Trudeau’s Political Purpose In Falsely Branding Canada A Racist Society

Trudeau’s Political Purpose In Falsely Branding Canada A Racist Society | Brad

A major discrepancy in perception of the degree of racism which exists in Canada  currently eludes our general population. If media were to present relevant data in proper context, Canadians would come to a profound realization.

The advent of the year 2024 brings with it a fresh report regarding racism on an international level. To contrast the findings with government, media and academic positioning on the level of racism in Canada exists as a serious eye-opener.

A new “Most Racist Countries” in the world report from World Population Review stands in direct contrast to its presentation as advanced of Canada’s controlling institutions.

As a composite of various studies, nations such as Lebanon, Libya, and Bahrain consistently come out on top. A 2020 study considers Qatar the most racist country in the world; another selected India.

“Third on the list of most racist countries is Bahrain, a country in the Persian Gulf and just off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Nearly 50% of people in Bahrain are of Bahraini descent, and Indiansmake up the highest percentile of immigrants.”

Well, would you look at that? One of the most virulent examples of racism is found in an Islamic nation advancing prejudice toward South Asians. Not a white person in sight.

How greatly these observations diverge from Liberal government findings in Canada. According to PM Justin Trudeau, our entire society is steeped in “systemic” racism. As articulated by New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, our Anglo-European communities are racist, xenophobic and genocidal.

What gives? If legacy media publicly presented the World Population Review findings, 40 million Canadians could come to realize that a snow-job has been perpetrated on the public.

In terms of most racist nations, Canada appears nowhere on the list. Perusing the details of “most accepting” countries, Canada comes in at the #2 position, after New Zealand.

A quick look at these findings shows that the most racially-tolerant countries in the world are democratic societies such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium.

Holy Cow– can you believe it? The most racially tolerant countries are those in which Caucasians comprise the majority of the population(for the moment). The least tolerant are 3rd World nations– an exact inversion of media presentation on racial prejudice in Canada.

For what reason has Canada been branded by its controlling institutions as ubiquitously racist?  Why would media exaggerate the circumstances? For what purpose do leading universities brand Canadians a gang of rabid racists?

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has been speculating on the authenticity of government messaging regarding the thorny topic of racism since the day Justin Trudeau was crowned king of Canada. Our conclusion as to motivation for a coordinated propaganda campaign of national deception? Here it is:

On a high level, it’s far easier to transition a nation to a “post-modern” form of governance when the collective self-esteem of a society is at its nadir.

Running down Canada as racist is an exercise in “greasing the wheels” of socio-political transformation. In practical terms, we witness this in the fact that recent voter turn-outs at election time are their lowest in Canadian history. Meaning that “Old Stock” Canadians are voting less and less, in tandem with systemic erosion of pride in country.

In the meantime, Trudeau’s Liberals promote the stuffing out of Gay Pride, Muslim Pride, Sikh Pride, and Transgender Pride. Heck, Team Trudeau are even advancing “Euthanasia Pride” within society, as twisted as it is.

In this dynamic can be found the seeds of a post-modern form of socialist revolution. Has Justin Trudeau, along with partner-in-crime Jagmeet Singh, been beating the stuffing out of Canadian identity for a purpose that alludes general society?

Absolutely, claim CAP. Knowingly and with full intent, a socio-political sham has been unfurled on Canadian society. In colloquial terms, it’s “out with the old, and in with the new.”

As a socialist revolutionary, Justin Trudeau has big plans for the future of our country. Based on demographics, volumes of white and Christian-Canadians are eroding at a rapid rate. In their stead comes mass 3rd World immigration and their birth-rates, which far outtstrip that of Anglo-European communities.

Media say nothing, because they are being paid to say nothing. We come to a profound realization. The past fifty years of Canadian history may well equate with a pre-meditated plot to destroy the social equilibrium which previously existed in our country.

Dividing community from community, inflating the degree of racism and homophobia, pitting religion against religion has its political purpose. All exist for a reason.

Canada is ear-marked for transformation to a socialist society dominated by woke globalist interests. Their conduit for implementation is Justin Trudeau, with Jagmeet Singh having been planted for political back-up.

We juxtapose this with media presentation. How often do leading Canadian journalists come out of the bag to admit that Islamicand African nations are consistently found at the top of the most racist nations list?

Never is the answer. How often has CBC presented the fact that on an international basis, Canada is the second-least racist society on the planet. Again, never is the answer.

Obviously, media are in on the deception. Canadian academia have for decades been delivering this false narrative.  The point is not that racism is non-existent in Canada. The point is that when perceiving degree of racism on a world-wide basis, our country comes in at the top of the list.

We draw our conclusion: running down society as racist exists as an instrument of socio-political control. Drawn from the tenets of Marxist philosophy and its application as communist governance, accusations of racism exist as weapons in a post-modern war against traditional Canadian society.

Image: From The World Population Review Report

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