TREASON Documentary: There Are Concentration Camps Being Built In All 50 States For Political Dissidents, Not Illegal Aliens

TREASON Documentary: There Are Concentration Camps Being Built In All 50 States For Political Dissidents, Not Illegal Aliens | Ethan Huff

An upcoming documentary film from former Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent J.J. Carrell called "Treason" claims that the federal government of the United States is currently constructing a huge network of internment camps in all 50 states that will be used to house political dissidents, not illegal aliens as seems to be the claim.

The cover story for these concentration camps is that they are needed to house and process the tens of millions of illegals pouring across the southern border. The reality, though, is that the facilities in question are being designed for American citizens to be interned if they step out of line.

"It's not for these illegals," says former federal contractor Christie Hutcherson of Women Fighting for America in the film. "I believe it's ... kind of like what Nazis did with the Jews, concentration camps, processing facilities. They're going to need somewhere to process the dissidents."

Concentration camps started getting built under Obama

In a recent interview with Redacted's Clayton Morris, Carrell explained that Hutcherson has access to federal databases where bids are placed for all sorts of government contracts, including the construction of these internment facilities.

"She says to me that there are bids for detention facilities being built in all 50 states in America," Carrell said.

While there are some facilities along the southern border that appear as though they might be there for illegals, Carrell says his sources have told him that there are as many as 40,000 empty beds because the illegals are being caught and immediately released into society, not interned at these facilities.

Hutcherson is fully convinced that the facilities in question exist for future use of imprisoning political dissidents, i.e., patriots, who defy the dictates of the emerging new world order. This includes refusing to get "vaccinated" for the latest "pandemic," or joining a militia.

"I think they're going to look like just the facilities that we're seeing where the children are being held in those FEMA camps," Carrell said about the appearance of the facilities, which are mostly soft-sided, large white tents surrounded by ominous barbed-wire fencing.

"That's what they're building: they're building FEMA camps."

What happened during COVID showed the powers that be what they would need to do to quell resistance the next time around, which will be the real deal – COVID was just the prelude.

"These are absolutely for U.S. citizens," one commenter wrote about the concentration camps. "You will be arrested for declaring the obvious like election fraud, COVID, trans, and all crimes they commit."

"They started building these during the Obama years," wrote another about how far back the rabbit hole goes. "Construction only happened at night."

Others could not help but notice the convenient timing of these revelations just months before the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

"I would imagine that people are not going to be too happy after two stolen elections," one wrote about how civil unrest is sure to happen should TPTB steal another election from Trump.

"Big government is well aware of the consequences of their actions and war planning is currently being carried out for every possible scenario."

Fascism isn't near; it's here.


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