Addressing the Lies and Crimes of Operation COVID-19

Addressing the Lies and Crimes of Operation COVID-19

Global Research  /  Prof. Anthony J. Hall

We are living amidst heaps of visible and invisible wreckage, much of it toxic, as we continue our journey into the third year of the manufactured COVID crisis. Although not in the ways emphasized by our governors’ centrally controlled media monopolies, the contrived fight against the overhyped coronavirus has brought serious trauma to the physical, mental and economic state of much of humanity.

A widely broadcasted outpouring of lies and deception has been instrumental in helping to open the way for the rapid descent of the socio-economic conditions experienced by important population groups throughout the world. Moreover, the wall-to-wall misrepresentations have helped create tainted mental environments where heightened levels of military confrontation are for the most part welcomed, encouraged, and facilitated. We are fast being sucked into a whirlpool of psychopathic war mongering that is steadily moving all life on earth towards a nuclear holocaust at the end of history.

It is important to recall that the current cacophony of cataclysms pointed against us, burst onto the scene with a corporatist campaign to vanquish a flu-like illness. This medical mobilization provided the pretext for a well-orchestrated psychological operation, one that led to invasive assaults into almost every facet of our personal and collective lives.

As this history unfolds, a daunting assortment of malevolent precedents and processes continue to proliferate with no real end in sight. The resulting complex of catastrophes has much potential to further degrade our governments, universities, courts, public services, Internet interactions, banking transactions, professional associations and unions. This list of the institutional casualties is far from complete.

At this stage in the engineered crisis we have great need of fresh infusions of robust investigative activity leading to serious rounds of uncorrupted arbitration in the arena of the criminal law. The aim of these inquiries, trials and judgments must be to put an end to the elaborate crime spree whose high costs imposed on society extend far beyond the vandalized state of medical care, public health, and parliamentary governance.

In order to apply genuine remedies for the political, cultural and economic ailments that are infecting our key institutions, those of us who are awake to the perils engulfing us must find innovative ways of growing our numbers. We must expand our circles of collaboration in order to mount more effective strategies of collective self-defense. The alternatives to well-coordinated resistance are indeed dire, as we continue to bear the brunt of steady attacks in the undeclared war targeting the largest part of humanity.

Can the Top Culprits in Operation COVID-19 be Brought to Justice?

This creep of a hybrid war against the people entered a new stage in 2020 with an onslaught of medical tyranny. In 2022 the aggressions are proliferating across many financial, cultural and logistical fronts with particular emphasis on the destruction of supply chains especially of food.

See this and this.

Some of the state and media-induced contempt formerly reserved for the so-called “unvaxxed’ has been redirected into a more rudimentary form of discriminatory war propaganda. This propaganda is calculated to breed hatred towards Russia and Russians. Russians are being constructed in the Western media as convenient scapegoats on which to hang woes whose real origins lie mostly in the misdeeds of our own corrupt rulers.

The chain of command of our governors extends to the secretive operations of banks, bankers and their multi-billionaire associates. The vast privileges of those imbued with chartered power over the creation of money and debt translates into enormous influence over government policies and actions.

Many of those implicated in this post-2019 crime spree are prominent officials. They include judges, heads of state, university presidents, media moguls, corporate executives, financiers, prominent celebrities, research directors, “philanthropy” directors, widely published pundits, and spy bosses. The current round of criminal activity at high levels is consistent with a longstanding pattern whose disastrous effect has been to put those in the upper echelons of wealth, power and prestige above the law.

The seriousness of the present crisis demands we must find ways to break the stranglehold over our key institutions in order to restore something akin to a rule of law. What will it take to generate serious actions of law enforcement aimed at bringing to justice the top culprits of the manufactured COVID crisis?

How is it that, for instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the USA’s most influential czar of the COVID industry, has escaped criminal charges up until this time? How has Dr. Fauci avoided this outcome even with such intense public disclosure highlighting his apparent violations of many laws, rules and policies over a number of decades? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been especially unrelenting in providing a superbly-documented case impugning Fauci in what amounts to one of the most detailed accounts of the misdeeds of a wayward civil servant ever published.

See this.

If even civil servants are to be treated as immune from criminal investigations and charges, what hope is there of ever bringing to justice heads of government like Justin Trudeau in Canada and Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand? Trudeau and Ardern are both prime ministerial mascots of the Young Leaders Program of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Explaining the Most Sweeping Round of Medical Deregulation Ever

Operation COVID-19 introduced a period when an open season was declared on certain kinds of corporate plunder and pillage. This boondoggle enabled retail giants like Wal*Mart, Costco, and Amazon to push aside scores of small retailers and suppliers. The so-called lockdowns advanced an agenda of attack aimed especially at small family businesses, part of a larger pattern of assault aimed at diminishing and disabling the middle class.

Among the pharmaceutical corporations, Pfizer and Moderna were among the biggest winners of government largesse. Government favored them with the most sweeping rounds of medical deregulation in a century of developing new medical products.

After waving aside the need to follow many of the rules for the invention, testing and evaluating of new drugs, governments became primary funders, promoters, defenders and enforcers of the push to universalize COVID shots. Even as many injection mandates continue to back the jabs-for jobs tradeoffs, officialdom is still denying or downplaying mounting evidence from authoritative sources that the COVID jabs are decidedly ineffective and profoundly unsafe.

In fact the clot shots are so unsafe that they are forcing unprecedented levels of death and injury on those who have been cajoled or coerced into taking the experimental injections.

Governments, mass media and their many accomplices have gone to great extremes to persuade the public that this program of mass injection was actually wise, prudent and necessary. The conspirators have gone to exceptional lengths to cover up many of the deceptions that they had concocted to push forward an agenda whose primary goal seems to be depopulation. This obfuscation of their own deceits merged into a cover up of the horrific outcomes brought on by their own actions.

Formidable totalitarian regimes are fast being consolidated as an outgrowth of the actions of those at the front of the line in facilitating and exploiting the stealthy manipulations of medical tyranny. The purpose of these manipulations is ultimately to further expand the power and wealth of some of the richest and most heavily entitled people on Earth.

Accordingly, new frontiers of obscenity are being breached by the propensity of those in power to break all the rules in order to get things done and then to avoid accountability by lying about it all.

There is much evidence of this growth of tyranny in the current barrage of enactments being rushed into operation. Generally speaking the goal of this process is to make it even easier for authorities to censor unwanted news. Among the most effective techniques of censorship is to spy on, harass, criminalize, silence and disappear those independent investigators who have shown themselves to be effective at exposing government and corporate wrongdoing.

Another aspect of this growing totalitarianism is evident in the rush to take powers away from the parliamentary institutions of national government. The other side of this same process is to upload decision-making authority to agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The objective of these agencies is to advance a very malevolent genre of global plutocracy, one that operates well outside the reach of most average citizens whose political lives unfold largely within well-established traditions of national governance.

As Trudeau’s treatment of the Truckers demonstrated, these patterns of domestic politics do not sit well with the politics of officials who prefer to take their leads from the Swiss-headquartered WHO and WEF. The business of these organizations is very open to the manipulative bribes and interventions by international corporations, but especially those connected to the pharmaceutical industry.

Dangerous Precedents

A big part of the institutional wreckage accumulating around us, is the result of misplaced efforts to shut down, sideline or discredit any critical analysis that calls into question the project of mass injection.

Many have participated knowingly or inadvertently in the elaborate process aimed at silencing, discrediting, punishing, or sideling all voices, including those of highly qualified experts, who criticize the contrived COVID orthodoxy. This effort to block the process of open debate testing the merit of competing theories and theorists runs against core attributes of the scientific method.

The punishments directed at those with viewpoints that challenge the COVID policies of our bought-and-paid-for-governments can include being fired from high-ranking positions. On the way to being fired, many independent-minded scientists face severe ad hominem attacks concentrating on alleged personal foibles rather than on the scientific merit of their research and conclusions.

The media’s attacks directed at supposed scientific heretics have been extended to collective attacks on members of the public.  Those who have chosen to resist the regime of forced lockdowns, mask wearing and coercive injection mandates have been crudely grouped and characterized as “anti-vaxxers.”

Anything goes, it seems, when it comes to the project of dehumanizing and demonizing so-called “anti-vaxxers.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has led the way in this regard. He has widely publicized his own strange opinion that “anti-vaxxers” tend to be deplorable racists, women haters and “science deniers.”

See this.

Invoking harsh memories of the genesis of earlier bouts of state-sanctioned discriminatory violence, Trudeau wonders if “anti-vaxxers” should be “tolerated” in Canada. By seeming to open the federal door to the option of intolerance, Justin Trudeau is acting consistently with a detailed case put forward by Rav Arora in the New York Post. Aora accused Trudeau of pointing Canada away from being a “vibrant liberal democracy” towards becoming “an authoritarian state.”

The campaign to constrain and shut down scientific debate even in parliamentary, journalistic, and academic settings has established extremely dangerous precedents that have yet to be addressed. It is in this fashion that the manufactured COVID crisis has undermined the basis of legal protections for free speech, academic freedom, freedom of assembly, religious freedom, freedom of conscience, as well as the right to exercise of bodily autonomy.

Once it has been established that governments can create the conditions to coerce citizens into accepting unwanted substances into their bodies, what comes next? Have individual rights already been sacrificed on the altar of this manufactured medical crisis?

Has the green lighting by governments of the largest medical experiment ever on human subjects, established the precedent that the Nuremberg Code no longer applies? Have we entered an era when all sorts of medical experiments on human subjects can take place without the informed consent of those subjects? Can people be coercively mandated to become guinea pigs in medical experiments even if they don’t want to do so?

Will it be required in the future even to inform test subjects that they are objects of medical experimentation? If twelve-year-olds can overrule their parents in deciding to take COVID shots, what is to be the future role of mothers and fathers in other aspects of child rearing? And speaking of children, how many of them will be born in the future given the devastating effects of COVID shots on fertility organs in both women and men?

Increased Distrust of Our Core institutions and Those That Lead Them

Given their role as compliant servants of government COVID policies, how will courts, universities, professional organizations, and media cartels operate in the future?

How has the subservience of these organizations to government dictates set precedents that run contrary to the kinds of independence we expect of certain institutions? How, for instance, can we any longer regard our universities as genuine sites of higher education when so many of the senior custodians of these institutions have made unquestioning compliance with authoritarian measures a condition of admission for students and a condition of employment for faculty members? How can inconvenient truths readily be spoken to power in such heavily politicized institutions where obedience to authority is becoming the highest ideal?

It is clear that in the course of Operation COVID-19 the principles of academic freedom and academic meritocracy have been seriously violated in ways that cannot be easily understood let alone fixed. As we shall see below, even the principles of academic publication through academic peer review have been hijacked in order to clear the way for the mass distribution of dangerous COVID shots to the general population.

To this day, no significant platforms have been given over for meaningful public discourse on how we should respond to all the destructive precedents established in the course of the fake fight against COVID-19. Instead, much of the media as well as many governments persist in trying to impose on everyone a single uniform perception of the COVID crisis.

Nevertheless no consensus has emerged from this huge and elaborate thought-control operation. A sizable minority of the worldwide population has emerged from the misnamed pandemic more distrustful than ever of our core institutions and those that lead them.

The distrust is especially significant when it comes to the cynical responses to the failures of media, universities, and courts.  We tend to afford these agencies high levels of latitude for independent analysis and action partly because we depend on them to embody some checks against the exercise of excessive power by governments.

In this instance, however, these institutions have, with some rare exceptions, let down the public at the very moment we needed them most. Can these failed institutions ever be repaired or do we need to contemplate building new institutions of higher education, law enforcement and news reporting from the ground up?

The primary indicator that the main institutional responses to the manufactured COVID crisis have been harmful and wrong is the large mass of dead, dying, crippled and otherwise injured humans struck down in the course of the global push to impose policies of mass injection.

At this stage of the saga it would be a mark of either disingenuousness or negligence for anyone in official positions of power and responsibility to claim complete unawareness of the big medical experiment’s primary victims. It is clear that millions of otherwise healthy people have been badly hurt and/or decimated by the one-size-fits-all approach to the injection of COVID jabs into the multitudes.

The high rates of injection deaths and injuries began almost immediately with the dissemination of mRNA injections that started in mid-December of 2020.  As Professor Emeritus Michel Chossudovsky explained, by April of 2022 the official published records of several governments including those of the US, the UK and the EU, revealed that at least 70,000 deaths and more than 11,000,0000 injuries had been caused by COVID injections.

These figures almost certainly significantly understate the real figures because, as repeated studies have demonstrated, only a small percentage of injection deaths and injuries actually get reported.  This pattern is probably more pronounced in this COVID-19 episode.  Hospital administrators and those that speak on behalf of colleges of physicians have left medical staff with no doubts that they will be severely punished if they do not refrain from doing anything that might encourage so-called “vaccine hesitancy.”

Prof. Chossudovsky goes on to identify an internal document of the Pfizer Corporation now made public due to a court order. This internal document reveals that by February of 2020 it was already known by many insiders that about 1,200 deaths and over 40,000 injuries had already been caused by the experimental Pfizer shots. It is also made clear that Pfizer officials had already determined that 1291 ailments, some of them lethal, are at risk of infecting the recipients of Pfizer shots.

See this and this.

Dr. Chossudovsky expresses the view that this evidence should have been enough to cause Pfizer officials to withdraw their product from public distribution. His indication that COVID injections should be removed from distribution has been a common theme of many principled scientists who have looked independently at the harm done to human populations by the Warp Speed injection products.

Large controversies should arise when public officials together with all manner of celebrities, publicly promote as safe and effective a set of medical products that do in fact cause high rates of death and injury. The cheerleader approach deployed in multiple advertising campaigns to kick off the so-called “vaccine rollouts” set up immediate obstacles against the kind of balanced public education that would have been necessary to cultivate “informed consent” among those about to receive the experimental shots.

Premeditated Murder?

As time has passed there has been more and more evidence showing that completely unacceptable levels of death and injury flowing from the injections. The failure of public officials to acknowledge this information, let alone to act on it, will have significant consequences. As news of the millions of victims proliferates in literally thousands of published essays, the issue of premeditated murder comes more and more into focus.

What is supposed to happen when there is abundant evidence showing that the dissemination of a particular medical product is causing high death rates? What is supposed to happen to those that become aware of this lethal outcome but continue nevertheless to promote and facilitate the dissemination of the killer injections? Surely at some point such reckless and irresponsible behavior reaches the criteria of premeditated murder.

The issue of the deaths and shortened life spans that have been caused belongs in the realm of the criminal law rather than to that of civil law or constitutional law. But where is there any indication that law enforcement agencies are actively investigating these criminal matters that are making murder suspects of some of our top officials especially in media and government.

Even at this stage we cannot with certainty say whether injection deaths so far can be counted in the tens of thousands, in the hundreds of thousands, or in the millions. This uncertainty alone represents a stunning illustration of the extent of the scientific and professional malfeasance running rampant in this matter.  The whole gamut of officialdom’s responses to the COVID phenomenon has been anything but safe and effective. Nor has it been honest.

If there is no provision even for counting honestly the extent of morbidity caused by the experimental injections, what other factors in this experiment are not being conscientiously observed and monitored? How is this open contempt for the rules of those most responsible for this experiment to be explained? What else is being covered up?

Are the large uncertainties concerning death and injury among injection recipients an indicator that nobody in positions of power in this matter has a solid grip on the need to protect the public interest? Much of the media is deeply implicated in the crime of depriving the public of the information resources that they require to protect themselves from a devastating plague of medical malpractice underway.

The COVID Injections Don’t Work

We are still in the early days of learning how deeply problematic the COVID injections have proven to be. In the words of Australian Senator Gerard Rennick, the COVID injections “don’t work”! The COVID injections “are not fit for purpose.” Senator Rennick explains, “They don’t provide immunity. They didn’t prevent transmission. They didn’t prevent hospitalization. And they didn’t prevent death.” He explained further,

“Despite the fact that 90% of the population (in Australia) is jabbed, COVID still ran rampant throughout the community. No herd immunity was achieved.”

Senator Rennick expounded on the “unbridled abuse” which has taken place in Australia in order to hide the true extent of vaccine injuries. This abuse extended to “gagging” and “bullying” medical professionals so they would not reveal just how dangerous the COVID shots really are.

This abuse of medical professionals more generally extended to gross violations of the provisions of peer review in prestigious medical journals.

See this.

The aim of those behind this scientific and academic fraud was to discredit the COVID remedies that are in fact effective, economical and, in correct dosages, safe. The aim of this sidelining of alternative remedies was anything but altruistic. If, for instance, hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin had been widely adopted as COVID remedies, obstacles would have been put in the way of emergency use authorization for the COVID shots.

What safeguards are needed to protect against further abuses of the legal provisions underlying emergency use authorization of medical products? Given what we now know, is the time right to remove the dubious legal enactments that immunize vaccine makers against being sued for deaths and injuries created by faults in their products?

From the very beginning of the manufactured COVID crisis Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, Anthony Fauci and many other agents of Big Pharma repeatedly declared in the media that vaccines offered the only viable route out of the coronavirus affliction. Why was the remedy already being publicized well before a credible diagnosis of the affliction was formulated?

Were the injections created to treat COVID-19 or was the overhyped coronavirus created as a means of injecting into society the habits, expectations, legal frameworks and political impetus conducive to pushing the adoption of mandated programs of cradle-to-grave vaccines for everyone?

Will There Be Public Show Trials of Nurses and Doctors?

Not surprisingly, initiatives are underway whose object seems to be to divert attention away from those who directed the Covid responses from the upper echelons of national, international, and supranational power. Instead of investigations into the activities of those that led the grab for more power and wealth through the manipulation of the manufactured emergency, proceedings are underway to identify patsies and scapegoats. Judicial investigations and court proceedings are already targeting low-level medical practitioners as well as working class critics of COVID policies.

In Canada, for instance, Justin Trudeau is seeking to transform a mandatory federal investigation of his government’s decision to invoke the federal Emergency Act. The stated goal of this invocation was to quash the protest of those Truckers and their supporters who organized a Freedom Convoy to Ottawa.

So far the Trudeau government is obsessive in its efforts to keep secret what transpired inside cabinet in the run up to the declaration of the Emergencies Act on Feb. 14. Trudeau’s plan seems to be to point attention away from what happened inside the federal government and to place at the forefront of federal publicity and propaganda the concocted imagery of the Truckers as terrorist and insurrectionists.

See this.

In a video entitled, “How Jailing a Nurse Could Help Paper Over Responsibility for Operation COVID-19,” scholar Emanuel Pastreich explains the implication of a court ruling in a criminal proceeding brought against nurse RaDonda Vaught. Ms. Vaught worked at Vanderbilt University Hospital when it was being remade as a commercial business.

Nurse Vaught was convicted of “reckless homicide” for making a mistake in giving the wrong drug to a patient who subsequently died as a result of the error. It is very unusual to charge, convict and jail a nurse as a criminal for making an honest mistake in providing care. The more usual response would be to deal with such a tragedy within the professional codes of the nursing discipline.

Dr. Pastreich is a critic of the accelerated privatization of the US healthcare system as well as its transformation into a big money bonanza for the well-rewarded beneficiaries of Big Pharma. As Dr. Pastreich sees it, the criminalization of nurse Vaught provided a way of diverting attention from more systematic crimes entailed in the cost-cutting machinations associated with the privatization of institutions like the Vanderbilt University Hospital.

For Dr. Pastreich it is no coincidence that nurse Vaught was sentenced to jail time

“at the very moment that the deadly implications of the mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations is at last receiving broad attention after the release of the Pfizer files. These so-called vaccines, which have no properties associated with vaccines, but are loaded with dangerous mRNA and other substances, are being administered in hospitals in blatant violation of the law and the hippocratic oath. When the truth is eventually out about the injection of millions of citizens with this deadly concoction, who will be held responsible for the deaths and injuries that resulted?”

Dr. Pastreich believes that the high-ranking financiers, bankers and racketeers at the highest levels of what he calls Operation COVID-19 are well aware of the dangers of public exposure they are facing. He argues they are therefore setting up the basis for the theatrics of “fobbing off” COVID crimes so they will land on the shoulders of medical staff far down the chain of command.

This tactic of offering up underlings to protect those at the top is commonly deployed in a society where much effort is devoted to keeping the leadership of the highest level of organized crime safely remote from legal accountability.

In Dr. Pastreich’s imagined scenario the public appetite for people to blame and punish for the toxic clot shots is to be met by criminalizing those who actually delivered the fatal jabs as well as administered fake remedies such as the toxic remdesivir. In this fashion those most responsible for “the COVID 19 holocaust” are to be “let off the hook.”

How jailing a nurse could help paper over responsibility for Operation COVID-19 from Emanuel Pastreich on Vimeo.

Dr. Pastreich anticipates the possibility of “public show trials” that “drag out nurses and doctors” as scapegoats for the crimes against humanity whose full extent is still far from being measured. Surely we the citizens who have endured the lies and crimes of Operation COVID-19 deserve a better and more honest resolution than that.

When will the accumulation of the wreckage emanating from the incursion of Operation COVID-19 come to end? When can we begin to put our houses, businesses, schools, hospitals, media, governments, and families back in order?

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