January 6 Participants File Class Action Lawsuit Over Police Misconduct + Brutality

January 6 Participants File Class Action Lawsuit Over Police Misconduct + Brutality

NaturalNews.com | Ethan Huff

For the first time since the incident occurred, those being prosecuted, and in many ways persecuted, for their involvement in the January 6 so-called "insurrection" are fighting back with a major lawsuit.

A January 6 political prisoner by the name of Jake Lang tweeted that he and other January 6ers are suing Eric Waldo, described as the "highest ranking officer on J6."

"Over 78 January 6 patriots are listed as plaintiffs on the groundbreaking multi-million dollar lawsuit that alleges Capitol Police misconduct, gross indifference, dereliction of duty, POLICE BRUTALITY & hundreds of instances of peaceful protestors being injured on January 6!!!" Lang wrote on X about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed by J6Legal.org and later picked up by "conservative powerhouse" attorneys Stefanie Lambert and Russell Newman.

The way it all went down is noteworthy in that "a craftily disguised Washington, D.C., process server nicknamed 'MAGA SERVES'" arrived at Waldo's home and served him.

Waldo, who is currently employed with the Charles County Sheriff's Office in southern Maryland, was reportedly "dumbfounded" upon being served, showing signs of being "shocked and awed" while standing on his front doorsteps.

"17 other U.S. Capitol Police and MPD officers and officials remain to be SERVED in the J6 Class Action Lawsuit for their actions that left 4 unarmed peaceful protesters dead," Lang further tweeted.

J6 Legal created a GiveSendGo campaign to help raise money to hire private constitutional attorneys to handle the case.

The campaign claims to be the first and only fund with 100 percent transparency with 100 percent of all funds going directly towards the January 6 defendants and their families.

The campaign has already raised more than $150,000 for the cause, and with many more trips scheduled this month it is asking for even more to help the "brave Americans who have languished in prison for over 20 months."

"Every Republican should give Jan6Legal.org our full and enthusiastic support," tweeted Dave Davenport on X about the campaign.

Another shared the following video from "Tucker on Twitter," Ep. 15, in which former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund explains what he claims really happened on January 6:

"I guess my question is why so many of these officers left their positions after the J6 protests?" wrote another on X.

"This is perfect because now they have to release all the tapes for evidence," wrote another about what this lawsuit will require.

"They all need to do the time that J6ers were sentenced to," added another.

Others mentioned Ashley Babbitt and wanting to see her murderer serve a prison term of life for that crime.

"It's about time the J6ers and their families went on the offensive!" said another. "It's high past time the patriots fight back against the tyranny that is being perpetrated against them. And make sure to sue the manic police officer who was shooting at the heads of the protesters."





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