Hypothetical “Disease X”: The WHO Pandemic Treaty is A Fraud

Hypothetical “Disease X”: The WHO Pandemic Treaty is A Fraud

WHO Demands Compliance for “Next Pandemic”

“Very narrow national interests should not come in the way”

GlobalResearch.ca | Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Steve Watson

A  “Vaccine” for the Non-existent Hypothetical “Disease X” is slated to be developed  at a Research Centre located at The “Defence Science and Technology Laboratory” [Dstl] at Porton Down, Wiltshire, which is one of the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense most secretive and controversial military research facilities specializing in the testing of biological and chemical weapons. 


Hypothetical “Disease X”

The WHO Pandemic Treaty is A Fraud

Michel Chossudovsky


WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, continues to mislead public opinion Worldwide. 

There is no such thing as  “Disease X”. It’s a hypothetical construct by a WHO expert committee (2017-2018) of virologists and disease analysts. It was then envisaged in the Clade X Simulation (May 2018) and Event 201 Simulation of a Pandemic (October 2019). Both events were held under the auspices of the John Hopkins Center for Heath Security with the support of the Gates Foundation.

It was then announced by Bill Gates at the Munich Security Conference in February 2022:

“The risks of severe disease from Covid-19 have “dramatically reduced” but another pandemic is all but certain”. says Bill Gates.

“A potential new pandemic would likely stem from a different pathogen to that of the coronavirus family” (CNBC).

“We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time,” Gates said.

How could he know this in advance?

“Predicting” and “Preparing” for “Disease X”, An Unknown Threat

In his presentation at the Davos24 WEF, the WHO Director General Dr.Tedros recanted Bill Gates’ premonition, pointing to the alleged severity of the Covid-19 crisis initiated in early 2020, in blatant contradiction with official WHO data.

Bill Gates is Tedros’ Mentor. They have a close personal relationship, which occasionally borders on “conflict of interest”.

Bill Gates, Tedros et al (supported by the WHO “committee of experts”) are now predicting “Disease X” which stems  from a hypothetical pathogen which is allegedly 20 times more deadly than SARS-CoV-2. What absolute nonsense. 

“Aside from the fact that it will wreak havoc on humanity, the research team has no idea about the nature of the pathogen”

According to Forbes:

Disease X, a hypothetical unknown threat, is the name used among scientists to encourage the development of countermeasures, including vaccines and tests, to deploy in the case of a future outbreak—the WHO convened a group of over 300 scientists in November 2022 to study the “unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic,” positing a mortality rate 20 times that of Covid-19″

300 scientists to study something which is unknown and hypothetical? The media propaganda buzz, quoting “scientific opinion” is “Disease X 20 times more dangerous than Covid”

A renewed fear campaign 24/7 has been launched, consisting of reports of an alleged new wave of Covid deaths, while totally ignoring the tide of excess mortality and morbidity resulting from the Covid-19 “vaccine”.

Video: A Vaccine for a Hypothetical “Disease X” Pandemic.

Produced by Lux Media. Michel Chossudovsky and Caroline Mailloux

“Disease X” Alleged Pathogen “Identified” by WHO Expert Committee Two Years  Prior to the Covid-19 Crisis

In early February 2018  a WHO expert committee convened behind closed doors in Geneva to consider the unthinkable”.

“The goal was to identify pathogens with the potential to spread and kill millions but for which there are currently no, or insufficient, countermeasures available.” 

The Expert Committee had met on two previous occasions, most probably in 2017:

“It was the third time the committee, consisting of leading virologists, bacteriologists and infectious disease experts, had met to consider diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential.

But when the 2018 list was released two weeks ago [mid February 2018] it included an entry not seen in previous years.

In addition to eight frightening but familiar diseases including EbolaZika, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the list included a ninth global threat: Disease X.” (Daily Telegraph, emphasis added)

It all sounds very scientific based on experts contracted and rewarded by the WHO, under the advice of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

“Disease X represents the knowledge [what knowledge?] that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease”.

Experts on the WHO panel say Disease X could emerge from a variety of sources and strike at any time.

History tells us that it is likely the next big outbreak will be something we have not seen before”, said John-Arne Rottingen, chief executive of the Research Council of Norway and a scientific adviser to the WHO committee. 

“It may seem strange to be adding an ‘X’ but the point is to make sure we prepare and plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests.

“We want to see ‘plug and play’ platforms developed which will work for any, or a wide number of diseases; systems that will allow us to create countermeasures at speed.” (Telegraph)

The work of the “expert committee” was followed by two table top simulations respectively in May 2018 and October 2019. 

The Clade X Simulation: “Parainfluenza Clade X”

A few months following the WHO experts’ meeting in Geneva in early 2018, at which a hypothetical Disease X was categorized as a “global threat’, the Clade X table top simulation was conducted Washington D.C. (May 2018) under the auspices of The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“The scenario begins with an outbreak of novel parainfluenza virus that is moderately contagious and moderately lethal and for which there are no effective medical countermeasures”.

The virus is called: “Parainfluenza Clade X”

“Disease X” and the 201 Global Pandemic Simulation 

The Hypothetical Disease X Concept developed in 2017-2018 by a WHO Expert Committee of leading virologists and disease experts was simulated in the Event 201 Table Top Simulation of a deadly corona virus pandemic. The Global Pandemic Exercise was held in New York under the auspices of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, Centre for Heath Security (which hosted the May 2018 Clade X Simulation). The event was sponsored by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. (Event 201)

An October 21, 2019 report  “Disease X dummy run: World health experts prepare for a deadly pandemic and its fallout confirms that Disease X was part of the 201 Global Pandemic Simulation

On Friday a panel of 15 high-powered international figures gathered in the ballroom of a New York hotel to “game” a scenario in which a pandemic is raging across the world, killing millions.

Health experts fully expect the world to be confronted by a fast-moving global pandemic. The updates were coming into the situation room thick and fast – and the news was not good. The virus was spreading… The former deputy director of the CIA took off her glasses, rubbed her eyes, and addressed the panel.  “We also have to consider that terrorists could take advantage of this situation,” she said. “We’re looking at the possibility of famine. There is the potential for outbreaks of secondary diseases.”

“I fully expect that we will be confronted by a fast-moving global pandemic,” said Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) health emergencies programme.

Addressing participants – and the 150 observers – before the scenario began, he said that the WHO deals with 200 epidemics every yearIt’s only a matter of time before one of those becomes a pandemic – defined as a disease prevalent over a whole country or the world.” (Telegraph, emphasis added)


Tedros Stated that  Covid was “The First Disease X”


Evidence: No Pandemic in Early 2020. Misleading Statements by Dr. Tedros, Fraudulent Decisions

In a Factual Nutshell: 

  • WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, launched a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30th 2020. There was 83 “confirmed Cases” outside China for a population of 6.4 billion people. 
  • There was no “scientific basis” to justify the launching of a Worldwide Public Health Emergency.
  • On February 20th, 2020At a briefing in Geneva, the WHO Director General Dr Tedros, said that he was “concerned that the chance to contain the coronavirus outbreak was “closing” …“I believe the window of opportunity is still there, but that the window is narrowing.” Those statements were based on 1076 “confirmed cases” outside China. 
  • The WHO officially declared a Worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020 at a time when the number of PCR cases outside China (6.4 billion population) was of the order of  44,279 cumulative confirmed cases 
  • All so-called confirmed cases are the result of the PCR test, which does not detect the virus
  • In the US on March 9, 2020, there were 3,457 “confirmed cases” out of a population of  329.5 million people. 
  • In Canada on March 9, 2020, there were 125 “confirmed cases” out of a population of 38.5 million people. 
  • In Germany on March 9, 2020, there were 2948 “confirmed cases” out of a population of 83.2 million people.

The above is a summary. Scroll down for references and analysis

The “Disease X” Fear Campaign and the Pandemic Treaty

There is vast literature on the Pandemic Treaty and its likely consequences. 

The Pandemic Treaty consists in creating  a global health entity under WHO auspices. It’s the avenue towards “Global Governance” whereby the entire World population of 8 billion would be digitized, integrated into a global digital data bank.

All your personal information would be contained in this data bank, leading to the derogation of fundamental human rights as well as the subordination of national governments to dominant financial establishment. 

The Pandemic Treaty would be tied into the creation of a Worldwide digital ID system. 

According to David Scripac 

 “A worldwide digital ID system is in the making. [The aim] of the WEF—and of all the central banks [is] to implement a global system in which everyone’s personal data will be incorporated into the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) network.” 

Peter Koenig describes the underlying process as : 

“an all-electronic ID – linking everything to everything of each individual (records of health, banking, personal and private, etc.).”

Bombshell: A Vaccine for a Hypothetical “Disease X” Pandemic “With an Unknown Pathogen” 

Announced by Dr. Tedros at Davos24, not to mention Bill Gates’ numerous authoritative statements, governments must prepare for the outbreak of   “Disease X”. 

A  State of the Art “Vaccine” allegedly to “Build our Immunity” against “Disease X” (which is a hypothetical construct based on an unknown pathogen) is slated to be developed at Britain’s “Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre” (UK Health and Security Agency’s (UKHSA) Porton Down campus in Wiltshire, inaugurated in August 2023.

“Ministers have opened a new vaccine research centre in the UK where scientists will work on preparing for “disease X”, the next potential pandemic pathogen.

Prof Dame Jenny Harries said: “What we’re trying to do now is capture that really excellent work from Covid and make sure we’re using that as we go forward for any new pandemic threats.”

She added: “What we try to do here is keep an eye on the ones that we do know. For example, with Covid, we are still here testing all the new variants with the vaccines that have been provided to check they are still effective.

“But we are also looking at how quickly we can develop a new test that would be used if a brand new virus popped up somewhere.” …

“This state-of-the-art complex will also help us deliver on our commitment to produce new vaccines within 100 days of a new threat being identified.”

(The Guardian, emphasis added) 

The “Disease X” “Vaccine” is to be Developed at the U.K. Ministry of Defense Science and Technology Porter Down Campus

“The Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre” (VDEC) –which has a mandate to develop “The Disease X” Vaccine– is a civilian research entity under Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) managed by the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) headed by Dame Jennifer Harries (DBE).

Of significance VDEC which was inaugurated in August 2023 is located in: 

The “Defence Science and Technology Laboratory” [Dstl] at Porton Down, Wiltshire, which is one of the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense’s most secretive and controversial military research facilities specializing in the testing of biological and chemical weapons.

The UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) has initiated a project in global and country-level “Integrated Disease Surveillance” funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A representative of the Gates Foundation is a member of UKHSA’s Advisory Board.

What is required is a Mass Movement to Oppose the Adoption of the Pandemic Treaty at the World Health Assembly. (May 27, 2024).

We also Call for the Immediate Cancellation of the Covid-19 “Killer Vaccine”

Ironically to say the least,  the WHO Director General Tedros, admits that

“the momentum had been slowed down by entrenched positions and “a torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories”. 

World Health Organisation Head:

Global Compliance Needed For Next Pandemic

Steve Watson | Modernity.news

In an appearance at the globalist World Economic Forum in Davos, the Director General of the World Health Organisation urged that global cooperation will be needed during the next pandemic, and that national interests” hinder compliance.

In a session titled “Disease X,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated that in order to be “better prepared” and “to understand disease X,” the WHO’s ‘Pandemic Agreement’ needs to be adopted globally.

“This is about a common enemy,” Tedros continued, adding “without a shared response, we will face the same problem as COVID.”

He explained that the decline for the legislation is May of this year and member states are negotiating between countries to implement it.

“This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come in the way,” he continued, adding “of course national interests are natural, but they could be difficult and affect the negotiations.”

Tedros also declared that COVID was “the first disease X, and it could happen again.”

Here is the full exchange:

Before the cosy chat, Rebel news reporter Avi Yemini confronted Tedros and asked for his opinion on global lockdowns and vaccination mandates.

He had nothing to say.



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