We Are Already At War With Russia + Other Truths From Andrew Bridgen

We Are Already At War With Russia + Other Truths From Andrew Bridgen

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On Thursday, Andrew Bridgen, an independent candidate for Northwest Leicestershire, joined Resistance GB journalist Will Coleshill. One of the many shocking revelations he made is that the UK is already at war with Russia but installed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has not officially told Parliament or informed the British public.

There are a few reasons why Rishi Sunak has called a general election now, Mr Bridgen said. The reasons Mr. Bridgen gave were: Sunak knows he hasn’t got inflation under control and food prices are going to skyrocket before the end of the summer; the disastrous Rwanda Bill for dealing with illegal migrants was only ever “for show” which will become more and more apparent to the public as times goes on; the narrative of “safe and effective” vaccines is effectively destroyed but as time goes on, even more people are going to realise they were lied to. Another reason is the war with Russia, and possibly its allies; Sunak doesn’t want to be a wartime prime minister.

“I’ve got my informants in the Ministry of Defence and Rishi Sunak had told them six [to] eight months ago – the Generals, the Admirals and the Air Vice Marshals – that he doesn’t want to be a wartime leader,” Mr. Bridgen told Coleshill.

“The information I’ve got is that we’ve got British personnel – they won’t be classed as service personnel now but they would have been in our military very recently – we’re firing British missiles, Storm Shadow missiles out of Ukraine into Russia, being controlled by UK citizens … the Americans are doing the same with their weapons.  The Germans, the Poles everyone else is doing [it], the French they’re all doing it.  We are effectively, we’re actually at war with Russia now.  They just haven’t squared it with Parliament [and] haven’t told Parliament officially. They haven’t told the people. And this [war] is escalating,” he said.

But there are a lot of strange things going on, Mr. Bridgen said.  For example, the UK advertises that its nuclear missiles don’t work at the same time as the government is pushing for conscription and national service.  Another example is the last remaining steel factory that could make weapons-grade steel for armaments has been shut down. 

And then there are attempts being made to reduce the amount of food that our farmers are producing.  “Historically whenever we’ve gone to war our opponents have tried to starve us out because we only produce about 55% of the food that we actually consume,” Mr. Bridgen noted.

“Germany and France have already passed the legislation so they can enact conscription at a moment’s notice. And the EU is preparing to sell war bonds to investors to pay for the war,” Mr. Bridgen said. “The problem with selling war bonds is that you actually owe someone a war then, don’t you.”

“We need some sensible heads. We need some statesmen in the House of Commons to stop this madness,” he said.  Adding that it could easily escalate into World War III. “I’ve got defence analysts feeding me information and they’re in, you know, services and they’re saying that there is going to be a nuclear detonation in Europe.”

“The only people who win out of [war] are the super-rich and it buries the poor,” he said.

During the interview, Mr. Bridgen also discussed:

  • Covid measures and covid vaccines.
  • The Post Office Horizon scandal.
  • The infected blood scandal. 
  • The end of the fiat money system and the introduction of carbon credits to replace it.
  • The mind games they played to silence him. For example, saying he was going to commit suicide.
  • The corruption surrounding the purchasing of property for the HS2 project.
  • Control of corporate media.
  • Child trafficking in the UK.
  • Illegal immigration.
  • Indoctrination of children with gender ideology in schools.
  • The European Union Defence Pact which the Labour Party, according to their manifesto, intends to sign the UK up to.  The Pact will give the unelected European Commission full control of the British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and access to the Five Eyes and our local police forces.

If you live in the UK, Mr. Bridgen’s expose of the secrecy and cover-ups within UK politics is a must-watch from beginning to end.

Resistance GB: Andrew Bridgen Bombshell Interview, 20 June 2024 (126 mins)

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