The word “shall” Used 164 Times In 26 Pages | Shall is a legally binding command; the WHO making itself the final authority; unthinkable power

The word “shall” Used 164 Times In 26 Pages | Shall is a legally binding command; the WHO making itself the final authority; unthinkable power | danceaway

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In the new Pandemic Treaty (“Agreement”), the World Health Organization (WHO) dictates that nations “shall” comply with a long list of demands during, before, and after the next threat to public health. In no uncertain terms, these new documents, which Liberty Counsel Action discovered, establishes the WHO as the final global authority.

This document states: “To implement the provisions in this Article, each Party [nation] shall … ” This word “shall” is a legally binding command and is used 164 times in 29 pages. This document lays out EVERYTHING that nations will be forced to do under this treaty/agreement. A “‘Party’ means a State [nation] or regional economic integration organization [like the European Union] that has consented to be bound by this Agreement, in accordance with its terms, and for which this Agreement is in force” (emphasis added).

There is no question — despite what the spinmeisters might claim — that this document will make the WHO the final authority … if we let it.

We are in the final countdown. There are about 50 days until the WHO convenes for this global meeting and the final vote. We have a narrow window to act! Urge Congress to stop Joe Biden and the WHO by sending your faxes to Congress today to block the WHO and defund it. — Mat

The latest document, issued two weeks ago, officially recognizes “that the World Health Organization is … the directing and coordinating authority on international health work.”

And if nations don’t like what the WHO is forcing them to do, they can try mediation. If that is unsuccessful, they can go into foreign arbitration “in accordance with the Permanent Court of Arbitration Rules of 2012.”

This arbitration will hand down a compulsory and legally binding foreign decision. Similarly to the Hague, there are 60 people from nearly 30 nations in appointed, non-elected positions. This so-called remedy is far removed from our constitutional protections and freedom.

The power this global U.N. agency would wield is unthinkable.

This treaty/agreement clearly elevates plants, animals, and the ecosystem as being equal to human life.

The WHO calls this “One Health approach,” which is described as “an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems. It recognizes that the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants and the wider environment (including ecosystems) is closely linked and interdependent.”

This means that the WHO is working to balance what it thinks is good for the ecosystem with the same level of importance as what people need to live. Much like the radical group, Earth Justice, inanimate objects such as rocks would have rights that can be legally protected. A motto of Earth Justice is “Even the Earth needs a lawyer.” The WHO is Earth Justice on steroids.

Part of this treaty says: “The Parties commit to promote a One Health approach … that is coherent, comprehensive, integrated, coordinated and collaborative among relevant actors and sectors.”

The WHO wants control over animals to “identify settings and activities that create or increase the risk of disease emergence and re-emergence at the human–animal–plant–environment interface.” Nations must “take measures to reduce risks of zoonotic spill-over and spill-back associated with these settings and activities, including measures aimed at safe and responsible management of wildlife, farm and companion animals.”

If that is not enough, the WHO reserves the right to demand that nations “shall develop and implement or strengthen … other multilateral mechanisms” to accomplish this. Urge Congress to pass HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444 to defund the WHO and require a 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate for any WHO agreement.

In addition, it is not only national governments that will be held to this standard of elevating plants to the same value as people. The WHO demands that every government “promote or establish” a plan for “One Health workforce training and continuing education programmes [sic] for public health, animal health and environment sectors.”

These directives could impact everyone from gardeners, veterinarians, farmers or ranchers, pet shop owners, to animal shelter volunteers who could all have to go through internationally mandated “continuing education” courses required by the WHO.

Think of the potential abuse this would hand the WHO. What if the WHO mandated a two-year, in-person “continuing education” training for all ranch staff (or any other small businesses)? When many family farms have a single breadwinner, this one action would be the end of the American cowboy and any other plant- or animal-related profession or small business.

This is TOO MUCH power for any one government to have, let alone a foreign one with Marxist goals.


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