The States of Zionist Israel and America Are One and the Same: Both Murdering, Terrorist Nations

The States of Zionist Israel and America Are One and the Same: Both Murdering, Terrorist Nations

Gary D. Barnett |

“Governments are the biggest serial killers of them all!”~ Steven Magee

There is nothing quite so offensive as political arrogance, corruption, lying, violence, contradiction, and hypocrisy, but that is the putrid essence of government, all government. Regardless of the blind loyalty that so many shower on ‘their’ claimed nation-states, which is nothing more than duplicitous worship or nationalism, the simple truth of the matter is that this kind of reverence toward States is undeniably asinine. It is the epitome of the psychological transference of all common sense, logic, and reason, due to a lifetime of propaganda meant to cloud the judgement of the masses of humanity. This is similar to an impaired and intense religious fervor based only on brainwashing through long-term indoctrination.

In today’s world, this phenomenon is most acute concerning the populations of the States of Israel and America; neither of which is warranted of course, and in fact these are the two most undeserving countries on earth of any adoration, sympathy, or respect. This is so, because they are one and the same country, feeding off each other for the goal of attaining the same nefarious ends, while attempting to garner a position of adulation by the ignorant hordes of followers, who disregard slaughter, collusion, aggression and reality in favor of worship of their god called the State.

Zionist Israel has always been a terrorist State, and has participated in unending aggression, theft of lands, slaughter and murder of innocents, displacement of an entire culture, an untold number of terrorist attacks, acts of assassination, and mass genocide. This has all been sanctioned, supported, funded, armed, and politically protected by the U.S. government. This is a partnering at the hip of the two most terroristic States on earth. At this point in time, the U.S., even though some of  the political class are feigning false condemnation on the most blatant acts of perversion and murder of Palestinians by the Israeli State, it is at the same time funding this evil barbarism, and arming the very purveyors of this atrocious slaughter,(Israel and the IMF) with weapons of mass destruction. Considering that the Zionist State of Israel has demanded worldwide sympathy for eternity, for what they refer to as ‘holocaust’ during WWII, where 75 million people died, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that  it is they who are now committing a holocaust (massacre) against the Palestinians.

The U.S. in comparison, has slaughtered, or been the major cause of the slaughter and murder of more of humanity than any other country on earth. America has been active in wars of aggression for 93% (or more) of its entire existence, and is still warring around the world, or funding, arming, and supporting wars globally 100% of the time. Not only tens of millions have died at the hands of the U.S. and its heinous military and other government bureaucracies since WWII, but hundreds of millions, or even billions have been adversely affected by U.S. policies including war, proxy wars, and sanctions. Even when 500,000 children under the age of five years old died due to these sanctions in Iraq, with the partnership with Israel of course, this was applauded by this government, and said to be worth it! How could any not see this obvious evil?

While Israel for decades has used the U.S. and its media to immorally capture the emotion of  the dumbed down and gullible masses due to propaganda spreading throughout generations.

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