Why is Moderna Substantially Expanding Manufacturing Capacity Despite Current Low Demand For Their “Poison?”

Why is Moderna Substantially Expanding Manufacturing Capacity Despite Current Low Demand For Their “Poison?”

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Moderna is substantially expanding manufacturing capacity, despite low demand for their mRNA “poison.” according to Pharma and medical device research and development executive Sasha Latypova. In December 2022 the government announced that the UK had cemented a 10-year-partnership with Moderna in “major boost for vaccines and research” with a plan to build a “state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing centre with the ability to produce up to 250 million vaccines a year.”

Apparently they are building them in many countries too, with much more capacity than they had for covid shots’ according to Sasha who claims that according to her inside source at Moderna, the new capacity is not for the flu vaccine. Her assessment is that “The ‘Blob is planning something “big”

Sasha Latypova has listed the countries that will be home to a Moderna manufacturing centre.


Moderna says construction of its new mRNA vaccine factory in Laval, Que. will begin later this year, with production expected to begin by the end of 2024. It will be the pharmaceutical giant’s first manufacturing facility outside the United States and cost an estimated $180 million to construct.”


“US biotech company Moderna has reached an in-principle agreement to build an mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in Victoria. It will become the first mRNA manufacturing facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Moderna expects to produce up to 100 million vaccine doses each year in Australia.”


“Expected to come online by 2025, the facility, also known as the MITC, will aim to supply the U.K. with mRNA vaccines for a “wide range” of respiratory diseases, according to Moderna. […] Last Summer, Moderna struck a preliminary deal with the U.K. to erect the MITC as part of an effort to shore up access to “rapid pandemic response capabilities.” At the time, Moderna said it was designing the facility to be activated “on an urgent basis.” The move falls under the U.K.’s “100 Days Mission,” which aims to blunt the force of future pandemics.”

Japan (pending government vaccine deal):

On a vaccine diplomacy trip this week to Japan, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told the Nikkei news outlet that the company would build a manufacturing facility there, contingent upon securing a long-term vaccine deal with the government.

The plant would be an end-to-end producer of shots for COVID, flu and any other vaccines the company might develop with its mRNA technology platform, Bancel told the publication, while referencing moves the company has made in AustraliaCanada and England.”


“SHANGHAI, Nov 28, 2023 (Reuters) – U.S. vaccine maker Moderna began construction of its first facility in China this month to manufacture mRNA medicines, the company said.”

Spain – expanded capacity at Rovi:

This new agreement, which has a term of ten years, includes a series of investments expected to allow the manufacturing capacity to increase across ROVI’s facilities in Madrid, Spain. In addition to producing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, ROVI’s platform could also be utilized to service future Moderna mRNA vaccine candidates.”

According to my inside source at Moderna: the new capacity is not for flu vaccines, but it could be.

The most likely next product to reach the market is Flu vax and they are planning it for this coming fall (2024). However, this manufacturing expansion is too large if all of it is just for the flu product, considering that covid boosters were ~20% uptake.

My estimates of capacity are based on what was available for covid vs what is being built out now.

For covid they had Norwood MA, Lonza NH, Lonza Swss, Rovi Spain. Now they will have Norwood which capacity will be 2x what is was during covid, Canada, Australia, UK, Rovi Spain and possibly Japan and China

It seems that they are building these facilities in anticipation. There are no new products approved except the covid vax which is questionable at best.

They are also building capacity for Personalized Vaccine Treatment – cancer gene therapy product.

I agree with my correspondent’s assessment – the Blob is planning something “big”, for which they need a lot of poison. I advise everyone to stay vigilant, tune your bullshit detectors to maximum precision. It is likely that as soon as this coming fall the biological/chemical and possibly radiological weapons will be used. I don’t know if this will be “elections special” or later, in 2025. Above all else, protect your family and do not comply.

Source: Sasha Latypova

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