The Way To Stop Fake Monkey Virus Epidemic Is To Not Get Injection

The Way To Stop Fake Monkey Virus Epidemic Is To Not Get Injection

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The virus scare of the day, the fake Monkey Virus epidemic, now being produced at the CDC virus factory, is reported to be spreading across the U.S. and Europe. Lesser mention is made that it exclusively occurs in men who have sex with other men and spreads only within narrow sexual networks. But the media is stoking fear that the pseudo-Monkey Virus, which purportedly has already spread across animal species to humans, will spread in some non-sexual way within humans.

But viruses are not germs or microtoxins, are not contagious by airborne spit or mucus, and cannot be spread across species.  The only way for a human to get an animal virus is by injection. There are 300,000 varieties of any one virus or flu because of the 300,000 types of different tissues in the human body. A virus is a natural detergent self-made by the human body to mainly purge bacteria (called a cold) or remove inorganic chemicals and drugs (called a flu or virus). The internal activation of viruses is dependent on seasonal climate-temperature change or temperature-controlled buildings, not the ventilation in buildings (see audio Aajonus Vonderplanitz Talks Viruses and Swine Flu).  Viruses can also begin their flushing cycle from electro-magnetic exposures. This social misperception about virus contagion is similar to that of Beri-Beri and Scurvy which were once thought to be infectious but were found to be nutritional deficiencies.  But viruses do not arise from nutritional deficiency and are beneficial self-cleansing agents.

Disregarding all of the above, media in Spain reports that Monkey Virus has been found to have spread from human contact in a sauna. No mention was made if the heat from the sauna may have excited viruses to start dumping toxins just as an Epsom salt bath releases toxins and heavy metals.  Or whether those in the sauna all took drugs that started a viral infection.

Pneumonia can be self-triggered when a person’s liver is infected with toxins and one overworks the liver by eating acidic food.  As Dr. Henry Beiler, MD, states: “When the liver is depleted of sodium in order to neutralize its acids, its function may be so severely inhibited that illness results…When there is too rapid drain of the liver’s available sodium, the liver cells die”.

Nonetheless, the US has ordered $119 million in Monkey Pox “voxxines” (intentionally misspelled). Reportedly, these Monkey Pox “voxxines” will actually be relabeled from an existing stockpile of smallpox “voxxines”.  Small Pox “voxxines” are the original Swine Flu “voxxine” that killed 284,000 people. According to Dr. Eleanor McBean, PhD, the lab-made Swine Flu was a hoax meant to panic people to take voxxines.  The only way to stop a so-called animal virus epidemic is to never get an injection from a doctor.

The symptoms of the pseudo-Monkey Pox are curiously similar with the common cold or flu: fever, headache, body ache and fatigue. The distinctive symptom of Monkey Pox is a rash that occurs all over the human body, sometimes including blisters.  This typically means the liver is so infected that the skin tries to discharge the toxins through its pores.

Coincidentally, Monkey Pox symptoms are consistent with the abuse of the drug amyl nitrate (allergic reaction like rash; hives itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever).  Amyl Nitrate poppers are an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual sensations. Amyl Nitrate is a toxin that can trigger viruses to naturally begin the purging process that can cause infection in the liver when the liver is infected.  Amyl Nitrate is a molecule of the salt of amyl alcohol and nitric acid.  It increases the acidity of urine.

Resveratrol Reduces Perceived Replication of Monkey Virus

No less than the CDC reports resveratrol significantly reduces the replication of monkeypox virus. But there is no virus germ that replicates, as a virus is not alive, cannot reproduce and cellular solvents are not contagious.  Once a virus cascade starts in one set of human cells, however, a virus may signal other groups of cells in the body to start cleansing which appears as replication.

Resveratrol’s function is to protect plants from attacks of bacteria or fungi. But the most important benefit for treating Monkey Virus is that it counteracts poor pH balance (alkaline-acid) particularly when internal acidity is too high.  As stated above, acidosis can trigger virus detergents to start cleansing the cells.  Moreover, oxalosis can mutate the red blood cell into a yeast, a mold or a fungus.  Without the red blood cell to transport oxygen with hemoglobin into the lung one can get hypoxia, one of the prevalent symptoms of the bugaboo Coronavirus. Another health benefit of Resveratrol is it can reduce blood clots, specifically those associated with COVID-19. However, if one has a serious clotting problem more potent blood thinners will need to be administered.

Monkey Virus spreads by injection, not contagion.  Nonetheless, flu and viruses can be internally triggered, among many other factors, by seasonal or artificial building temperature change and susceptibility by toxic overload of the body and acidity.

This is entirely a non-medical opinion and not to be construed as medical advice.

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