The Global Censorship Racket

The Global Censorship Racket | Jamie White

This is the epitome of Orwellian doublethink and it's meant to divide the public. It is also designed as a litmus test for future technocratic censorship. 

Josh Sigurdson reports on the global normalization of censorship for the purpose of getting everyone to bow to a technocratic censorship racket which surveils all people and punishes “wrongthink” by withholding people’s money and restricting food rations. 

Following the Sydney church stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel, the Australian police made it clear that no one is to share or read information that doesn’t come directly from the police. 

Research is considered off limits. Guilt by association is the norm. Of course punishing those targeting Christians in Australia and New Zealand is off the table, but questioning the narrative surrounding the attacks is “dangerous” according to the government. 

This is the epitome of Orwellian doublethink and it’s meant to divide the public. It is also meant as a litmus test for future technocratic censorship. 

Canada has banned news from being shared on Facebook. The narrative is set by the state run media. Scotland has pushed forward hate speech legislations that could lead to 7 years in prison if you “insult” a trans person. A law that has been harshly and rightly criticized by Harry Potter author JK Rowling. 

The Brazilian government is banning Twitter/X (a psyop in itself as Twitter continues to gather people’s information, build a social credit system, register itself as a bank and censor people). Australia is also telling Twitter/X that it must censor stories regarding the stabbings or face 750,000 Australian dollars in fines each day. 

ChatGPT is being trained to only parrot mainstream talking points. Canada is releasing a social credit system. The federal government is making Google hand over any search histories that involve watching “the wrong thing” on YouTube which is entirely vague. 

Germany’s interior minister is saying anyone who donates to a so-called “far right wing organization” should be surveilled at all times. Nigeria is launching a full scale national ID, much like Bill Gates’ and the United Nation’s digital ID in Sierra Leone as we previously reported. 

Kenya launched a carbon credit score that is already restricting thousands from buying food. If it isn’t blatantly obvious at this point that the censorship we are seeing will inevitably lead to a dystopian technocratic environment with 15 Minute Cities, digital IDs, social credit, carbon credits, CBDCs and food rations, people aren’t paying attention! 

Meanwhile, though people are leaving the mainstream media in droves, people are turning to as David Icke calls it, “Mainstream Alternative Media” which is further promoting an opposing narrative which perpetuates the slumber. These media self censor and keep people in fear for fears and money while a small few independent medias (we’d like to believe we’re one of them) provides the real news unfettered and without caring who we offend as well as provide solutions to these very real psychological operations. In this video, we break down where this is all leading and what can be done about it.

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