Parasites and Empire

Parasites and Empire | Steve Cook

Fabian Ubiquitus

I present for your consideration a concise in-a-nutshell insight into the continued genocidal, authoritarian behaviour of the US and her poodle Great Britain.

The support of the current genocide in Gaza by Genocide Joe and Rishi Rich is true-to-form of these degenerate enemies of humanity

By “The US” and her poodle we of course mean the governments thereof, not the People upon whose industry and energy these governments gorge like some sort of alien parasites and whose will they do not consult.

And by “governments” we mean those vested interests on whose puppet strings these governments dance.

When the smoke screen of PR (lying) and propaganda is penetrated and these governments stand exposed for what they really are, their behaviour can be clearly seen to contradict and betray the mores, customs, common decencies and humanities of the citizenry they purport to represent. For instance how many among us except to ravingly insane would casually blow the legs off of the children of other people we have never even met, yet our governments do it all the time either directly or through proxies.

It can be clearly seen that whilst they may find it expedient to pretend otherwise, these government consider the hopes, dreams, aspirations and needs of their citizenry to be of secondary importance to the objectives of their puppet masters.

And those puppet masters consider humanity to be a herd to be driven, used, slaughtered and devoured as their appetites dictate.

The Founding Fathers, for instance, of the US would be horrified to see how the conduct of the current US empire run as it is by Zionist/globalist proxies and stooges betrays their dream of liberty and justice for all and epitomises the very oppressive traits against which they fought.

Here we have a typical phenomenon: a criminal parasitic elite embarks upon the formation of empire, which is but another word for the terrorising, extortion and mugging  of honest, productive people who are the wealth creators.

When such a parasitic elite, working through its collaborators and proxies, embarks upon empire it must hijack the energies, industry, resources and will of the home nation and harness it to service of their imperial effort.

In other words, the first People who must be conquered and used are those of the home nation.

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