Pioneers Built The Independent Free Press With Support Of Subscriptions From The People | The Same Support Is Needed Today For Independent Media

Pioneers Built The Independent Free Press With Support Of Subscriptions From The People | The Same Support Is Needed Today For Independent Media

Dylan Eleven • 

The concept of independent press and media has always been a close relationship between readers and journalists.   

A couple of hundred or so years ago independent newspapers would move into a town that had enough subscribers to support the paper, its staff and its operations.   

They were directly responsible for reporting the truth, were accountable to the people of the town and supported by their subscribers.

The concept of support by reader subscribers was taken over by advertisers.  While advertisers are great for revenue they want certain control of where and how their product or service they are promoting is displayed.  Enter censorship.

The independent press over time became less independent and supported by the people who wanted to know the truth: and more controlled by advertisers who pay their salary. 

Then government programs like Project Mockingbird, took aim at the independent press. With mass consolidations and the CIA filtering and approving every word the mainstream fully controlled media was born. 

As a journalist starting my career around the time of the 9/11 controlled demolition, I attempted to enter mainstream media as I had written several financial articles for some of the top newspapers in the country when I was a stockbroker.  But they were not interested at all in the truth about 9/11 or the financial corruption that I had uncovered that was a norm on Wall Street. 

So I created as an independent news media site.  For my writing and other true journalists that are focused on uncovering and reporting the truth. 

Independent media online has become the new independent press with a similar journey as those pioneers in the beginning of journalism in this and other countries.   

They survived and thrived based upon the concept of subscriptions  to pay their bills and their salary.

Independent media today is keeping the truth in full focus. It works for the people. It will not be swayed by advertisers or censorship. It is like the pioneer papers of the wild west.

Instead of taming the west, we deal with censorship and bias against our careers. We are labeled conspiracy theorists instead of being supported by the majority of townsfolk.

We perform the same service to society, yet are robbed of income and common acceptance.

This is done by design to keep the truth down.

But what they did not bet on was the fact that despite the lack of income, this industry has thrived. Not fuelled by money but by the quest for the truth.

That is true journalism.

You either get your information from the main stream media which is not speaking the truth, but pure propaganda.   The propaganda is paid for by advertisers and controlled by big tech and big government.  All nazi factions working to enslave and quite frankly murder you and your family; Or you can get the truth so you can manage your life accordingly, from independent journalists.    Who like our pioneer ancestors are forging a path.  

Like the independent press that founded the original truth movement in this and many countries, we speak the truth and need the support of our readers who are interested in the truth, not propaganda.

With sites like Substack, Stripe, and Ghost, the subscription platform we use at,  this concept of subscriptions has come back to provide support and income for independent journalists. 

As readers of the truth, we thank you for your support, you are subscribing and donating similar to the subscribers of the 1800s.   They valued information and were willing to help pay for it, as are you.

We provide all information on for free.  Without restriction.  You can choose to support our work by becoming a subscriber or by making a small donation. 

Becoming a subscriber or donating to several independent media journalists and websites is a valid form of support for the truth and our freedom.   The freedom of the press has been suppressed.  We are forging a new path, and have done so for 17 years without pay, we recently started taking donations and subscriptions and it is really helping.   Most independent journalists are not rolling in cash, they work for free also.

So please consider as a way to support free speech, the independent media and the concept that was once rolled out across the nation of the free press, becoming a subscriber to and other sites and journalists that you want to support, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Jon Rappoport, Benjamin Fulford etc. 

It is like buying several of your favourite magazine subscriptions.   And helps independent media grow and survive at a time when knowing the truth is a matter of survival because the propaganda is deadly. 

Thank you truth warriors for your support. It is needed and greatly appreciated.

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Image: From the movie Fort Worth 1951