Detox! A Survival Tool-box

Detox! A Survival Tool-box

Capt. Randall

The fact that we are all contaminated with the toxic filth of our industrial technologies is a well kept secret of government-protected polluters and profit-driven “healthcare.”   Corporate energy, agriculture/ food, drug, chemical, mining and defense monopolies have loaded our bodies with metals, pesticides, nano-plastics, aromatic hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals, junk foods and tens of thousands of chemicals “presumed safe?”….just as corporate media fills our minds with toxic propaganda…the very same industries that control well-compensated politicos and unelected regulators who infest the government.  Our only recourse is avoidance, non-compliance and consistent detoxification!

Detoxification protocols dovetail nicely with my previous post; “Scurvy, Underneath Your Radar Screen,” . Vitamin C is a primary defense against toxins, infections and inflammation,  but there are some details of dosing, synergistic supplements ( like RALA, NAC, magnesium and Vit. K2 ), and emotional and lifestyle practices. One thing for sure, MDs don’t go there.  They eschew chelation therapies and rely on blood testing to (not) find toxins hidden in brain, bone and fat tissues…and so they ignore hair metal/mineral analysis.  Hospital emergency and trauma care may be top-notch, but standard pharma-medicine for most easily prevented and treated chronic diseases performs dismally.


The foundational fact that escapes our understanding of health and disease is that the universe and all life operate on electricity, on the attractions and repulsions of e- negative and p+ positively charged molecules that constitute the material world and animate it.  Neither do we recognize the fact that most toxic metals, chemicals and pathogens and cancers are p+ positively charged and acidic.  Thus the eternal battle between oxidative damage and antioxidant protection of cell components!  The body uses e- electrons and radiant energy to maintain charge separated water gradients to drive circulation and membrane transport (see Dr. Pollack on the surprising role of “Structured” H2O/H3O2 water), fuel its cells, produce its essential biochemistry and protect tissues from oxidation,… yet immune cells use oxidizing hydrogen peroxide to destroy organic debris, bacteria and cancers.  This is how oxidation-reduction or “RedOx” medicine forms the basis of biological function and should warrant primary consideration.…Redox balances can be manipulated toward the benefit of the organism using simple pH boosters like baking soda and vinegar, or oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorite, iodine or “switch-hitter” Vitamin C (which acts as an antioxidant in small doses, but becomes an oxidizer in big doses releasing H2O2).

Disease results from a lack of energy; of system voltage, of chi, of poor metabolic output and e- electron shortages that accompany our modern energy deficient diets,… and where acidic oxidizers, ROS/reactive oxygen species and free radicals steal those e- electrons from the chemical bonds of essential biomolecules resulting in their destruction and loss of function.  If an electrically-conductive water-based body has a net 45mv e- negative charge terrain/strong Zeta potential/alkaline pH it will remain intact, cells replicating and inflammation/oxidative stress held at bay….but when voltage/pH drop, circulation becomes sluggish, RBCs clump, O2 levels drop, lymphatics stagnate, molds/yeasts/bacteria are encouraged, cell damage spreads and even DNA can’t function.  Chronic diseases are downstream from this first cause related to empty low-energy processed foods and energy loss, and yet are treated with a myriad of drugs having unwanted side effects?  I prefer to consume high energy organic and wild foods and remove “charge bandits,” the toxic elements that short-out body voltage.  ORAC tables reveal actual food values; the energetic life force content we consume.  High ORAC  plant-based foods give more bang for inflated bucks.

e- Energy Theft

Metals are p+ positive ions that source damaging free radicals and oxidative stress/inflammation.  They can be mobilized into the bloodstream by flooding the system with antioxidant e- electrons where they are captured/chelated by chlorella, charcoal, clays, humic/fulvic acids, zeolites or tons of green vegetables….and eliminated.  Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate ( Vit. C/ascorbic acid + baking soda = sodium ascorbate) is the cheapest e- electron source taken to an individual’s bowel tolerance, approx 2-8 Grams C + half as much baking soda, fizzed in a half cup water..on empty stomach, up to 4-5Xs/day until metal levels are minimized. Chelators are taken with meals.  Regular comfortable bowel movements finish-off daily detoxification where magnesium, prunes, psyllium and chia seeds help speed transit time.  Magnesium and potassium get depleted in the process of detoxification, so should be supplemented along with any minerals found deficient via hair analysis according to corrective recommendations from the lab.  Other proven protocols utilize chemical EDTA or if disease processes are advanced; IV infusions and mineral cocktails available at alternative clinics.

A sample hair metal/mineral analysis graph. Without these inexpensive tests, one is detoxing and supplementing in the dark.


Mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, uranium, etc.etc. will gradually disappear along with symptoms like depression, high BP, chronic infections, arterial plaquing, intestinal issues, etc.. Try to identify sources of contamination; certain foods, urban air pollution, coal smoke, large fish like tuna, grouper, tilefish, swordfish are all mercury bombs.  Firefighters, combat military, welders, certain factory workers and those living near refineries and chemical plants face high risk. Cadmium and uranium are absorbed by the tobacco plant and as such are responsible for “every disease in the book.”  Lead burdens may also be addressed via oral EDTA.

Aluminum is the most prevalent and insidious metallic culprit according to my hair analysis lab.  It is in food products, toothpastes and cosmetics/deodorants where it is absorbed through the skin.  ( see studies by Dr. Christopher Exeley)  Aluminum removal is a special case addressed by ingesting silica compounds found in horsetail, cucumber, bamboo shoots, and FIJI water…or silica supplements.

Glyphosate/Roundup herbicide is everywhere!  It is opposed by the amino acid glycine.  Roundup is found in chemically farmed wheat, oats, beets, sugarcane, sunflower, cotton etc., and even drinking waters.  It ties up minerals like manganese and sulfates (supplement!) responsible for cholesterol conversion into Vit. D, rapid blood circulation and since glyphosate is an antibiotic, it damages beneficial bacteria populating the gut biome. Go organic!

Fluoride compounds are an industrially-inflicted disease source commonly added to drinking water, found in toothpastes, non-stick coatings, fire retardants, phosphate fertilizers and the unmanageable effluent of aluminum and super phosphate production.  Since flourosillicic acid can not be safely disposed of it gets diluted in municipal water supplies diluting human health and IQ in the process.  Polyfluorinated (PFAS) fire retardants are also in plastics and suspected in endocrine disruption, low sperm counts and infertility. Boron/borax, iodine, sunshine Vit. D, sauna/sweaty exercise and tamarind are antidotal. Flouroquinoline antibiotics should be avoided at all costs.  There are safer alternatives.

Plastics/nanoplastics are ubiquitous, in all of us and may contain antimony.  Sauna, sunshine and laborious profuse sweating eliminate many toxins. Shower immediately afterwards to avoid re-absorption.  Intermittent fasting and fasting are proven free methods that stop inflammation, raise body voltage and dump toxic loads.

Parasites become problematic when populations rise in response to favorable/unhealthy conditions.  They can source inflammation, tropical diseases and cancers.  Ivermectin, shared with my dog, can be rubbed into belly skin or taken orally.  Oregano oil, garlic, ozone and MMS chlorite are other parasiticides.

Infections like gingivitis, bad root canals or staph/strep/candida overwhelming the intestinal tract continuously throw off endotoxins which migrate through the body to promote cancers, attack blood vessels, heart and other organs.  Once halted, recovery can be dramatic.  Again, oregano oil, garlic, MMS chlorite, ozone, and hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen peroxide therapies along with megadose Vit. C to boost immune strength and probiotics to bolster the gut biome make perfect sense.  Infected teeth should be removed immediately.

“Second hand” drugs can lead to many unintended consequences…They all wind up in waste-waters, and downstream from sewage outfalls, sea life becomes diseased, mutated, sexually reversed or infertile.  Drug and vaxxxine residues are in some well waters and poorly treated municipal water supplies.

We all saw the dire consequences of mRNA covid shots, yet common mandated childhood vaxxxes fly under the radar, or might I say adverse effects are kept hidden by pharmaceutical makers, the CDC and FDA . Sadly, Fauci still spouts lies on network TV, covid jabs are still recommended and “anti-vaxxxers” are still the most hated of medical heretics.  Autism, autoimmune conditions and wildly confused immune systems are the result of singular viral strains and toxic adjuvants added to vaxxxines to elicit a strong inflammatory response.  See Dr. Suzanne Humphries, The Midwestern Doctor, Dr. Peter McCulloch and many other fearless physicians for an alternative view.  In their/my estimation no vaxxxines are worth the risks,…yet are accepted out of irrational fear and hopes of avoiding the discomfort of what are statistically non-fatal diseases.

Damage from dirty electricity, EMFs/electromagnetic fields and radiations that can’t be avoided respond to Megadose Vitamin C which interrupts cell/DNA damage.

Sometimes problem areas are “walled-off” by the normal inflammatory response of fibrin formation or scarring. Fibrin films need to be dissolved so these areas can gain access to normal circulation and the healing process begin.  Proteolytic enzymes work here;  papain, bromelain, nattokinase, serrapeptase or the most powerful, lumbrokinase.

Poisonous Emotions

The autonomic nervous system operates in two graded modes; sympathetic/fight-flight fear mode where pH drops, cortisol jumps and healing is impossible,….and parasympathetic mode where regenerative healing and even dramatic placebo events occur.   Economic pressures and fear based media narratives “make us crazy” and lock-in sympathetic dominance dumping immune strength. (Why hysterical unrelenting covid propaganda was likely more a cause of illness than the actual virus.) 

This is where meditative mindfulness, media skepticism/avoidance and the monitoring of one’s ego are imperatives.  Selfishness, anxiety/depression, anger/hate and all the “sinful” perversions of Dante’s “Inferno” are features of an un-sane low-vibrating ego; easily monitored, recognized and reversed for self-psychotherapy. Conversely, a placid mindset of unconditional love, humor and respect for all life raises “spiritual frequency” invoking godly states of consciousness along with physical health.  Acidic emotions waste system energy and can lead to all disease!

Toxic conditions, abusive family members and other unhappy damaged people must be kept at arm’s length or diplomatically dealt with, but never allowed to get under your skin because like a drowning man they will take ya down.

Mental states are a puzzle everyone must conquer on his own.  The state of the ego is key.  Many self help books and spiritual systems concentrate on the ego.  James Allen, “As a Man Thinketh,”  Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief”  and books by Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer go right there, leaving critical life-enhancing work to the individual. What better goal could one have other than enhancing his states of consciousness and happiness?  Hit the road to enlightenment on a most rewarding solitary journey of introspection!

Wise-up and Live!

A life of hospital, doctor and drug store visits is a dirty-detour into expensive suffering that you alone can prevent.  No doctor or medical algorhythm knows what’s actually going-on inside your body and mind or has yet been able to contain our modern chronic disease epidemic.  The U.S. ranks low in the health of its people, but egregiously high in bad outcomes.

The covid hoax should have opened a can of worms full of the shortcomings of pharmaceutical medicine and exposed its obscene-profit-driven “healthcare” system.

Attend to highly varied wholesome nutrition and pleasurable meals. Skip all vegetable/seed oils in favor of saturated animal fats and butter, skip processed foods and excess refined carbs, soft drinks and sugars. Supplement vitamins and minerals not in your foods. Make sun, sauna, barefoot grounding, physical exertion and recreation in nature regular habits. I do believe in sensible deserts; enjoy, life is too short!

View fake “news” with a jaundiced eye, skip noisy commercials and try cartoons and classical music in favor of the maliciously fabricated mainstream political narrative.

I see red-faced screaming idiots all-jacked-up over politics and elections…when candidates of both parties are simply “made men” shilling for neocon warmongers, intelligence agencies, military contractors, drug companies, climate scammers and malevolent billionaires.How Not to Age: The Sc...Greger M.D. FACLM, Mic...Best Price: $18.77Buy New $21.25(as of 04:43 UTC - Details)

Not much has changed for the better in generations, making the political process a feckless soap opera designed to distract the minds of a captive voting public from reality on the ground.

Fertilize a sense of humor, curiosity and purpose.

If you are not laughing regularly, enjoying music or seeing beauty in your surroundings; you are not really alive.

When things seem out of control I grab a “purely don’t give a f*** attitude,” until the sea calms.

You Can Do IT!

Use search words like “natural cures” or “prevention” for any issues you may face. As with recipes for potato salad, look at a bunch of articles, opinions, sites and videos. Then carefully simmer your potatoes, come-up with a “recipe” and institute it.  Be sensitive to any changes.  Remember a “shotgun approach” is usually needed, not just a single silver bullet vitamin or herb or drug,…since a number of insults and years of neglect led to your distress.  One may need to consult a holistic or alternative clinic for guidance or procedures like IV infusions, spinal adjustments, acupuncture, lymphatic massage or HBOT/hyperbaric oxygen therapy  (see  physician finder). People beat cancers, heart disease and arthritis all the time because they were informed of real scientific information, not phony-Fauci’s “The Science” that maims and kills so many millions.

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