in their numbers,” writes French journalist Thierry Meyssan, reflecting the dominant view in most of the world.

South Africa, Turkey and Russia are among the countries who have filed war crimes charges against the US and its Israel and Swiss-based Octagon leaders with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate war crimes committed in Gaza.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan says Turkey will make sure the world “recognizes Israel as a terrorist state.” Hundreds of lawyers are going to the Hague Court to take measures against it, promises. The West is “going beyond morality and law” and “violating international legal norms,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says these actions are now possible because “The West was calling the shots in the world for more than 500 years, more than five centuries. And this era is over.”


In the latest example of this, Libertarian outsider Javier Milei pulled off a resounding win in Argentina’s presidential election, a stinging rebuke of the traditional parties that have overseen decades of economic decline. Milei promises to make drastic budget cuts, replace the battered peso with the US dollar and shut down the central bank. He will also abolish ministries including Women, Gender and Diversity and Environment.

The Khazarian Mafia is now in a panic mode as their centuries-old plan to rule the world from Khazaria is crumbling following their defeat in the Ukraine.

This has cut off a huge political bribe network. Polish intelligence calculates Ukraine has received more than $230 billion in aid since the Russian invasion in 2022. Between 20% and 36% of all financial aid, provided to Kyiv by the West, has been misappropriated by Ukrainian officials, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

Most of the rest was misappropriated by US and Israeli officials or used to finance genocide in Ukraine and Gaza.

Now, according to Mossad sources, Ukrainian president “Vladimir Zelensky will be hunted down, as he is already long gone from Ukraine. His wife knew this was inevitable when they were in Canada.”

Polish intelligence agrees saying “The only thing about which there is no longer any doubt is that Zelensky will soon join the collection of friends of the United States who were sacrificed when they were no longer needed or could no longer be easily remotely controlled for some reason.”

In a clear sign of this, the Wall Street Journal now claims it’s time to end “magical thinking” about Russia’s defeat in Ukraine.

This attached photo reading “Have you seen this man? He is wanted for scamming an elderly man out of 100 billion dollars,” is an example of true words said in jest.

Even the Jewish people are waking up. As an example, the formerly KM-controlled BBC is starting to question the Israeli narrative on Gaza reporting “Israel is yet to produce evidence of the tunnels [used as an excuse to destroy a hospital].”


Thanks to survivors like Henry Makow most Jews also now know it was the Satanists who were responsible for the Holocaust. That is why the KM are about to lose control even of their slave colony Israel. Opposition Leader Yair Lapid has joined the chorus of calls to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his job. Netanyahu is being actively hunted by Israeli special forces now, Mossad sources report.

Other proxy leaders like Justin Castrudeau are also on their way out. He cannot appear in public now without being attacked by mobs.

Of course, the KM are freaking out and are now threatening to destroy the world.

They are still clinging to the illusion they will be able to carry out their plan to start World War III in order to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

Here you can watch an Israeli Channel 14 announcer say;

“Can you guess how many people we are going to slaughter? We are prepared to fight the United States and the entire world.”

CIA sources warn:

“The fleet stationed in the Mediterranean Sea only has a skeleton crew…. This is for a reason. Be prepared for a False Flag Op as Israel sends an underwater drone hits and sinks one of the carriers. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident. They will blame Iran. They need Iran in the conflict. Russia is already aware of this”.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirms neither Iran, Lebanon, nor the militant group Hezbollah are going to be fooled by the genocide in Gaza into starting the KMs’ wish for WWIII.

There also seems to be some sort of otherworldly force at work to ensure the planet is not destroyed. Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Frank Kendal says “There are unknown unknowns,” preventing the US from making ICBMs. Now apparently the US only has more than a half-century-old Minuteman III missiles that nobody alive understands how to operate.

Maybe there is something wrong with my memory but, I am pretty sure the US had many other missiles after the Minuteman series. It is almost as if reality itself is being altered.

Also, the Pentagon itself remains a black box. It just yet again failed an annual audit of $3.8 trillion in military assets.

Of course, the KM has not run out of tricks just yet. The KM Rothschild-controlled Economist magazine THE WORLD AHEAD 2024 cover has many hints in it.

It has pictures of ICBMs and hints of weather warfare and AI mind control in it.

However, it is the graph on the right showing their fiat US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and British Pound plunging that grabbed my attention. To me, it is a hint that after years of suckering investors into stock markets by goosing them with fiat funny money, they are going to cash in by selling their shares and crashing everything. We shall see.

The other thing they are definitely planning is weather warfare in order to try to get money to fight “climate change.”

Here you can watch KM “Climate Czar” John Kerry spout BS about climate change “science” produced by their paid shills: “This transition is much bigger than any one party in the county… it’s not ideological.”


Next, you can watch the fake masked BIDEN (heavily slurring): “I’m working with our Congress to dramatically increase international climate financing”

More money laundering, only another $100 billion.


Finally, in what may be a sign we are really facing biblical events (or biblical computer graphics) it appears the Nile River is running red.


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