Darkfield Live Blood Footage Of Nano/Microrobots In C19 Unvaccinated Blood

Darkfield Live Blood Footage Of Nano/Microrobots In C19 Unvaccinated Blood

And What did Ray Kurzweil Say About Nanorobots And the Singularity?


This week I captured fascinating footage of a microrobot in the live blood analysis of a C19 uninjected patient. You can see the phenomenal artificially intelligent maneuver capability of these bots, as I was working to keep move my objective fast enough to keep them in line of sight. I have seen a lot so far, but sometimes there are astonishing finds in people’s blood who just want to do what they can to stay healthy in this time of war. 

Last year, the news was filled with Silicon Valley Confronts the Idea That the ‘Singularity’ Is Here

For decades, Silicon Valley anticipated the moment when a new technology would arrive and change everything. It would unite man and machine, probably for the better but possibly for the worse, and split history into before and after.

The name for this milestone: the Singularity.

It can happen in different ways. One possibility is that humans would add the processing power of a computer to their own innate intelligence, becoming supercharged versions of themselves. Or maybe computers would become so complex that they could actually think, creating a global brain.

In either case, the resulting changes would be drastic, exponential, and irreversible. A self-aware superhuman machine could design its own improvements faster than any group of scientists, causing an explosion of intelligence. Centuries of progress can happen in years or even months. The Singularity is a catapult to the future.

The technocratic transhumanist MIT graduate and Google engineer Ray Kurzweil brought the term - the Singularity - into public view with his 2005 book “ The Singularity is Near - When Humans Transcend Biology”.

In his book, he discusses essential steps of merging humans with machines. This includes the genetic sequencing of DNA and biotechnological applications to modify the DNA at will. He discussed the reverse engineering of the human brain, Gene chips, human cloning technology, brain uploads and the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. 

Interestingly, Kurzweil discussed everything I have been writing about from nanorobots in the bloodstream, their interface with AI. The impact on the human body would be the redesigning of the digestive system, programmable blood, redesigning the human brain and becoming Cyborgs. He discusses warfare with Smart Dust, nanoweapons and smart weapons. 

In the chapter on “Upgrading the Cell Nucleus with a Nanocomputer and Nanobot”, he writes:

With the advent of full-scale nanotechnology in the 2020’s we will have the potential to replace biology’s genetic-information repository in the cell nucleus with a nano-engineered system that would maintain the genetic code and simulate the action of RNA, the ribosome, and other elements of the computer in biology’s assembler. A nano-computer would would maintain the genetic code and implement the gene-expression algorithms. A nanobot would the construct the amino acid sequences for the expressed genes. 

If you look at the video I posted and read this passage, you will see that he is describing the mechanism seen - and since then many different nanorobot propulsion systems have been deveoped: 

Biological systems are limited to building systems from proteins, which has profound limitation in strength and speed…Nanobots build from diamondoid ( aka Graphene) gears and rotors can also be thousands of times faster and stronger than biological cells. 

He discusses self replication of trillions of nanobots: 

…an assembler ( meaning self assembly) with only one nanobot wouldn’t produce and appreciable quantities of a produce. However, the basic concept of nanotechnology is that we will use trillions of nanobots to accomplish meaningful results. Creating this many nanobots at reasonable cost will require self replication at some level, which while solving the economic issue will introduce potentially grave dangers…

The dangers of uncontrolled self replication is the extermination of the host, be that a physical body or our biosphere. Currently uncontrolled self replication of micellar nanospheres can be seen in in human blood, and I have shown how the self assembly of filaments and mesogen DNA sensors occurs. 

Image: C19 uninjected blood with a self replicating micellar (spherical) growth. 

I have previously shown that Polyethylene Glycol, the main ingredient of the Pfizer C19 bioweapon lipid nano-particle was known since 2007 to use micellar and fibrillar ( what I call a filament) growth to created liquid crystal mesogens or DNA sensors.

Was It Known In Science That Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Key Ingredient in C19 Bioweapon Shots, Can Create Self Assembly Nanofibers, Spheres And Mesogen DNA biosensors? Yes, Since 2007

Around the world, clinicians who are doing live blood analysis, are reporting the same findings as I have been showing for the last couple years. Next week on my show Truth, Science and Spirit, my interview with Dr Sandy Corlett will air. She has been doing Live Blood analysis for over 30 years and teaching it to clinicians around the world. She has a library of over 100.000 images that confirm my findings, that come from her own work and international practitioners around the world. The findings are consistent. 

Ray Kurzweil means by the Singularity not just that AI is exceeding human intelligence collectively but also the fusion of humanity with technology. Is it a coincidence that Silicon Valley declared in 2023 that the Singularity is here? 

Could it be that the rubbery clots that Clifford Carnicom and I have found to consist of polyvinyl alcohol, polyamides ( Nylon or Silk) and polyenes ( polyethylene glycol) are in fact a manifestation of uncontrolled self replication? 

Blood Clot Analysis From Living & Deceased Individuals Shows Consistent Findings: A Rubber Like Polymerized Protein - Microscopy Shows Filaments. Part 1 of 3 - Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

Blood Clot Analysis From Living And Deceased Individuals Near Infrared Spectroscopy Shows Multiple Hydrogel Polymer Components - Part 2 of 3 - Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

Blood Clot Analysis From Living And Deceased Individuals - Preliminary Chemical Solubility Testing - Part 3 of 3 - Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

I have documented the self assembly process in these videos: 

Self Assembly Nanotechnology Live Blood Darkfield Microscopy: A Review in Images

Artificial Intelligent Transformation Of Humanity - Nano and Micro Robots In Human Blood

Kurzweil himself warns of the dangers of uncontrolled self replication and quotes the ethical discussion of the Foresight Institute:

Artificial replicators must not be capable of replication in a natural uncontrolled environment. 

Evolution within the context of a self-replicating manufacturing system is discouraged.

Kurzweil believed that “such guidelines should be effective for preventing accidental release of dangerous self-replicating nanotechnology entities.”

In another passage Kurzweil writes about an imaginary discussion with an entity from 2004 called Molly and Charles Darwin. 

Molly2004: Okay, now run that stealthy scenario by me again - you know, the one where the bad nanobots spread quietly through the biomass to get themselves into position but don’t actually expand to noticeably destroy anything until they are spread around the globe. 
Ray: Well, the nanobots would spread at very low concentrations, say one carbon atom per 10 to the power of 15 in the biomass, so they would be seeded throughout the biomass. Thus, the speed of physical spread of the destructive nanobots would not be a limiting factor when they subsequently replicated in place. If they skipped the stealth phase and expanded instead from a single point, the spreading nano disease would be noticed, and the spread around the world would be relatively slow. 

Molly2004: So how are we going to protect ourselves from that? By the time they start phase two, we ‘ve got only about ninety minutes, or much less if you want to avoid enormous damage. 

Ray: Because of the nature of exponential growth, the bulk of the damage gets done in the last few minutes, but your point is well taken. Under my scenario, we won’t have a chance without a nanotechnology immune system. Obviously we can’t wait until the beginning of a ninety-minute cycle of destruction to begin thinking of creating one. Such a system would be very comparable to our human immune system. How long would a biological human circa 2004 last without one? 

Molly2004: Not long, I suppose. How does this nano-immune system pick up these bad nanobots if they’re only one in a thousand trillion?

A few lines later:

…Ray: But the immune system nanobots are programmed to protect us, not destroy us. 

Charles: I understand that software can be modified. 

Ray: Hacked, you mean?

Charles: Yes, exactly. So if the immune -system software is modified by a hacker to simply turn on its self- replication ability without end -

Ray: - yes, well, we have to be careful about that, won’t we? (pp425-426)

Is all of this predictive programming discussion that in 2005 by some was dismissed as science fiction and yet highly embraced by the technocratic community looking eerily familiar now? 

And are the scientists who call Corona a WBAN disease created by “hackers” also just a coincidence? 

Scientific Study- Corona Is Technology And Frequency Induced! Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks 

The findings of the previous study in animals were even more concerning, since cats and dogs exposed to this frequency died within minutes - and hackers in their images are responsible for inducing these symptoms: 

Impact of Sensor Technology Enhancing Corona Disease

An explorative field observation to determine the impact of sensor networks in different parts of the human body surrounded by body boundary areas. This study was conducted in general, overweight and thin individuals with the positions of global positioning systems and processed frequencies from sensor technology. Everyone uses mobile phones for advanced communication, but none can aware of its security systems due to cutting-edge-technology. The fieldwork details the principles, recognizing the impact of radio frequency with individual’s suffering from corona disease around the world. Quantitative and qualitative related sensor data were obtained from ISNAH experiment while secondary data were collected from diverse sources. The research highlights the impact of sensor networks with variable and processed radio frequencies among individual’s body mass indices facilitating the light and dark environment. The study represents the obese patients suffer from corona disease dies within 7 minutes in dark environment, but 12 minutes in the light condition

Are we right now calling Long Covid what really is a slowly self spreading nano disease, created by nano robots that were injected into humanity under the disguise of the C19 bioweapon injection, which are self assembling, self replicating and self spreading? 

Are the sudden deaths we see the last 90 minutes that Ray was describing? 

The recent emergence of the work of another MIT graduate - Ido Bachelet, PhD -who’s collaboration with Pfizer has revealed, seems to be an actualization of what we read from Kurzweil. I have discussed that the metals are the antenna for the technology and must be taken out.

Pfizer partnering with Ido Bachelet on DNA nanorobots

So this syringe has  inside it a thousand billion robots, these robots are each 50nm. To make sure we don’t lose control over the nanobots after they are injected my team has developed nanorobots that carry antennae. These antennae are made from metal nano-particles to respond to externally applied electromagnetic fields.

So who are the hackers that are controlling these robots? Is the 5G system sending hacking signals to people via their smart devices?

I have been advocating and warning that we must do what we can do inhibit nano-particle self assembly to our best abilities and have advocated for almost 3 years for the use of EDTA - which has been confirmed in the 2023 published Moderna patent as the stop signal for nano-particle self assembly from the shots. I have described how EDTA in clinical practice appeared to me to “cut the antenna”. That makes sense if the antenna is made of metals. 

Another Confirmation: EDTA Combined With Vitamin C And Other Antioxidants Inhibits Nano Particle Polymerization In New Moderna Patent


It is my recommendation to very carefully analyze the communications of the transhumanist technocrats, such as Kurzweil. As previously discussed, this is a satanic agenda - and it is known from the revelations of MK ultra survivor and former CIA asset Cathy O’Brien that the satanists worship AI as their demigod and take their instructions from it. She described this in our interview: 

Healing From Mind Control Through Love - Mindful Protection from Nanotechnological and Synthetic Biology Assault: Dr. Ana Mihalcea & CIA MK-ULTRA Survivor and Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien 

That this is reality was confirmed by Dr. Robert Duncan who developed the AI algorithms for the Satanic AI supercomputer. 

Project Soul Catcher By Dr. Robert Duncan - CIA Capabilities Of Mind and Soul Hacking 


Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive Minds, Artificial Intelligence and Mind Control - DARPA and CIA Insider Dr. Robert Duncan's Interviews Confirms Hijacking Of Human Soul Possible

In my recent interview with weapons expert Mark Steele he also explained how the metals are used for battlefield interrogation - and the nanotechnological meta materials can analyze the biometric data of assets and according to him send a frequency to the individual to induce a seizure to kill.

Breaking News Interview: Warfare Against Humanity - Conversation With Weapons Expert Mark Steele - Truth, Science And Spirit, Episode 16

There are people in this world who understand that all time in the quantum field exist simultaneously and can be remote viewed - be that by project looking glass technology, remote viewers or extra dimensional satanic entities. In my recent interview with David Hodges, he confirmed that he had interviewed a NSA whistleblower who was told to perform satanic rituals to download advanced technology. We also know from government whistleblowers like Col. Philip Jo Corso who wrote “ The Day After Roswell” that very advanced technology has been reverse engineered by all branches of the military after the extraterrestrial UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico. 

Is it just coincidence that we see all of this prophetic speech that gives time frames in which a certain agenda is being implemented? 

Should we dismiss this as science fiction dreams, believe the fake news that it is all conspiracy theory or should we understand that within all technocratic and satanic communications the roadmap and answers to their plans are given? And if you do nothing, and do not object, you consent in the satanic realm to this takeover and extermination of humanity. 

My choice is the latter. I do not consent. 

You make your own. 

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