The East Vs West Gaslit War

The East Vs West Gaslit War

How the Kabbalah Drama of WW3 is being Gas lit by the Messiahs of the Alt Media

Richard Willett |

Recently Alex Jones posted this bizarre video on his X account, apparently have a pop at Michelle Obama for being Transgender. This maybe the case, Michelle may well be Micheal, but in adult land who really cares.

What is more interesting and important to me is that once you realise that Alex is spending a lot of his online energy promoting his longtime friend Tucker Carlson and that Tucker is a Kabbalist, then the video below takes on an entirely new meaning.

This video was posted by Alex on his X account where he seems to be poking fun at Obama and his “wife”.

Kabbalah Drama Decoded

At first I believed that the Black Pig in this video represented the female aspect of Yahweh which is Shekhinah, or the Moon being shadowed by the Black Pig of SET.

After speaking with Christopher Jon Bjerknes he explained to me that this was another representation of how the East is being pitted agains the West in a mutually destructive third world war.

The Crocodile represents Leviathan, the Sea creature of the West. Christopher explained to me that in this context the Black Pig represents the land mammal of the Behemoth.

Perhaps Alex is signalling to those in the know that he is pushing the West to defeat the East, perhaps without knowing that this is supposed to be a Mutually Destructive war which would leave only the Israelites of the 600,000 Points of the World Soul to roam the earth in what they believe to be a ‘World To Come. In conspirators terms this is The New World Order after The Great Reset.

Unfortunately most people will not realise that in US Politics you have the choice between one Kabbalist Chabad Lubavitch candidate and another, as demonstrated below.

All Major Political “Choices” connected to a Messianic Kabbalist Sect Chabad Lubavitch - why?

As the above graphic shows, all of these politicians are on the Chabad train to their version of a “World To Come” and that world to come does not include any of us. Like any good cult it also does not include most it’s own members either, although it is likely that those in the image above believe themselves to be “Chosen”.

Before I move on to explain what this World To Come entails please remember that this Cult is so desperate right now, that they are trying to sell us a saviour of their own.

Any any old Schmuck will do……

Selling Musk

Musk often drops Kabbalist and Messianic symbology on “his” X Platform. Musks companies are finically backed by Saudi Royal and Qatar National Funding as well as huge loans from investment firms.


Above you can see just one example of Musk signalling for the Noahide Laws or the 7 Laws of Noah (7 is encoded again). Now Noah is simply remix of the story of Gilgamesh with some notable changes. One of these changes see Noah buil a boat not a “Cube” like Gilgamesh, which in of itself is very interesting given the Saturn related symbology of the Black Cube and the BlackRock investment firm.

The Noahide Laws sounds pretty nice, until you realise that this Cult will cast them as laws for the gentiles! Here they are:

No 1": Do Not Profane Gods oneness in anyway should be cause for alarm from anyone who doesn't believe Yahweh to be the true “God”.

Musk was also having loads of fun dressing up as the God of Mars whilst sporting an inverted Cross to signify the Anti-Christ as well as a goats head which could be the Goat of Mendes/Baphomet.

This is they guy that the likes of Joe Rogan with all of his BlackRock related funding is trying to sell you as your saviour.

In Kabbalah, Mars is the 5th Klipoth, the SAVIOUR Samuel and the Logos of MARS! It is also considered the 4th Planet from the Sun, so it really depends on the context of what system you are using to decode their behaviour and what it means.

There are Twelve Saviors that are related to the twelve Sephiroth, since each Sephiroth is related to a planet that is the physical body of a Logos. A Logos is a Monad that Self-realized the 10 Sephiroth in itself. These Twelve Saviors are also related to the Twelve Constellations.

Mars is also known as the God of WAR!

(He’s not a Genius, he’s just had a lifetime of mummy telling him he was whilst daddy told him he was an idiot thus confusing and abusing the poor lad)

This is just one example of the saviour the likes of Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and Kabbalist Tucker Carlson (with his dads intelligence background) are trying to sell you.

All For War

The sad reality appears to be that these guys are circling the wagons in the alternative media and they are all for war, whilst crowing that they are trying to stop a 3rd World War. Wether they known this or not only the will known themselves.

In the clip below Joe Rogan (financially kept by Spotify who are floated through JP Morgan who are themselves owned by shareholders through the likes of State Corp, BlackRock and Vanguard for their Shadow Clients) grovels at the feet of Technocrat and I believe Kabbalist, Elon Musk.

Do not fall for the rhetoric of these guys, look at what they DO not what they SAY!

These guys take the money from the exact corporations and institutions they claim to push back against and they think YOU are I are too stupid to figure it out.

Unfortunately for you Joe, all that weed has clouded you mind, the true alternative media are light years ahead of you.

At the apex of this Kabbalist Cult they want a mutually destructive war between the Leviathan of the East and the Behemoth of the West. A war that once the dust settles , will see the death of the Leviathan and the exhausted easy pickings of the Bohemeth at what they term the “Great Banquet” in Abrahamic religions.

Jesus was said to have spoken not of the Kingdom of God as a place but as the return of The Kingdom of God, this could be seen as the return of the Golden Age where Saturn was said to be the original Sun (Sin) in the mystery schools. This is why we have seen thousands of years of human sacrifice to the planet/God Saturn also known as Cronus/Yahweh/Death as well as many other variants.

They want to appease Saturn because it up and left which led to the Flood and the first Great Reset. This is what is meant by the Noahide Promise.

Trump is doing his part by enticing in the Christian Nationalists for his Zionist Messianic Kabbalist Masters to this “Great Banquet” whilst on the other “Side” Netanyahu and Putin are pulling the string to get the East to the table. All the while BOTH the East and West do not realise that it is THEY who are about to be served up for this End Times cult.

Remember the likes of Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Zelenksy and now Milei are not actually making the decisions. They are playing given character roles in a Kabbalah Drama that sets to bring about the following:

And you, I and our future loved ones will not be part of this World To Come which they call HaOlam HaBa , even if we try very very hard to stick to their 7 Noahide Laws.

REMEMBER: This is in no way indicative of all people of the Jewish faith, this is Jewish mysticism and an interpretation that only a small sect of Jewish mystics will hold let alone truly understand. Jews themselves are in as much danger as the rest of us, they are also being used by this Global Kabbalist Cult, as are the Zionists, as are the IDF Soldiers, as are Israeli citizens.

I am not claiming to be an expert on this, I am still learning and am at the very begging of this journey to understand this.

Having said that, what is apparent to me is that you would have to be a die hard coincidence theorist to dismiss videos like the one shared start of this article to believe these Mainstream Alternative Media Messiahs have no idea about any of this information.

Till next time, remember to do your own research and come to your own conclusions


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