The world is a stage, the narrative is pure theatre, and it is trying to hide global vaccine genocide

The world is a stage, the narrative is pure theatre, and it is trying to hide global vaccine genocide

Dylan Eleven |

Let’s keep this clear in our minds;

• 2020 The flu was renamed covid. There were no excess deaths. There was no pandemic. There is no virus.

• 2021 and 2022 Vaccines roll out and injuries and excess deaths skyrocket in the vaccinated.

The official government numbers they are reporting show the majority of people sick or dead with/from covid are vaccinated.

But there is no covid.

There is excess deaths and sick in the hospitals but not from covid.

These people are vaccine injured and this fact is being hidden by blaming deaths and injuries on the fake virus they invented in the first place. Or on different strains or poxes.

Hiding their genocide while simultaneously  pushing new vaccines, making them richer and killing more in the process.

They know “monkeypox” is going to start to come out now, or so they say it is, because the vaccinated are exhibiting signs of shingles that there are now trying to say is monkeypox.

In the Spanish flu “pandemic” the sequence of events was the same.

Soldiers were vaccinated, got ill and died  

They then claimed it was a deadly Spanish flu.

They masked everyone which created bacterial pneumonia issues.

They then vaccinated everyone with a killer vaccine and wiped out a lot of people.

They blamed it all on the Spanish flu and falsely claimed it was the vaccination that stopped the flu in the end.

The un-masked and un-vaccinated who did not believe the hype were burying the masked and vaccinated.

Today it’s no different.

There is no virus as there was none back then.

The flu symptoms, annual fatalities and sickness rates were renamed COVID.

The marketing was ramped up on the name change to scare the masses into thinking there was a new virus that needed a new approach.

Flu symptoms and it’s complications normally kills a certain number each year.  2020 covid deaths replaced flu deaths with the same number as previous years.  The flu completely disappeared.

They masked people, causing breathing issues and increasing cases of bacterial pneumonia

They vaccinated the masses with a destructive and deadly vaccine.

Now real health issues arise in the vaccinated.

And now they  blame the actual excess deaths and injuries on non existent Covid, or it’s non existent cousins, different strains of its non existent self.

Or they blame the vaccine side effects on  monkeypox, bird flu, shovelling snow, whatever.  Anything but what it is.

Keep clear focus on the truth.

There is no virus. There is only Vaccine injury.  And these people need help.

All other theatre is lies to cover up the vaccine genocide.