The Sophisticated Criminals Behind the Scenes Are Afraid of Us

The Sophisticated Criminals Behind the Scenes Are Afraid of Us | Paul Dragu

We are only one month into 2024, and are already on the verge of civil war.  

For three years, since their first day in power, the radicals running the Biden administration have orchestrated a migrant invasion of unprecedented scale. Biden’s puppet masters opened the southern border, invited the world, and with every attempt by Texas to secure it, did their best to block it.

This is criminal behavior. This manufactured crisis has fostered the rape of more women and children and the killing of piles of Americans by fentanyl overdoses, boosted the human trafficking racket, strained resources in cities across the U.S., and rendered all Americans vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The people behind the invasion know this, we know this, and they know we know.

Yet it has continued for three years.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the federal government can take down the concertina wire that Texas installed to prevent migrants from crossing over. The government argued that Texas needs to let the feds access the border because migrants are getting hurt or dying trying to illegally enter a sovereign nation. This is like the sheriff saying you need to pull out your guard dog’s teeth because he keeps biting and preventing people from breaking in to your house. How could anyone go along with that, you ask? Well, readers, five out of nine justices — two of them supposedly of the more reasonable political persuasion — sided with the government.

After three years of this madness, the leadership of Texas began to see the light. [why so late?] On Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott published a statement declaring his state’s right to self-defense. In the letter, he said what we’ve known for a long time: The Biden administration is lawless and has no interest in protecting Americans, and it’s up to Texas to secure the border. Abbott also mobilized more law enforcement personnel to the border and added more concertina wire.

On Thursday, the administration gave Texas 24 hours to allow the feds to come in and take down the wire. Abbott responded with a Lone Star State-sized middle finger and then announced that Texas was offering armed volunteers pay for helping in the border security operation. Moreover, 25 Republican governors signed on to a letter supporting Texas’ right to self-defense. Some pledged to send their own state’s National Guard to help stop the invasion. And as far as the feds are concerned, the Border Patrol Union issued a statement Friday saying they too stand with Texas and have no intention of fighting off Texas’ attempts to secure the border.

In addition to multiple Texas law enforcement agencies amassing at the border, there are reports of armed citizens from around the country going down to help. While some of them are undoubtedly well-intentioned Americans, it’s not beyond the criminal elements within the government to plant a Ray Epps — or a group of them — among these civilian groups to trigger a hot conflict that could, conveniently, give the government cover for starting a civil war that would provide the perfect excuse to put off an election.  

Sophisticated Criminals

Another big story breaking this week was Arizona’s U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake publishing an audio recording of her being bribed by the chair of the Arizona GOP on behalf of “powerful people back east” to drop out of politics. The chair, Jeff DeWit, resigned the day after the audio broke. He said the recording was “selectively edited” and misleading, but he was resigning anyway because Lake’s people were threatening to release more selectively edited audio that will reveal the degree of skullduggery DeWit’s masters are committing. 

After the Lake audio hit, Montana GOP Congressman Matt Rosendale told Steve Bannon he had received similar bribes via fellow Montana lawmaker Steve Daines. And now many want to know who the powerful people “back east” controlling our electoral choices are.

Criminals are not only those who admit to or are convicted of illegal activities, but those who simply do something evil or wrong. Eluding justice doesn’t mean they’re not criminals. Sophisticated, faceless criminals are exerting massive influence over our politics and policies. The system is far more corrupt than most people understand, and it’s reasonable to suspect that it is much worse than that. In Lake’s leaked audio, she tells DeWit to go public about the people “back East.” DeWit immediately dismisses the idea, suggesting his car might be blown up with him in it if he does.

More than four decades ago, John Birch Society founder Robert Welch gave a speech called “The Truth in Time,” during which he said this:

In the Twentieth Century modern man is simply being played for a sucker, by an amoral gang of sophisticated criminals. These cunning megalomaniacs seek to make themselves the absolute rulers of a human race of enslaved robots.

The government’s treasonous open border-policies, Lake’s revelation about people who influence our elections, what the JBS has been saying about the Insiders for decades — it all suggests that sophisticated criminals have been more or less running our country. This is only slightly hyperbolic, because if these people were completely in charge there’d be no struggle: Lake wouldn’t be a threat because she wouldn’t be running; Trump would’ve never won; the border wouldn’t even exist; and no American would be legally allowed to have a firearm.

The position we find ourselves in today has been a century in the making. A multi-generational, diabolic network of Insiders has captured nearly all of Christendom’s major institutions. They’ve used that power to cleverly and systematically dumb down and indoctrinate the people; they’ve devised degenerate agendas designed to destabilize society and weaken men; they’ve infiltrated and watered down Christian faiths; and they’ve implemented and then used the central banking system to impoverish us and perpetuate wars.

The people in this complicated web of conspirators are criminals. They do not represent us, and they operate outside of the law and in secret. Even the ones who work in the government hide their criminal deeds. They have secretly abused their power and committed crimes. They are working toward one major goal: establishing a totalitarian world government.

Nevertheless, as evil as these people are, we’re responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. We allowed it. We allowed it because we never took the time to educate ourselves on what is truly happening. And even though most of us knew something was wrong, we allowed it because our lives weren’t inconvenienced enough to get mad and do something about it. Things hadn’t gotten bad enough. Sure, there were some folks screaming from the mountaintops. Welch, the founder of the Birch Society, was so alarmed he put off retirement and dedicated the rest of his life to defeating the Conspiracy. He dedicated the energy and money of his golden years to stopping this satanic Conspiracy. But he and his Birchers were in the minority, and here we are in 2024, with an illegitimate and senile president, a group of Marxist radicals dictating government policy, a rogue intelligence apparatus that killed a president in broad daylight, a propaganda machine that lies to people about basic biology, a wide-open border, and a shadowy oligarchy that controls our politics.

It’s Not Too Late

Let’s go back to Robert Welch’s speech. He said, “In the Twentieth Century modern man is simply being played for a sucker, by an amoral gang of sophisticated criminals.” But then he added:

Although they now occupy most of the positions of great prestige and influence in Washington and London and Paris, as well as in the financial, educational, and publishing circles of the whole world, their power rests entirely on bluff, pretense, and deception. Both their success and their purposes are contrary to the whole current of human history. They are sitting precariously on the gigantic powder keg of all honest human emotions. Despite their arrogant assurance on the contemporary scene, they themselves are well aware that sooner or later the whole framework of their cruel power will be blown to pieces, by a mighty uprising of the incalculable forces of man’s moral principles, love for freedom, and common sense. How soon that day of delivery may come will depend on you.

How long these criminals continue abusing us depends on us. The good news is that these people are cowards. That’s why they hide. It’s why they lie. It’s why they censor us. It’s why they poison our food. It’s why they poison our children’s minds. It’s all to keep us from waking up, banding together, and crushing them.

They are afraid of us.

They are afraid that hundreds of millions of good people around the world will learn of their plans and crush them. The mainstream media is already running articles saying that if Trump wins he’s going to go after and arrest his enemies. What they likely mean is: If Trump wins, his administration will expose and come after these criminals.

Maybe you’re scoffing. Maybe you think this is happy talk designed to get you to join the Birchers. It’s not (although you should join the Birchers).

How do we know how the Insiders are scared?

Because they’re still hiding. If they aren’t threatened by us, why not just come out and do everything they want? Cancel the 2024 election, nationalize all communications platforms and ban all dissident narratives, nationalize the police, round up all the influential patriots and pastors and throw them in jail, confiscate all civilian guns, completely remove all border barriers and declare this region part of the North American Union, label Christianity a hate group, and mandate “public education” for all children.

The best thing about this is that we can win without violence. We have enough freedoms left to get them all back. There are no laws against red-pilling everyone you know. There’s no law against pulling your children out of government schools, breaking the system, and raising the next generation of patriots. No laws bar you from running for local office and steering your community toward independence, or from forming businesses to compete with woke companies. Certainly, no one will stop you from growing your own food and becoming self-reliant. No one is forcing you to contribute another dime to any semblance of degenerate entertainment. There’s certainly nothing stopping you from working hard to secure our elections. And, most important of all, there is nothing stopping us from praying to and worshipping God.

This battle, at its core, is spiritual. The forces behind this darkness are as old as time and as evil as its source, Satan. You can tell because every agenda item they foist on us is contrary to biblical values and principles.

Pastors and faith leaders are the generals in this fight. It’s time to tell your congregants what’s going on in the world so the people of God can come together as a nation and petition God to deliver us from these wicked people. Evil is no longer just a biblical concept — it looms among us and seeks to destroy us.

But we can win, because with God all things are possible.

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