Farmer Rebellion Spreads To Paris

Farmer Rebellion Spreads To Paris

Tractors are creating blockades to protest climate insanity | Ethan Huff

All major highways in and around Paris were shut down this past week as farmers from all across the European Union (EU) descended on the capital city of France to initiate a "siege" against the climate tyranny of the Macron regime.

Upset about all of the costly and ridiculous climate policies coming from President Emmanuel Macron and his colleagues, who aim to destroy the farming sector in order to "save the planet," European farmers drove their tractors to the city center in Paris to stage demonstrations.

Unfair competition from more lightly regulated countries is one of their complaints, as are the subsidy cuts and tax hikes that threaten to put many farmers out of business.

Some of the protests are more demonstrative than others, you might say, with some of the tractors dumping piles of manure in front of government buildings. Others are blocking traffic to get the attention of authorities who are now attempting to clear the roads to maintain commerce.

In response to the protests, Macron and his new prime minister, Gabriel Attal, are trying, but failing, to quell the protests by promising certain concessions. Farmers, responding back, say the concessions are simply not enough to fix the problems they face from the global warming brigade.

Populist parties winning in Germany, the Netherlands as citizens defy globalist agenda

It is primarily EU-wide climate policies that the farmers are protesting, hence why most of them hail from France, Germany and the Netherlands, all nations that are heavily regulated and controlled by climate-obsessed globalists.

In Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe and the EU, the globalist government, which is a coalition of socialist, green and neoliberal parties, there are "fears the protests are being hijacked" and "exploited" by what it described as the "far right." The claim comes as the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party surges both in national and regional polls.

In the Netherlands, farmers there are furious that their government is trying to force them off their land, in part to make way for more illegal "migrants" who are being brought in from the Middle East and North Africa to settle there.

Last year, the populist-driven Farmer-Citizen-Movement won both regional and senate elections. The anti-mass migration Geert Wilders also won the national legislative election.

Dubbed the "siege of Paris," the farmer protests there are being primarily driven by concerns about falling incomes, escalating environmental regulation and red tape, and growing competition from imports. Some 15,000 police officers have been mobilized to try to stop more tractors from entering Paris and other larger cities.

"We can't do cheap farming," one of the protesters told the BBC. "We need to be able to make a living from our trade."

Many of the farmers have explicitly said that one of their goals with these protests is to stop food deliveries from reaching supermarkets, which officials are warning them not to do. At the same time, law enforcement was given orders not to intervene, with no signs of disorder.

Arnaud Rousseau, head of France's largest farmers' union, the National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions (FNSEA), added that another goal is to force the government to come up with a quick resolution to the stand-off.

The protest movement will continue everywhere in France, Rousseau added, "with the very concrete objective of having emergency measures announced."

Ordinary people all around the world are fuming mad about the tyrannical oppression of their green-loving governments.


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