Autism and EMFs | Pregnant Women Should Minimize EMF Exposure

Autism and EMFs | Pregnant Women Should Minimize EMF Exposure

[EMF radiation should be eliminated by everyone. It is destructive to all ages] | Ethan Huff

A prominent medical doctor is warning that pregnant women especially need to stay as far away from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) as possible to protect their unborn babies from radioactive harm.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, says that microwave radiation from things like smartphones, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices that connect to the internet or otherwise emit microwaves have an inordinately damaging impact on children still in the womb.

According to Klinghardt, microwave radiation concentrates at a level 20 times higher than normal inside the pregnant mother, meaning her unborn child is being exposed to the equivalent of 20 times more radiation than the mother herself is from using a cellphone or sitting near a Wi-Fi router.

So-called "smart" meters are also a threat to unborn children who have no way to escape exposure while living inside a house that has one installed on one of its walls.

"Microwave radiation from cellphones, Wi-Fi routers and similar devices concentrate twentyfold in the womb, meaning whatever the reading is outside the womb, the measurement will be 20 times higher inside the mother," explains Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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Autism and EMFs

One of the many damaging effects of excess EMF exposure on the unborn is autism. Autistic children, Klinghardt says, have an average EMF exposure level that is 20 times higher than that of non-autistic children, this demonstrating the 20-fold impact of EMFs on unborn children compared to everyone else.

In addition to vaccines, EMFs are increasingly being shown to be a common cause of autism, as well Alzheimer's and infertility, particularly in men.

Klinghardt, who hails from Germany, has been studying the disease-causing effects of EMFs for many years. Even going back many years, he discovered that simple exposure to high-magnetic fields and microwave signals from power lines is harming people, including and especially the unborn.

"We were made aware that we shouldn't sleep next to an electric outlet; that we should not have any lights close to our bed or electric alarm clocks," Klinghardt says. "That was already known in the 1960s."

It was after Klinghardt moved to the U.S. and started working with autistic children that he ultimately discovered a link between EMF exposure and this now-highly prominent disease.

"I was looking at this incredible crisis in autism and I started treating autistic kids in the late '90s and went to the medical meetings, the biomedical approaches to treat," he adds. "What was entirely missing in those conferences was the aspect of electromagnetic fields that the child is [experiencing]."

Klinghardt conducted a pilot study to evaluate the effects of EMF exposure on pregnant women as they slept. Those who slept near EMF-emitting devices were much more likely to bear an autistic child compared to pregnant women who slept away from EMFs.

Now that mobile phones are the norm, this is another factor in EMF exposure that Klinghardt says is also damaging, not to mention much harder to get away from since cellphones are everywhere these days, and in almost every person's hand, pocket or purse at all times.

"Unfortunately, the membranes around the womb have that strange effect in significantly concentrating the ambient EMFs that the mother is in, reaching levels that are not sustainable for human development," Klinghardt warns.

While countries like Russia and Iran have strict rules surrounding EMFs that are designed to protect citizens from damaging exposure, the United States is something of a free for all.

"The U.S. is a dying nation, basically, because of the way we are fluoridating the water, the way we have adapted the vaccine program, the electro-smog," Klinghardt says, gravely. "We've created a perfect storm to dumb down a whole nation."

EMF exposure is increasing all the time as the world goes digital.


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