Biden Trump debate psy-ops causes Kool Aid drinkers’ heads to explode

Biden Trump debate psy-ops causes Kool Aid drinkers’ heads to explode

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In a military-grade psychological warfare operation equivalent to a nuclear bomb, the so-called debate between US President Donald Trump and fake President Joe Biden destroyed the entire Democratic Party paradigm. This caused brainwashed Kool-Aid drinkers believing Joe Biden was actually president to freak out big time. Since this is all over the blogosphere we will not delve too deeply into their reaction. Instead, we have inserted a bunch of clips of Khazarian Mafia talking heads exploding on air. My personal favorite is an obviously drunk Nancy Pelosi appearing on TV to cling to the illusion Biden will somehow stay as president.





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We also noticed the New York Times put out a panicked editorial saying basically “We have got to get someone other than Biden to front for us or else Trump is going to have us all killed.”

The debate psy-ops shows the avatar playing the role of “Biden” was likely coopted by the white hats to deliberately show the world he was mentally incompetent and unfit for office.

Here is a typical example of the sort of reaction this debate has provoked:

Now that “Joe Biden” has been revealed as a hoax president, whole legions of public officials appear liable to criminal charges of the most serious degree: sedition, treason, mass murder, fraud, malfeasance, and in the case of the president himself, influence peddling and bribery. They must be desperate to avoid accounting for all that, losing their accrued fortunes to legal fees and going to prison (or worse). For example, outed just this week: news that then-CIA Director in 2020, Gina Haspel, knew about and participated in the infamous operation using 51 former Intel officers to cover up the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop days before the election. They knew the laptop was real. Their colleagues over at the FBI knew it was real.


The bigger story is this means a defeat for the Rockefeller/Obama/Hitler bloodline of the KM. That is because anybody who is aware knows “Biden” was a front for Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama Hitler.

What they do not realize is just how horrific the plans of this Nazi faction of the KM really were. A German whistleblower, Dr, Aysteha Enukuha Dominykas- an engineer involved in building underground bases throughout Germany- reveals part of the story. She says former Chancellor Angela Merkel Hitler had underground bunkers built in each major German city. A bunker she worked on was set up to house 200,000 soldiers and 16,000 support staff including Wahhabi Muslim preachers and sex workers. The facilities were equipped with Mosques but not Churches, she notes.

This is why the KM paid millions of military-aged Muslim males to enter Germany during and after Merkel’s rule. The plan was to use them to “eliminate at least 15 million Germans, predominantly old and economically weak, without mercy,” she says.

It was probably for her role in implementing this plan that Barack Hitler gave his cousin Angela Hitler the Presidential Medal of Freedom; the highest United States medal that can be awarded to non-American civilians.

It is a safe bet that at least 7.4 military-aged foreign illegal immigrants brought in by the Obama/Biden regime were going to implement a similar mass murder and enslavement operation in the United States.

Although this plan was scheduled to start in 2016, it was delayed by the election of Donald Trump and only restarted with the Obiden regime in 2021.

To understand why the people behind the Obiden administration fear execution with the return of Trump, take a look at the expressions of the Obamas and Clintons at the 2018 funeral of George Bush Sr. They had just been given copies of the confession Bush signed before he was executed and given notice to expect the same.


This is what prompted the massive KM counter-attack that resulted in the Obiden administration, the attempted democide by vaccine and the rush to hire foreign illegal immigrant bodyguards.

In any case, the implosion of Biden at the debate led to a flurry of back-channel negotiations. The KM offered the white hats a proposal to install Gavin Newsom as an alternative to Biden. However, as far as they can tell, Newsom is an AI avatar used by the Silicon Valley branch of the KM and is not seen as acceptable. US public opinion polls also confirm he is a non-starter.

Attempts to offer Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, a “Hillary Clinton” avatar looking 30 years younger, Kamala Harris, etc. as substitutes for Biden were also all nixed. The bottom line was the KM said they would accept anyone but Trump.

In the end they agreed to accept


Colonel Douglas MacGregor as interim head of State. MacGregor himself, in the brilliant speech below, calls for new elections to be held immediately. In it, he notes:

destructive executive orders and policy directives, many of which were likely signed when President Biden was in a rapidly diminished state of mind, inflicted tremendous damage on our nation…It is time to ask, who truly governs this country? Is it we, the people, as our founders intended, or have we surrendered control to unelected bureaucrats, sprawling federal agencies, and affluent donors who do not have the best interests of ordinary Americans at heart?

To secure the blessings of liberty for this generation and those to come, we must reclaim the rightful sovereignty of the American people over a dysfunctional and unresponsive political establishment.

With today, July 1st, being Canada Day or Canada’s Independence Day and with US Independence Day on July 4th, the white hat alliance proposes making MacGregor interim leader of the new nation of the United States of North America.

We note the “Q” site is saying a military lockdown is coming on July 4th so maybe this year finally, there will be a real independence day to celebrate for the first time since 1871. A military lockdown is going to be necessary if the swamp is to be drained and a new Republic to be started.

Take the example of Chicago to understand why the military is needed. In Chicago in 2023, police were unable to respond to more than half of calls made to 911 of a person being shot.

In related news, the number of homeless Chicagoans tripled between January 2023 and January 2024 due to the huge influx of illegal immigrants.

In other words, only the military can deal with the large numbers of armed foreigners imported by the Obiden regime in an attempt to stay in power.

The “Q” people, of course, say Donald Trump is already Commander in Chief and President because he won the 2020 election. They say they would accept MacGregor as Field Marshall in charge of the US military.

What is clear though is that no matter who takes power, a major Satanic infestation needs to be cleaned up. This is where the sudden “release” of whistleblower Julian Assange may play a role.

We know the original Assange used to appear on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he was taking shelter. Then he stopped appearing after the actress Pamela Anderson visited him in 2018 with a “birthday cake.” Later a story was concocted that he was grabbed and put in a UK jail. However, we sent people to visit the actual courts in the UK where Assange was supposed to be facing trial and he never appeared.

Some white hat sources connected to “Q” are saying the person killed in 2018 was a body double and the very different-looking Assange now appearing in the media is the real deal.

As a part of this new show Assange’s supposed wife Stella spoke to the BBC in her Barbie pink sweater.


“Have you ever seen a real human blink that much while talking?” a Canadian intelligence source comments.


Regardless, the important thing is to see if they start using the new Assange to release information to the general public about the KM. In particular, we need to see if he is used to disclose information about the industrial-scale murder and torture of children by the KM elite.


Here as a reminder, is an email from John Podesta Rockefeller saying he plans to heat the pool because “Bonnie will be an Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson and Maeve Luzzato (11, 9 and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment.”

Then there is the frazzledrip video of Hillary Clinton Rockefeller Hitler torturing a young girl to death by ripping the skin off her face etc. This sort of practice is widespread among the KM.

Next, take a look at the expression of Winfrey Oprah in this recently re-released old video of someone discussing adrenochrome on her show.


In another example, according to a Pentagon source, the McDonald’s Logo is from the book of Black Magic and the letter ‘M’ in the Logo is a ‘Sigil’ (which is used as a Symbol in Black Magic).

“The McDonald’s Founder Raymond Albert Kroc was a 33° Freemason. That’s how he got the money to start his business. Kroc was also a High Priest in the Church Of Satan. McDonald’s has always had a close partnership because of the Masonic Brotherhood. Masons are closely connected to all charities involving children. The Golden Arch (in the Logo) itself is Masonic. It also represents the arch of Baal (a Satanic God whom the Cult worships).”

Then of course there is Disney. The Jeffrey Epstein & Disney connection just got more exposed. Here is a picture of a little girl being clutched at Disney next to Epstein who then shows up with Epstein again outside of Disney. Disney staged regular snorkeling trips to Epstein Island and Disney Cruise Ships stopped at Epstein Island


These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Since 8 million children disappear worldwide every year, this is a huge problem involving an estimated one million Satanic practitioners.

So, the real reason for the widespread panic among the Obiden supporters is they fear mass execution for these crimes under Trump. That is why they are desperately seeking an alternative like MacGregor who might offer them truth and reconciliation instead of death.

In any case, as Russian President Vladimir Putin notes, the current US Corporate government owes the rest of the world more than $54 trillion. The St. Louis Fed and others also note they owe more than $200 trillion to their own citizens. What it means is the US cannot continue in its current form and must declare bankruptcy and be replaced.


In a sign of bankruptcy preparations, “Elon Musk’s SpaceX will build a vehicle to tow the International Space Station back through the atmosphere and crash it into the ocean.” What this really means is NASA (Not A Space Agency) is shutting down its fake space travel movie studio and transitioning to “commercially owned space destinations closer to home.” That is because they know they can no longer use debt to finance their fake space program.

Speaking of debt please take notice of the picture below it says USA Treasury not U.S. Treasury. That shows what is bankrupt is not the U.S. Republic but the USA corporation.

Needless to say, it is not just the US Corporate government that needs to be replaced.

There is also a huge fight underway in the UK. Here the British faction led by Reform Party leader Nigel Farage is fighting against a KM-controlled Keir Starmer. MI5 sent us copies of Starmer’s visa to visit communist-ruled Czechoslovakia in 1986 and say Slovak authorities refuse to disclose what he was doing there. MI5 says if he was not a communist agent, the files would have been released. MI6 for their part says Starmer is being blackmailed over participation in human sacrifice rituals and will take the UK back into the EU if he takes power after the July 4th election.

There was a related incident involving the UK Royal Family. Princess Anne was beaten andsent to the hospital with serious concussions on June 23rd. Princess Anne is known to be associated with the white hat alliance, MI6 sources say. Princess Anne was designated by Queen Elizabeth to act as regent for Prince George, the eldest son of Crown Prince William, according to royal family sources. This was because King Charles is known to be compromised and blackmailed by the Nazi faction of the KM, the sources say. Crown Prince William is also disqualified for participating in the Satanic sacrifice of his wife Kate Middleton, the sources say.


The attack also came as the Japanese Emperor visited the UK to meet with either King Charles or the avatar who was playing his role. Our own Japanese sources close to the Emperor would not talk much about what happened other than to say Naruhito would be inducted into the Order of the Garter established by Queen Elizabeth I.


The Emperor Naruhito himself is also under siege. He bears ultimate responsibility for the murder of 500,000 Japanese by vaccine. Japanese Neuroscientist Dr. Hiroto Komano says that in addition to this, a study of 550,000 people in Japan reveals the vaccines caused Alzheimer’s disease to increase by 20%.


Asian Secret Society sources say so many people were involved in the vaccine crimes that there will be a total collapse of the social order unless the clean-up is done in stages. That is what is underway now, they say.


Needless to say, the vaccine murderers have not given up on trying to kill us all before we arrest them.


The Russian military says an Obiden-owned company by the name of Metabiota has relocated its bioweapons operations to various African countries after they were shut down in Ukraine. The Russians say these laboratories are preparing a new pandemic in time for the 2024 US elections.

For an example, as Republic of the Congo leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso met Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss his country joining the BRICS alliance.


This news came out: the “most dangerous strain yet” of monkeypox virus is spreading quickly along the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the WHO says.

It shows the current leadership of the West spreads disease and threats of disease to try to stay in control.


There is a lot of money at stake. As the First Lady of Sierra Leone notes as things stand her country gets paid $10,000 for every $100 million worth of minerals taken from her country. That is 0.0001%. This is why more and more African countries are kicking out Western oligarchs.

Overall it has been estimated Africa is looted to the tune of $500 billion a year by KM oligarchs.


The KM are also still trying to kill Western populations in a desperate bid to stay in power. They are now planning to use our food supply to vaccinate us. “The next big product being developed is edible vaccines. These are food products like tomatoes and other things, which can have the effect of a vaccination when you eat them. And now a group of Chinese scientists has found that they can relay mRNA vaccines using cow’s milk,” says Joshua Philipp.


The vaccines may be related to a recent epidemic of fake food in the US. Take a look at the examples in the disturbing video below. We recommend you shop at local farmers’ markets if you can. .


These criminals are also still trying to push the previous types of vaccines. The paid-off puppets at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 27 recommended forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines for virtually all Americans.


This comes as “Five states — Texas, Utah, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana — suing Pfizer for knowing and concealing the vaccine causing myocarditis, pericarditis, failed pregnancies and deaths. That’s 10% of US states…The tide is turning,” US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy notes.


In another sign the tide is turning, the Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist Sackler family has been stripped by the Supreme Court of immunity related to all the opioid deaths their products have caused. This is a sign they will also strip Pfizer, etc. of their supposed immunity from vaccine lawsuits.


In Canada, the Ontario Court of Justice ruled a PCR test is an instrument that is inserted into the body and therefore contravenes section 14 of the Quarantine Act.

It is only a matter of time before they figure out, like the Chinese already have, the tests themselves are fraudulent.

As this sort of truth comes out New Brunswick MP Wayne Long has joined the chorus openly calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign,


Canada is also being forced to release people who were unlawfully detained for protesting the fake pandemic and associated martial law. This is happening in the US as well. The Supreme Court ruled on June 28 in effect that hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants would have to be released after being bogusly charged under an accounting law.


There is also an ongoing revolt against the KM in Poland. There, according to Polish intelligence “miners have joined farmers, they are fed up with the idiocracy created by the government regarding burning coal for power plants generating electricity and the Green Deal, as well as importing coal from Russia and blocking Polish mining.” –


In a positive sign for Europe, Hungary began its six-month presidency of the European Council. Hungarian President Victor Orban’s motto is “Let’s make Europe great again!,” He wants a prompt end to the conflict in the Ukraine and an end to uncontrolled immigration.


Also, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have now both publicly declared NATO will not take part in the Ukraine war.


Russian FSB sources say NATO has secretly agreed to join a new security architecture in Eurasia proposed by Russia. This will force external players to curtail their military presence on the continent, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.


North Korea has already joined and says it will send troops to Ukraine to fight alongside Russia.

The North Korean News Agency reports “The U.S. strategy for world domination to encircle and contain independent and sovereign states and secure its military hegemony has already crossed the red-line and is bringing about a very negative change in the world security environment and geopolitical mechanical structure.”

India has also joined this Russian military alliance.


With the Obiden regime now collapsing and Europe joining with Russia, the last domino appears to be Israel. However, it looks certain that Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu’s days are numbered. Sarah Netanyahu accuses Israel’s army chiefs of seeking to carry out a coup against her husband.

Also, in what may be the final straw to put an end to Benjamin Satanyahu and his cronies “Israel’s Supreme Court rules that the military must draft ultra-Orthodox men in a decision that could lead to the collapse of Netanyahu’s governing coalition.”

In a desperate last-minute gambit to stay in power, Satanyahu is desperately trying to start a war with Lebanon. As a result, the following countries have begun evacuating their civilians from Lebanon:

1) Canada 

2) Kuwait 

3) Germany 

4) Netherlands 

5) Saudi Arabia 

6) North Macedonia 

7) Russia 

8) USA 

9) Ireland 

10) Jordan 

11) Australia 


In addition to still trying to start war, the KM is also trying to start cyberwar. That is why the World Economic Forum warns “Cyber Attacks Against Car Dealers and the Federal Reserve Put U.S. Economy at the Brink of Failure.”

It is not just the US Economy that is on the brink of failure. China’s home sales have plunged over 30% in the past five months despite government rescue efforts. Since real estate loans account for approximately 40 percent of total Chinese bank credit over the long term “It will severely impact the entire real estate industry and its 56 related industries.”

What this means is that, while China’s problems are not nearly as huge as those facing the US Corporation, it also needs a financial reboot. Our sources say this is coming.

In Mexico meanwhile, it looks like the KM may be winning there. It turns out President-Elect Claudia Steinbaum is a likely KM agent. Remember this cover story about the year ahead in the Rothschild and Agnelli family-owned Economist Magazine. On the top left you see a profile of a woman. Compare that to this profile picture of Steinbaum. A coincidence?

Our Mexican sources say Mexico was threatened with earthquake and weather weapons and over 30 politicians were killed before they accepted her as president.

Some sources say she was installed by the white hats to clean up the narco and human trafficking there so we will need to see what she actually does after taking office on October 1st.

Finally, in a sign the rabbit hole runs deep, take a look at this commemorative coin issued in 1932, it has a Star of David, a Swastika and an all-seeing eye all in one.

Hopefully, the truth behind all of this will soon set us free. Certainly, the news shows the white hats are close to winning. However, it is not over until it is over so we must keep fighting until humanity is finally freed from millennia of Satanic slavery.


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