How The Liberals Swindle Canadians Out Of Their Democratic Rights

How The Liberals Swindle Canadians Out Of Their Democratic Rights | Brad

It’s a tricky game, alright. Complex in conception, incrementally administered over a pre-conceived timeline, Canada has for decades been earmarked for a form of socio-political “revolution.”

“Create the problem, foment the damage, offer the solution” is the way the Liberal government of Canada roll. Machiavellian in orientation, this is how a society is to be successfully transitioned from democracy to dictatorship.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] make no claim regarding tangible evidence of our theory on a covert hi-jacking of Canadian society. Our belief is theoretical, a hypothesis derived from decades of analysis of government and media behaviour.

We begin at its primary demarcation in 1988 with passing of the Multicultural Act of Canada. The roots of multiculturalism go back further, to 1970, when ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeaureturned from an historic meeting with Mao Tse Tung in China.

Eight months after Trudeau Sr. returned from his “groundbreaking” journey, Multiculturalism was introduced to Canadians. There wasn’t, and never would be, any form of public input in terms of the most culturally influential piece of legislation in Canadian history.

As an alternate take on mainstream media narrative, here’s what happened:

Pierre Trudeau– one man, one citizen, one single politician– made a decision to cancel bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity. The people of Canada had no say, no input, no influence whatsoever.

Trudeau followed his cancellation of Canadian social identity with the introduction Multiculturalism. It can be argued that from the beginning this policy was intended to transform society for all-time.

Trudeau coupled this move with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Ostensibly egalitarian in nature, the Charter covertly empowered Canada’s legal industry, in addition to a plethora of “special interest” and multicultural organizations. Courtrooms became flush with cases of Charter violations related to the rights of  Canada’s “racialized” communities.

Thus began what CAP perceive as a 100-year woke journey of national transformation:


To transition to the year 2015 brings us to the most pivotal moment in the plan since the days of communist-aficionado Pierre Trudeau: the placement of Justin Trudeau on the throne of our nation.

The globalist stick-shift moves into high gear. Trudeau Jr. would go on to become Canada’s prince of wokeness, tirelessly advocating for perpetuation of what so-called father conceived back in the day.

While Trudeau Sr. focused on opening Canadian doors to communist China and its immigrants, Justin selected the Middle East and the Punjab. An establishment of the highest per-capita immigration quotas in history brought fresh momentum to the agenda.

No doubt Justin Trudeau and his backroom strategists understood what would transpire. A “too much too fast”immigration policy was certain to result in an increase in social discord, and the Liberals knew very well it would occur. It’s purpose being found in Liberals favourite form of political weaponry: the leveraging of the “race card” to control society.

They knew it would happen, but did it regardless. Pourquoi? Because racism, in addition to homophobia, would result in Team Trudeau “creating the problem, exacerbating it, and offering a so-called solution.”

Enter Bill C-63 as tabled by Liberal Attorney General MP Arif Virani, immigrant from Uganda. The “Online Harms Act” is being positioned as a solution to a rise in racism the Liberals knewwould result from rapid immigration intake.

How to position it in a manner acceptable to general society? The answer is obvious– focus on the safety of children. Surely Joe Average and just about everyone else would be in favour of protecting Canadian youth.

Secondary in the online mandate lies the greatest impediment of free speech in Canadian history. We stand witness as the screws tighten on individual freedoms, and freedom of expression in particular. Dwelling in the land of communist-control, the Liberals cut another chunk out of the bed-rock that is(was) freedom and democracy in Canada.

We come to understand the long term plan. The strategists have leveraged racism and homophobia to strip Canadians of their democratic rights.

If one believes the game ends here, one should think again. Like China, the Liberals play the long game. Ironic it is that on this basis, Canadian media never speak of the future of society. They don’t speak of it because the Feds don’t want them to do so, and at this stage of the game, government is in control of media– just as it is in China.

We go where the press fear to trod: considering key factors in national demography, Anglo-European citizens of our country are heading for minority community status. It is, in fact, an inevitability.

Related to it is government’s attack on white Canadians. Charged with genocide of Indigenous communities. Branded racist by Trudeau, labelled homophobic by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, “whitey” is systemically transitioned to Canada’s nemesis community.

In their stead comes the essence of what Trudeau meant when he personally declared our country a “post-modern” society. For CAP, it’s akin to a woke doctor writing out a prescription for social inversion. It’s New Canada taking the place of Old Canada,or “Old Stock” Canada, a term coined by ex-Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

By the year 2088, or even earlier, the task should be complete. Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada takes on it’s post-modern identity: a one hundred year journey from a European-dominant democracy to communist-oriented authoritarian state.

In a battle– in any war– there are winners and losers. We come to comprehend the transitory nature of woke Liberal politics, how it began, and where it’s heading.

From Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau. From democracy to authoritarian state status. From freedom to critique our society to jail time for criticism of select “special interest” communities.

Unless someone, or something, puts a stop to it. CAP has no idea what that may be, or if it’s even possible.

1988-2088. Like China– or likely inspired by it– the Liberals play the long game. A century of socialist seduction in action, as founded by Pierre Trudeau, and finalized by Justin Trudeau.

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