WEF Totalitarians Seek To Euthanize The West

WEF Totalitarians Seek To Euthanize The West


J.B. Shurk

Totalitarianism is the warm bath in which civilization slits its wrists. It envelops the people with petty rules, strange dogmas, immoral duties, and forced sacrifices. It warms its victims with intoxicating promises of the government’s false love. It leaves the citizen naked — stripped first of his free will, then the thoughts in his head, and finally anything he once called his own. It slowly dispossesses each person of his personhood, until the population withers into frail, colorless facsimiles of the bleak, omnipresent State. Without the courage to act, the desire to think, the wisdom to pray, or the conscience to object, human purpose disappears. Society is exsanguinated of its vitality, creativity, spirituality, and mirth — until it slips beneath the water and stops breathing.

This was the story of Lenin’s Soviet Union and the imprisoned nations trapped behind Stalin’s Iron Curtain. It was the story of Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Mao’s China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. It has been the story of Kim’s North Korea, Castro’s Cuba, Chávez’s Venezuela, and the ayatollahs’ Iran. For over a century, humanity has endured one form of barbarous totalitarianism after the next. It slithers into unsuspecting countries — often hiding behind the mask of democratic elections. It misrepresents itself as just one political party of many before announcing itself as the only party for all. It seeks to eliminate opponents in stages: first it proselytizes, then it intimidates, and finally it murders. With a couple hundred million victims over the last century alone, it is a governing philosophy that specializes in mass executions, dank prison cells, killing fields, and concentration camps. Totalitarianism infiltrates society with lies and builds nothing but the machinery of death.

With the Earth still wet from so much blood, Western governments now seek to turn the twenty-first century into the twentieth century’s even bloodier reflection. It is humbling to realize that we humans repeat so many mistakes through the course of history. It is infuriating, however, to watch today’s political leaders push humanity down the exact same paths that led to such monstrous tragedies in the recent past. When will the lesson be learned that censorship of opposing points of view leads to irreparable social division? When will governments grasp that coercion only intensifies the human desire to be free? When will courts realize that two-tiered justice and political persecution ensure the rule of law’s demise? How many more lives must be lost before those who exercise power understand that tyranny always leads to terror?

Totalitarian control over each citizen’s life was the driving force behind the outbreak of WWII and the prolonged isolation of closed societies surviving under the blanket of communism during the Cold War. Germans uniquely possess the social memories of both totalitarian perpetrator and victim — first driving the Nazi ideology across the European continent and then suffering through a half-century of bifurcation and Soviet oppression in the East. They experienced the temporary euphoria of trading their individual lives for the greater glory of the German State and the torturous agony of submitting to an occupying force that required absolute obedience. If any nation of people should have learned the harsh repercussions of totalitarianism, it is Germany.

Instead, today’s German leaders seek to ban opposition political parties and silence dissent. They micromanage economic activity under the dangerous propaganda campaign of “climate change.” They disrupt social cohesion and cultural unity by opening Germany’s borders to illegal aliens from unassimilable civilizations. They use the horrors of their own past to slander political protesters as “fascists.” Nearly a century ago, German Nazis rose to power by dehumanizing much of Europe. Now their ideological descendants dehumanize those who oppose growing German totalitarianism by ironically branding them as Nazis. And in this strange milieu of historical contradiction, the German Klaus Schwab has built the World Economic Forum as an engine for making oppressive government universal. Even after the devastation of WWII and the Iron Curtain, it seems Western leaders still have no “vaccine” for the totalitarian disease.

It is a strange sight to see Western nations send their parliamentary leaders, foreign ministers, military generals, and prominent business executives to Schwab’s WEF powwows, where they may organize how best to dominate and manipulate their respective national populations without even the pretense of a democratic mandate or constitutional legitimacy. This time around, totalitarianism returns to the West not on the heels of invasion and annexation but rather with light bacchanal celebrations in the crisp air of the Swiss Alps. It seems that the only thing aspiring Western tyrants learned from the twentieth century’s carnage is that would-be totalitarians should not waste resources fighting one another when their common enemy has always been the people. During the age of monarchies and empires, the easiest way to conquer foreign lands was to purchase their nobles. That is what the World Economic Forum and its cabal of globalist conquerors do today.

Perhaps the most pungent indicator that Western totalitarianism has returned with a vengeance is the World Economic Forum’s Orwellian insistence that its members are working to combat “threats to our democracy.” Financial and political oligarchs pretending to protect the people’s will is indistinguishable from a fox entrusted to guard the henhouse: the vulnerable always end up dead.

There is nothing “democratic” about labeling dissent as “disinformation.” There is nothing “democratic” about conspiring with tech companies to censor public debate as “hate speech.” There is nothing “democratic” about imposing top-down “climate change” regulations that do nothing other than strip private property rights and centralize economic control. There is nothing “democratic” about mandating what farmers may grow, what meats may be eaten, what people may own, what words can be said, or what experimental “vaccines” are required to work. There is nothing “democratic” about using central banks’ manipulation of digital monies to control the public’s behavior. The World Economic Forum is a totalitarian machine that undermines the democratic will of all Western peoples and an existential threat to human rights. As one astute commenter sardonically advised: “I say we nuke the WEF from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.” It is certainly true that neither global war nor the proliferation of Iron Curtain police states around the world sufficed to eradicate tyrannical fantasies in the minds of brutal men or bury the miseries of totalitarianism for good.

Fundamentally, the WEF’s totalitarians misunderstand history. They believe that easily manipulated people are governed by lies when, in fact, people are desperate for authentic truth. WEF-ers such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, and John Kerry think so little of ordinary people that they terrorize them with scientifically fraudulent warnings of a looming “climate change” apocalypse built around the preposterous notion that poor and middle-class communities can be saved only if they hand over their private property, live in tiny cubicle apartments in fifteen-minute cities, abandon any fondness for personal freedom, and subsist on a diet of bugs.

The fear-inducing power of such malevolent lies does not tend to last. It is why Central and Eastern Europeans rebelled against Soviet communism and collapsed the Iron Curtain. It is why the Chinese Communist Party is so desperate to legitimize its totalitarianism with the pretext that it divinely operates under a “Mandate of Heaven.” It is why the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” confronted Justin Trudeau’s tyranny. It is why Dutch, Polish, German, Romanian, Irish, and French farmers are fighting backagainst insane “green” policies today.

Because Klaus Schwab’s evil club has effectively disenfranchised the people, there is now a growing popular revolt throughout the West that could easily combust into an anti-Establishment “Reign of Terror.” The WEF desires the West’s suicide. Let us band together and choose life instead.

Source: AmericanThinker.com

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