Supreme Court Rules America Can Be Invaded

Supreme Court Rules America Can Be Invaded | Tina Garrison

“Borders? We Don’t need No Stinkin’ Borders”

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett sided with their far-left colleagues and ruled against Texas and its desire to secure the southern border. Like the banditos of the famous Humphrey Bogart movie,‘The Treasure of Sierra Madre,’  Roberts and Barrett claim “we don’t need no stinkin’ borders.”

It may not come as a surprise that Roberts has sided with Biden. He’s a turncoat (or turn-robe) appointed by the globalist-minded Bush dynasty. They’ve always desired open borders. Barrett’s stance is more surprising.

Or maybe not. Barrett says she is a ‘faithful Catholic’ and perhaps she sides with the influx from Latin America who are also Catholic. Maybe she sympathizes with families who are hurt by the razor wire along the Rio Grande, which was ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. If one considers the subject carefully (and most of the Justices should) the fault lies with the illegal ‘migrants’ themselves. They are the ones who insist on breaking our law and they are doing it by the millions. It should not be the job of law enforcement to encourage and assist the incoming lawbreakers. 

There are plenty of non-Catholics moving over as well. Chinese, Middle Easterners, and Africans…just about anyone in the entire world can waltz in and receive multifarious benefits paid for by US taxpayers including driver licenses, welfare, education and medical care—and most likely the ability to vote for Democrats. Joe Biden obviously wants the border wide open, even though he lies and blames Republicans for the mess.

The majority of Americans want the border secured. The majority of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court’s majority decision. The question is, when do Americans say ‘enough!’ and stop complying when our own government is doing the opposite of what the Constitution says they must do.

The government has become the enemy of We The Peopleand our country has now become not only a banana republic, but also a borderless one. Maybe it’s time for Texas to secede. Maybe it’s time for the states to ignore Supreme Court rulings like Biden regularly does with his student loan ‘forgiveness.’

Isn’t there a punishment for treason?

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Cartoon published 01/23/2024

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