They Don’t Want A Nation Of Critical Thinkers

They Don’t Want A Nation Of Critical Thinkers

When you read quotes from H.L. Mencken and John D. Rockefeller from over a century ago describing how government schools, in conspiracy with Big Business, had the sole purpose of matriculating non-thinking, non-questioning, standardized robotic workers into the workforce, you understand why the country is in such a state of degeneracy, degradation, debt, and dumbed down state of infantilism. This didn’t happen over night.

It was a plan implemented methodically over the last century by those controlling the levers of society. They were described succinctly by Edward Bernays in his 1928 book Propaganda as:

“Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

These men operate in the shadows; have enormous wealth which they use to buy politicians, academics, government bureaucrats, the media, international organizations, and technological platforms; and have a primary objective of increasing their wealth, power and control, while enslaving the working class in debt, and keeping them distracted with high tech bread and circuses. Even though a few slip through their net, educate themselves, think critically, question everything, and distrust their government, they probably comprise less than 5% of the population.

After decades of government indoctrination, propaganda, disinformation, and Big Corporation poisoning of mind and body, the ignorant masses have become so mentally and physically debilitated they are incapable of comprehending how they have been manipulated and misled and unequipped to revolt against their captors. The covid/vaccine scamdemic was the ultimate test, and the ignorant masses failed miserably. The noose is tightening and they are still focused on Taylor Swift, the stock market, climate change, border invasion, and ongoing presidential political clown show.

They have a number of irons in the fire to utilize in taking away more of your liberties, freedoms, rights, and wealth. These irons include: possible war with Iran, Russia, and China; possible civil war initiated with Texas over the border invasion; the fake climate emergency; Disease X or some other fake health crisis; denying Trump the presidency in 2024 through illegal means; and whatever financial crisis they create as cover for more pillaging the national treasury.

The Great Taking/Great Reset is real. They want it all and they will take it, if we let them. You will own nothing, if they have their way. They have the power and will not relinquish it willingly. The power will need to be reclaimed through the use of force, cunning, and surprise. We can’t let them set the rules of the conflict. The 5% constituting the critical thinkers will need to convince a portion of the ignorant masses to start thinking. We will need to throw sand into the gears of their machinery. The middle level bureaucrats doing the bidding of the elite ruling class, will need to worry about whether they will make it home at night to their families. Removing ourselves from their system will further degrade their system.

Apathy and passivity are no longer possible when they are trying to strip you of your wealth and force you into their digital gulag of CBDCs and social credit scores. Obedience to corrupt, powerful, psychopaths who want us dead is an unacceptable choice for me. Voting is absolutely worthless at this point. The politicians are not running anything. The system has been rigged to benefit the few, while impoverishing the rest. When they pull the plug on this system, they have “legally” arranged for all the wealth to be consolidated in their hands. We know what they want. The question is whether we allow it to happen.


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