Response to National ARM Grand Jury Petition in WA Is An Outrage - Claiming C19 Bioweapons Are Safe & Effective. EPA Response To Inquiry In NJ Denies Chemtrails And Plays Dumb

Response to National ARM Grand Jury Petition in WA Is An Outrage - Claiming C19 Bioweapons Are Safe & Effective. EPA Response To Inquiry In NJ Denies Chemtrails And Plays Dumb


I am a Board Member of the National American Renaissance Movement. Our President, Attorney David Meiswinkle has written a Grand Jury Petition Of Covid Crimes against Humanity with shocking evidence of injury and deaths. Above you can see the response we got from the WA State Attorney General - who feels sorry that we are misinformed. These people mock the American public, they care not about the genocide that is going on. It is disgusting. See our Grand Jury Petitions here: List of National ARM legal actions.

So far 24 US States were served with a Grand Jury Petition for Covid 19 Crimes Against Humanity. In my home state, the pathetic response by the Attorney General made me nauseated. They still peddle the narrative that the Covid 19 bioweapons - that have injured and killed an estimated 17 Million people so far worldwide - are safe and effective. Not to speak of the shedding of self assembly nanotechnology that is endangering everyone’s health and life.

Nobody cares if people die, they just continue the narrative until they do. Unless you overthrow these criminals, they will keep killing people. That is the truth.

Our inquiry to the EPA of New Jersey is similarly insulting to any intelligent human being. You can read about the inquiry here: National ARM EPA Letter

They sent what seems to be a standard letter, which on page 2 they did not even care to change the original date of June 24th, 2021. The first 13 questions they ignored. You can read more about this here: National ARM EPA response

They sent some information on Condensation trails. I kid you not. The poisenous heavy metals, Graphene Oxide, smart dust, pathogens, pharmaceutical toxic drugs that are daily in our skies and kill the species of this earth, including humans, are ice crystals.

We at National ARM will not give up. If you want to support our fight, please do so here: National ARM

What does it take for the public to get outraged? What does it take for people to wake up? What does it take for YOU to get involved? Don’t you care about your family and children’s life? What happened to the American spirit? Why is cowardness and near comatose lethargy the modus operandii of this nation? What happened to the Patriots? What they fell asleep behind a computer key board?

Are you still believing the CIA psyop that some white hats will come and rescue you? You believe in some military tribunal that is happening behind the scenes? What military, the one that is conspiring within the technocratic military industrial complex and intelligence apparatus to kill you and has been in charge of rolling out the bioweapons?

Well folks, I still have more than two neurons firing upstairs, and I tell you - I don’t think so. If you do not wake up and fight for your freedom, nobody else will.

Slovakia Prime Minister was shot after a month ago he spoke out against Covid 19 bioweapons and the WHO. If that does not look like war to you, I don’t know what does.

Just friendly talk will no longer do. We are in a war, and they are doubling down, not letting up. The self assembly nanotechnology in our air, food, water and people’s blood will do the rest. Digital ID’s are being implemented around the world. If they are, its game over for humanities freedom. Because if you are a dissident and need food, they just turn of your access to your electronic money. You get to starve to death if you are not othewise prepared.

Hence, you get to be a slave race, if you even survive this depopulation effort.

If anybody tells me “we’re winning” - I just look at the fool standing in front of me.

Because at some point even I run out of words.

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