Western Humanity Wherein Killing Is the Solution

Western Humanity Wherein Killing Is the Solution


Helena Glass | Helena-The Nationalist Voice | HelenaGlass.net

If we believe history, which is becoming more and more of a skeptics allusive magic trick, the Minoan society, a highly advanced peaceful society, was wiped out by the Myceneans’ because they didn’t like them.  The Galatians from the Bible disappeared from existence because the Romans – didn’t like them.  The Aztecs disappeared – and no ‘expert historian’ knows why.  The Anasazi disappeared – the civilization on Easter Island gone – Mayans gone –  and despite these civilizations being advanced some reaching into 1400 AD – there is no explanation.  Only guesses.

WHY do historians guess?   How can historians give a detailed account of Pliny The Elders bathroom habits dating from 2,000 years ago – but can’t give any explanation regarding what happened to entire civilizations having gone extinct?   How can we be sure they ever existed?

THE BIG PICTURE:  The CoVid Vax has been determined to be a bioweapon utilized by our own Pharma companies to ‘depopulate’ as in kill.   The World Economic Forum routinely espouses that the solution to the world’s problems is to kill ¾ of humans.  Christians, are calling for the culling of 2 million Palestinians.  Politicians have called for the murder of all MAGAs.  MAGA’s who supported the January 6th prisoners are calling for the culling of university students – teens.  Blacks want to wipe out whites.  Elites want to kill all those who are not of ‘likemindedness’.

And suddenly you realize that humanity pointing the finger at all other humans is a justification. Where are the good guys?   Where are the ones who don’t believe The Solution to our ills is death?

Everywhere you look our global culture is built on death and destruction.  Art no longer exists.  Philosophy is nonexistent.  When I was attending a Bible oriented church there was a small contingent of divorcees and windows and single women who I came to realize needed help – like me.  I sought to organize a ministry utilizing the large group of high school and college talent to become helpers.  For example – a woman in need of lawn mowing or climbing a ladder to fix a smoke alarm – could access help from another Christian capable of the task voluntarily.  My church scrapped my desire, my ministry, because.   Simply because.

Too often, church leaders fall into the egocentricity of power.  In their circle, they see themselves as ‘elite’.  As someone having greater quality understanding than – everyone else.  Typically, they don’t realize their own spiral until the church empties.

Elites claim their eliteness comes from their Money.  Elite:  superior in quality, rank, skill, achievement, education…  The vast majority of ‘elites’ can’t even brush their own teeth.   They mask achievement in fake philanthropy that never achieves the stated purpose.  Poverty is not eradicated. Cancer is not cured.   The Elite have brought nothing of value to planet earth.  Nothing.

People are praising police who use violence against protesters like a crowd at a public hanging.  Only to learn that the agitators are paid nonstudent activist/provocateurs.  As though this has never happened before.  But it did occur for the entire four years of Trump’s presidency.  Yet, they fell for it – again and demanded ALL students be expelled, labeled for life, jailed, forced into welfare.  What happened to humanity?   Ask the Minoans.

Because Putin’s war strategy was not to carpet bomb Ukraine of all civilians, intel and pundits claim Putin has lost the war.   Death and casualties is the measurement of winning a war…  The more civilians, the greater the victory.  Because ‘depopulation’ is the killing field of psychology.

“Poland calls on EU for rule on Ukraine draft dodgers”.  Not enough Ukrainians are dead – and the killer is Zelenskyy via his Handlers.  Of the 4.3 million Ukrainians living abroad, just 860,000 are conscription age men.  That’s all that are left to take care of the 3.5 million women and children.

Poland wants them to be killed in war.  The EU agrees.

Despite the media portraying millennials as ignorant twits living in mommy’s basement, every millennial I know (quite a few) are not only educated via college, but seem to have a better grasp pf the economic ramifications of America and the globe.  They don’t want war.   They want to live their lives and prosper.  They understand who is behind the Curtain running the show and that America is on the verge of collapse.  They are NOT happy with the current government structure.

This population demographic is likely the least racist, least judgmental, and highest educated.  But they are not tolerant – of illegals, campsites, homelessness, and leftist policy agendas.  When the Zionists meet their ‘maker’, millennials will eradicate the corrupt system that enjoys a peasant class/Elite class society in favor of a more modern future.   A RESET where the power is returned to the people.  Listening to them they are not afraid of hard work – living off the grid – and waiting for the time when they can rebuild.

The Israeli War Mentality that runs Western nations is built on an abject hatred of everyone non-Ashkenazi.   Including Sephardic Jews.  The leaders of Israel and the west are aging. The strategies of these ancients are cancerous tumors destroying their own.   According to every protocol – the youth market is mandatory in order to win.  According to the World Economic Forum they have indoctrinated 1400 Young Global Leaders.  Not nearly enough to gain order of The Globe.  Especially a globe under infinite wars.

As the boomers fade, a new culture, a new society, is rising.  Perhaps more in line with the Minoans who simply wanted to trade and prosper as a unified nationalist civilization.

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