Graphene used to carry payloads which can be released by remote activation via mobile phones- is this the next “pandemic”?

Graphene used to carry payloads which can be released by remote activation via mobile phones- is this the next “pandemic”?

Is there something hidden inside to cause the illusion of the "next pandemic"?

Professor Anita Baxas, MD

Experts estimate that 20 million are dead and 2 billion have been injured by the Covid injections1. The spectrum of symptoms people suffer from after getting the Covid shots is very large.  This is an indication that there are several undisclosed ingredients in the shots that alone or in combination with each other can cause this wide variety of health problems.

Researchers on five continents have been examining the vials and blood of the injected. So far the following culprits of death and disability have been discovered, though not all their effects are completely known yet.2 At the bottom of the article you will find a table listing the affected organ systems and the symptoms/diseases that affect them as well as the ingredient(s) most likely causing the problems.

mRNA (modified RNA, NOT messenger RNA)

Not all the examined vials contained mRNA, but we must assume that the majority do. It’s transported through the cell membranes into the cell and as researchers in Sweden3 found also into the nucleus where it can be inserted into the DNA via an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. It’s supposedly coded to force the cell to make spike proteins which are then expressed on the outside of the cell’s membrane. There it attracts antibodies that ultimately destroy not only the spike protein but also the cell presenting it.

Spike protein is said to be the outer shell of the virus.As there is no proof that viruses exist, the question arises as to what the mRNA is coded for. mRNA and DNA basically are blueprints for cells to produce amino acid chains. Two or more short amino acid chains make up peptides and several peptides make up proteins. Any protein foreign to the body will cause the immune system to build antibodies against it. What protein the mRNA in the shots code for remains an open question.

This can explain the damage to cells and ultimately the tissues/organs they form such as the inner lining of blood vessels, heart muscle, kidneys, ovaries, testes and basically any organ that displays the spike protein. It can explain inflammation, myocarditis, vascular complications such as heart attacks, strokes, brain fog, pulmonary embolism, sudden loss of vision, hearing, limb amputations to erectile dysfunction. It can also explain auto-immune disease symptoms and a heightened immune response ultimately depleting the immune system leading to immune deficiency.

Lipid Nano Particle LNP aka Hydrogel 4-9

This is supposedly only a harmless transport vehicle to get the mRNA into the cell. Patents discovered by Karen Kingston though show that they are much more than that. They can build “things” and be directed by outside stimuli like temperature, electric and magnetic fields, possibly by signals sent via 5G (?). They can serve as sensor platforms and transmitters. They could be the origin of fibrous clots pulled out by coroners and embalmers. Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea MD, PhD as well as Dr. Shelton in Australia, Dr. Nixon in New Zealand, La Quinta Columna researchers in Spain, Shimon Yanowitz in Israel and others have photographed structures that look like computer chips that are assembled under the influence of EMF.

Image by Life of Blood, an international group of scientists, medical professionals and concerned citizens.

Image by Dr. Nixon, Australia

These hydrogels could be responsible for clotting symptoms as they are suspected of forming fibrous clots (not blood clots). These include the same as symptoms as caused by spike proteins. They may be responsible for the spiritual decline and personality changes as well as neurological symptoms like seizures.

Fetal Tissue

Admittedly human fetal tissue was used to create the shots. Dr. Robert Young said that this is used to drive or direct the LNP with the mRNA to particular tissues in the body. From my medical back ground doing fetal cell therapy (using animal fetal cell tissue –NEVER human) to treat a variety of so called incurable diseases I have seen studies done in the early 50ies to 70ies proving that fetal cells will migrate to the tissue of their origin. Thus, when we injected fetal calf liver cells intramuscularly, these cells would migrate to the liver to heal the organ in the patient. Consequently the “vaccine” manufacturers are using fetal tissue as a driver to direct the LNPs loaded with mRNA and probably Graphene to particular tissues. The shot was never going to stay only in the Deltoid muscle where the injection was placed. They purposely targeted certain organ systems such as ovaries, testes, brain. Fertility of the human race was purposefully targeted as a means of depopulation. A recent analysis by Professor Konstantin Beck at the University of Lucern, Switzerland of June 6, 2023 clearly shows a reduction of birth rates in Germany and Switzerland by about 10%. This was due to the increase of still births mainly within 9 months of the first “vaccination” campaign. A report from the UK just confirmed an increase in stillbirths as well.

As it’s possible that Graphene is also enclosed in the hydrogel, it could be a co-factor in fertility issues. The fetal tissue is the cab driver, the hydrogel is the cab and the mRNA and very possible Graphene are the passengers.

Graphene Oxide

I have already written about the effects of Graphene in the human body in my first Substack. Here is a short summary of Graphene effects in the body:

Physical Destruction of Cell Membranes: Acts like razor blades, cutting through the cell membranes.

Free Radical Damage: break down of cell membrane lipids,  DNA breakage & mutation, Chromosomal fragmentation, Protein denaturation, Deformation of Chromosomal end base pairs.
Mitochondrial dysfunction, aging, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis. Reduces antioxidants Glutathione and SOD, increases free radical malonaldehyde.

Inflammation: Elevation of pro inflammatory cytokines IL-6, 12, Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha, Nuclear factor Kappa beta. Activates Immune response with Monocytes, Macrophages, T Helper cells 1+2 and destroys them.

Apoptosis: Triggers mechanisms in the cell to induce cell death, necrosis

Alters Gene expression: Epigenetic effects through DNA hypermethylation or hypomethylation

- Forms large aggregates blocking blood vessels

- Platelet aggregation forming thrombi (blood clots)

- Retards brain tissue development in fetus by decreasing RNA and DNA synthesis

- Retards blood vessel formation in the heart of the fetus, leading to hypoxia

- Leads to abortion and death of the mother in pregnant mice

- Hemolysis (destroyed red blood cells)

- Cytotoxic to T Lymphocytes (toxic to the immune cells called T Lymphocytes)

- Decreases Cell adhesion, changes cell morphology leading to cell degradation

- Decreases gene expression responsible for structure and function of cell membranes, regulation of cytoskeleton, endocytosis and focal adhesion. Cell function becomes dysregulated.

- Colon Cancer cell viability improves with Graphene Oxide!

- Affects locomotor activity, balance, neuromuscular coordination

- Electrostatic interactions with Red blood cells (Rouleau formation, aggregation)

Researchers in China10 studied the effects of Graphene in the body. Basically it can go everywhere, pass the Blood Brain barrier, Placental barrier, Lung and Testis barriers. Depending on the method of administration (oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intratracheal (into the windpipe), intraperitoneal- into the abdomen), it can be found in lung, liver, spleen, bone marrow, blood vessels. It penetrates cell membranes, the nucleus and mitochondria. Larger particles can get stuck in blood vessels. It breaks down cell membranes, breaks DNA strands, mutates DNA, fragments chromosomes and destroys proteins. It causes mitochondria to malfunction curbing cellular energy production. It causes aging and cancer. It causes massive inflammation and increases the inflammatory cytokines Interleukin 6, 12, Tumor Necrosis Factor and Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta. It activates immune cells and destroys them.  It triggers cell necrosis and cell death leading to organ failure.

Graphene can be responsible for a collapsing immune system, inflammation, multi organ damage including blood vessels leading to blood clots and thrombocytopenia (lack of blood platelets due to excessive bleeding using up the platelets faster than they can be made leading to more excessive bleeding). Many neurological symptoms can be caused not only by reduced blood flow to the central nervous system due to spike proteins and hydrogels but also by direct damage to nervous tissue by Graphene. These include paralysis (including Bell’s palsy), Parkinson’s symptoms, MS, Guillain Barré symptoms, uncontrollable limb movements and other neurological symptoms. Graphene will also be responsible for fetal malformation and still births as well as infertility. The collapsing immune system as well as damage to DNA could explain the massive increase in cancers seen in the injected population. Mitochondrial damage explains chronic fatigue and brain fog.

Graphene used to carry payloads which can be released by remote activation via mobile phones- is this the next “pandemic”?

A new article was just published in Science Direct11 explaining how Graphene Oxide can be used to transport payloads such as a pharmaceutical (and maybe a potent toxin, bio weapon, warfare chemical?) and then triggered to release the payload remotely via a mobile phone.  Graphene was not only injected with the fake vaccine but was also found on masks and nasal swabs. The implications of this are frightening. Suspicion is circulating that the next “pandemic” will be Marburg or Ebola virus. Since there is no proof that viruses exist (see my last Substack article), let’s look at what toxins could elicit symptoms that could be attributed to these two viruses. The most prominent symptoms of Marburg “infection” are fever, myalgia (muscle aches), headaches, nausea, vomiting, pain, diarrhea, cough, chest pain, sore throat, jaundice, swollen lymph glands, delirium, stupor, coma, bleeding, rash, multiple organ failure. Most of these symptoms correlate with the body trying to detox something.

Snake venom from crotalid and viparid snakes can cause diffuse bleeding of skin and internal organs12.  Blood thinners such as Warfarin which is also used in rat poison cause disseminated bleeding.  Endotoxins from gram negative bacteria such as E. Coli, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Salmonella and others can cause generalized intravascular coagulation (blood clotting inside of blood vessels) leading to a rapid decline of blood clotting factors and platelets which then causes generalized bleeding.  There may exist poisons that are not known about except in top secret labs that could cause Marburg and Ebola symptoms.

Then there are electromagnetic frequencies that can inhibit blood coagulation leading to increased bleeding. This has been studied in 2001 in Poland13 and in 2022 in the country of Georgia14. We also know that EMFs can elicit flu like symptoms which mostly are a detox reaction as detailed in the last Substack article.

It’s important not to take any information by government as truth in case the next plandemic is rolled out with symptoms attributed to viruses such as Ebola and Marburg.

Toxic Metals

These are found in most vaccines. Many are neurotoxins causing neurological issues, but they also interfere with normal cellular metabolism. Besides causing neurological issues they can also interfere with the heart’s electrical system causing palpitations.

Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Titanium, Cesium and Thulium have been found in vials so far.

A Parasite here and there

Dr. Robert Young found a parasite in one of the vials called Trypanosoma Cruzi.

Dr. Robert Young found Trypanosoma Cruzi in a Pfizer vial under his microscope. Trypansosoma Brucei was also found which causes sleeping sickness. T. Brucei is one of the few pathogens known to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

Trypanosoma Cruzi is the cause of Chagas Disease:

Acute infection is followed by a latent period which may remain asymptomatic or progress to chronic disease. Infection during pregnancy results in stillbirth or abortion or chronic neonatal disease. Acute Chagas disease is fatal. Death results from acute myocarditis with heart failure or meningo-encephalitis. Chronic disease has cardiac and GI effects with chronic cardiomyopathy with heart failure, syncope, sudden death, thromboembolism. In the GI tract it can cause enlargement of the esophagus causing dysphagia and mega colon with difficulty passing stool.

Trypanosoma Brucei causes African Sleeping Sickness:

Causes intermittent fever, headaches, rigors, circular red rash, swollen lymph nodes. Inability to concentrate personality changes (lassitude, indifference), daytime somnolence, tremor, ataxia, over eating, terminal coma.

Entries in the VAERS system corroborate Dr. Young’s findings. One of them tells of a woman who donates blood regularly and whose blood tested positive for the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite after her second vaccination.

So far these are the only reports and findings on parasites. More research is needed.

An Italian Research Team examined 1006 blood samples. 12 Samples were taken from patients before and after vaccination. 94.23 % had abnormal blood!15

Below is a table showing the organ systems affected, the known symptoms/illnesses and the probable cause of these.

I personally suspect there are other as of yet undiscovered ingredients in the shots as mRNA and Graphene can’t completely explain the skin conditions found in the injected patients. They are also not a complete explanation for some of the spiritual problems encountered by many energy healers such as torn up, thin aura, dark energies surrounding their clients and many more issues (see the post about Spiritual Implications of the Fake Covid Vaccines: )

Natural Treatment Possibilities

There are natural treatments that can alleviate, even heal many of the issues caused by the shots. The main problem is that integrative/alternative physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are usually in small private practice and don’t have the resources to do studies.  They are all scrambling to find the best treatment options for their patients and many are afraid to share them publicly for fear of losing their license to practice. I had a conversation with an integrative physician about his experience. You can read it here:

I will be speaking with more colleagues and posting their treatment approaches and experiences in future articles.

To get a short overview of possible treatments, see .



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Note: this article was originally published on September 16, 2023

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