“Ireland, We Are at War!” – MMA Champion Connor McGregor Lashes Out at Authorities After Mass Stabbing by Algerian Migrant in Dublin

“Ireland, We Are at War!” – MMA Champion Connor McGregor Lashes Out at Authorities After Mass Stabbing by Algerian Migrant in Dublin

The Gateway Pundit | Jim Hoft

Five people, including children, were stabbed near a school in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday by a suspect whose identity has not yet been released.

Three children and two adults were taken to a nearby hospital with stab wounds. Their condition is unknown.

There are reports that the perpetrator is an Algerian immigrant.

Video was later released on Twitter-X of the alleged migrant who was injured during the attack.

People are actually trying to spin the narrative that the riots are somehow worse than AN ALGERIAN MIGRANT STABBING A WOMEN AND 3 CHILDREN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

Watch the video you degenerate leftist subhumans. pic.twitter.com/DGNpImZ2rI

— Wolfhound (@whychulainn) November 23, 2023

Following the attack five time world champion MMA fighter and Irishman Conor McGregor weighed in on the vicious assault on the innocent children.

After news of the stabbing broke, Conor McGregor posted: “Ireland, we are at war.”

Conor McGregor then lashed out at the police commissioner after his limp-wristed response to the vicious attack and resulting rioting.
“Drew, not good enough!”

McGregor then posted this tweet to authorities in response to tonight’s riots. “You reap what you sow.”

Earlier this hour, McGregor REALLY went off: Any update on the wellbeing of those stabbed today? Absolutely horrific scenes all day, my stomach is churning. With no action being taken at all during these ever more frequent events, like literally zero action taken whatsoever, how do we expect an end to this? We need reform. WE NEED ACTION!

Conor McGregor demands a plan of action from the mealy-mouth officials!

Conor McGregor: I don’t care about president higgins statement. Or Varadkars statement. Or Mary Lou’s. Or Justice McEntee’s. Or Garda commissioner’s. Announce our plan of action!! What are we waiting for? Your statements of nothing are absolutely worthless to the solving of this issue. Take Action!! Fix this situation IMMEDIATELY!

We all know what the solution is.

The videos from Dublin tonight show hundreds of outraged locals on the street following the stabbing spree.

BREAKING NOW: Irish rioters set the Holiday Inn Express on fire in Dublin tonight after the Algerian migrant stabbed several innocent children.
The people in Ireland have had enough!

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