Rude Awokening

Rude Awokening | Pete Fairhurst

Is woke culture heading for a fall?

Predictive programming from Hollywood

Wokery was born in the Universities

Universities are in a funding crisis with a big contraction in woke courses in favour of STEM, law and business

A contraction in courses means a contraction in student numbers

So what will happen to all the “student accommodation”?

It is already being used by “asylum seekers” ie the standing army in waiting

When that army goes on the march then, how many young folk will have the balls to resist?

Certainly all the young wokeists won’t, they are incapable, so who will?

“I think the films referenced in this article are showing us that, very quickly, “woke” is going to become extremely unfashionable, to the extent people with those views will become anachronisms and even pariahs, who will (and this is the key point) be singularly unable to cope with sudden social change.

What ‘American Fiction‘ was depicting was how brittle and fragile these people are: that, confronted with the slightest view that challenges them, they are unable to engage or adapt, but instead, completely fall apart – they “storm out”, either figuratively or literally.

Imagine, then, that if they can’t cope with a word on a blackboard in a literature class, how they would cope, for instance, with a vast cultural revolution hurling their entire society into ultra-conservatism?

There are many reasons to suspect such a thing is on the cards: historically, societies operate like pendulums, and when they’ve gone so far one way, tend to swing back the other (sometimes dramatically, as per the 1979 Iranian revolution).

We have also been given very prominent predictive programming telling us to expect such a shift, namely, The Handmaid’s Tale – one of the most watched and talked about dramas of recent years (and one of the first things the new regime of Gilead did was purge the universities).

Additionally, we are currently shipping thousands of military-aged men, primarily from ultra-conservative countries, into our towns and cities, who – rather obviously at this point – appear to be some sort of sitting army, awaiting orders.

Not incidentally, a large, luxury block of flats down the road from me, ostensibly designed for students, at the last minute turfed all the about-to-arrive students out and declared the development was to be used for “asylum seekers”.

Despite the widespread protestations of local residents and even the local council, the Home Office has announced that 670 single males aged 18+ will be moving into this development in May.

Even the Home Office’s own own cover story for why they’re doing this – that it’s cheaper than keeping migrants in hotels – doesn’t add up, as it’s actually far more expensive.

So we have to ask the question, as I have, as to why new alleged “student accommodation” is popping up everywhere, when universities themselves are contracting and collapsing.

It seems to be at least in part to house these men (and they are always all men) who may very well be tasked with policing and enforcing some sort of dramatic cultural shift.

A cultural shift that large swathes of the population – the university-moulded censorious and perennially offended woke – simply will not be able to respond to in any sane or helpful way.

These are people who threaten suicide if they are “misgendered” (e.g., correctly gendered). They want to study literature at university, but then need trigger warnings on the books. They have no real talents or abilities, so just weaponise “wokery” to get what they want.

They weren’t born like this, of course, and a lot of them weren’t like it as they grew up and in their earlier teens. University has done it to them and this is entirely by design.

This cohort of young people has been intentionally created by the enemies of our society in order to neutralise us and make us easy to overthrow. Usually, when a culture is invaded, it is the young who fight back – both physically and culturally. They have the stamina, energy, and drive to respond to the threat and defend their society.

But this drive has been intentionally drained out of them by the poisonous indoctrinating regime of universities. The Woke have been cruelly created to be the way they are – to despise everything about their own culture and to have no desire or capacity to defend it – by devious social architects who infiltrated all the universities starting in the 1960s, to bring us to the point we are now.

To make sure hordes of young people – any culture’s first line of defence – are too weak, flabby, solipsistic, and inflexible to deal effectively with any threat to, or change in, their circumstances.”


“A real cultural clash is coming, and the woke are going to brutally lose. Not because their ideas are ridiculous, although obviously they are: but because they as people are so (they have been made to be so) rigid and inflexible – and that ultimately is the death knell for everything.

The cruel irony is that ‘woke’ presents itself to its adherents as the ultimate in free thinking and open-mindedness – want to be a cat? Hey, you can be a cat! – but in reality, is an austere and unforgiving dogma with no leeway or margin for nuance. It only imposes and corrals (“if you say you’re a cat, you are and nobody can EVER challenge you!”). It cannot adapt to new information, consider different points of view, or respond appropriately to change.

That is why it has had to resort to utterly absurd, Orwellian “hate crime laws” – and that is why, ultimately, it is doomed: because those who survive in the face of crises don’t do so because they are the strongest or most intelligent, but rather, because (as we learned so well through Covid) they are the most adaptable to change.

Those of us who were able to negotiate our way through the last four years without submitting to injections or other medical tyranny, and without kowtowing to irrationality or fear, were able to do this because we were able to adapt to the dramatically altered circumstances we found ourselves in, and respond accordingly. We were the ones who needed to change in order to survive, and we did.

The imploding universities, however, have dictated to tens of thousands of students over decades that it is not they, but the rest of the world, that needs to change. That it must adapt to them, not the other way around, and if it does not, they may figuratively (or literally) storm out.

Yet as these artificial university environments, and their corresponding tentacles into wider society, continue to rapidly disintegrate, many who have fallen for this cynical social engineering are going to have a “rude awokening”. They are going to realise it is in fact they who urgently need to learn how to adapt to change if they are to have a future.

And if they really can’t contemplate the imperative nature of flexible thinking and adapting to change when the very essence of Western civilisation itself is at stake, well, perhaps they could, at the very least, consider changing their hair…”


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