Meat Consumption And Live Blood Contamination Correlation - Darkfield Microscopy

Meat Consumption And Live Blood Contamination Correlation - Darkfield Microscopy

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This is a follow up to my recent post about blood contamination and carnivore diet. He had been on a beef carnivore diet for 6 weeks, from a 4 year old cow, that was grass fed, unvaccinated and home grown. The patient had a marked worsening in brain fog and overall decline in health and came in for a live blood check. This is what we found: 

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Of An Individual On Carnivore Diet And Clifford Carnicom's Culture Of The Polymers Produced By CDB (Nanobots) 

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Of An Individual On Carnivore Diet And Clifford Carnicom's Culture Of The Polymers Produced By CDB (Nanobots)

Image: 400x magnification, C19 un-injected blood, construction site with polymer growth This week I saw an interesting case of severe live blood contamination in a C19 un-injected individual. Compared to previous tests, this was much worse, and the only thing that changed was the diet. The person had stopped mitigation strategies and has been on a carniv…

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We straightaway started the work to clean up the blood. He did 2 IV EDTA Chelations, started eating his home grown covered vegetables and reduced meat intake, restarted his oral detoxification regimen with Medfive EDTA, high dose Vitamin C, Methylene Blue, essential oils ( Grapefruit, Lemon and Cinnamon 2 drops in a veggie caps) and multiple other supplements (Tennants Restore). Before the initial blood test he had not been taking his detoxification protocol regularly. He came back in for a live blood check after his second EDTA Chelation and his blood looked significantly improved. His symptoms of brain fog and malaise had resolved. 

Video: Darkfield live blood follow up analysis Magnification 100x shows markedly improved blood with no construction sites or roulaux formation. 

He was handling the meat himself daily to prepare it for other household members, who had similarly bad blood contamination but not as severe - all had been on the same carnivore diet. The others also engaged in dietary changes, adhered to their oral detoxification protocols and had the two IV EDTA Chelations - their blood also looked significantly cleaner. 

The patient also brought in blood from the beef they had eaten for six weeks. This is where things got interesting, because the beef blood looked exactly as bad as his original blood test. It was loaded with polymer hydrogel and construction sites. Please look at his blood tests, I linked it above. 

Here are the images from the beef: 

In this video you can see many construction zones filled with micellar hydrogel polymer of the beef blood. Magnification 200x:

Here are many polymer construction sites in the beef blood

More images of polymer assembly in the beef blood: 

For comparison here are a couple images of his initial blood with very similar polymer construction:


In this report, I show a correlation between the live blood analysis contamination of an individual with progressive symptoms of brain fog and the beef blood. I also show that the blood and symptoms were cleared with 2 IV EDTA Chelations and dietary changes, consuming more home grown covered vegetables and restarting the daily detoxification routine. 

I would like to remind people that we are being bombarded via geoengineering operations with poisonous polymers and that all of life is contaminated. It appears, as I have shown before, that the self assembly nanotechnology grows in blood including animals. I will show further analysis of other unvaccinated beef and evidence of nanorobots. This is consistent with previous research. 

Contaminated Food Supply Contributing Cause To Live Blood Analysis Findings In Unvaccinated? Darkfield Blood Analysis On Grocery Meat Products

You can see that the very polymer filaments that we find in the blood also have been found in the rainwater from chemtrail geoengineering operations. 

Whoever Is In Charge Of Geoengineering Operations Needs To Be Prosecuted For Crimes Against Humanity And Our Biosphere


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