To My Children, One Day You Will Wonder What Happened

To My Children, One Day You Will Wonder What Happened

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Americans grew very comfortable and cowardly. When September 11 came, very few people questioned the lies they were told. For two decades, Americans grew more comfortable and more cowardly as the years went by. The most evil people ran the country, ran the states, ran the courts, ran the counties, ran the cities.

Americans lost almost all will to oppose evil. You act one way when you have that will. You act another way when you have no will.

I hope you will never know what it is like to be surrounded by men with no will. I hope you will never know what it is like to have no will.

For 20 years, I have known an America with no will.

The sickest, most evil things came to pass in American society, things I will not even here mention and things that I hope history may even forget. May we keep our minds stayed on that which is trustworthy and righteous. May the most evil times not dwell in our spirit.

It was a time in which men were so weak and without will, that any number of evils could overtake society at any moment and hold society captive to its desires.

That was precisely what happened. The evil had a strong will. Society was so devoid of men of character that there was little show of will from among them and little show of character. Such men could not fathom the natural role they have to lead. To lead is the proper role of the upright in society. They could not even fathom the will to oppose. They were just there, present. That was about the best that could be said, even about some of the bravest American men.

And on March 17, 2020, one, of a great array of available evils, stepped forward.

It claimed authority over all society. It claimed authority even over the few men of character.

And most complied.

The details of what took place are almost frivolous to mention.

They said it was a virus. That detail is a lie.

What took place is that America cowered. It had so few men of character.

History will be filled with all manner of lies about the time: deaths, case counts, graphic images from the media seared into the minds of those who lived through the time. 10,000 other evils could have stepped to the forefront and done the same: massive media campaigns waged according to the incentives of the media, massive “public interest” campaigns waged according to the incentives of government, massive industry campaigns waged according to the incentives of large businesses.

Any of those 10,000 evils could have achieved the same results. It just happened to be a seasonal virus rather than the array of other available evils. But that was not the cause. To call that the cause is a lie. The body politic was sick and anything could have overcome it.

And men found such little value in life that they stopped working, stopped paying bills, stopped going to church, stopped visiting family, stopped their hobbies, stopped leaving the home, stopped expecting quality, stopped expecting to be treated even like a human according to the most basic definitions society had developed of what it means to be human.

Everywhere they turned, they could see no will to continue living the life they had lived.

And society collapsed. It came to an end as we knew it. The critics of the unsustainable social order had been proven right. It all just fell apart one day, on or about the Ides of March 2020. And the people in power shifted society into a new realm.

They implemented a form of bank holiday that lasted nearly two years in some parts of the country, in some other parts of the world as well. They implemented a form of corona communism — a communism so severe, yet for which the most implausible rationales were offered to implement it.

Human life was declared non-essential.

Do not let anyone, dear child, tell you it was about a virus. Your father lived through those days and held his head high. He publicly gave speeches, he wrote books, he gave interviews, he spoke as loudly as he could to all who would allow him a platform from which to speak, and he banded together with the bravest of the brave who walked the earth. He did so night and day. He did so for himself, his family, his values, but most importantly for you. Do not let anyone tell you that it was a virus that caused it all. Do not let anyone tell you about social unrest. Do not let anyone tell you that the environment collapsed. Do not let anyone tell you that capitalism had reached its final stage.

The will of man to live through the great pile of lies that had become of America had been completely exhausted.

And I stand now writing this for you, that you may know you come from seed that is as noble as man can be, that is as virtuous and dedicated to the speaking of truth that one can be. That I too have moments of doubt, but that with the most mighty by my side, I am comforted and redirected on what the moral compass shows as true north.

My child, we are building a new America. So much of the work has been done for us: the country has been torn down to its foundations. The lies have been made a mockery of. Hardly a person remains who believes the nonsense fed to us. Every single person is either filled with doubt for the leaders we are told we can rely on and the corrupt system they built, or the alternate — they have made themselves an indelible part of that corrupt system: indistinguishable from a machine, a cog, an object, a robot.

They sit down several times a day for their regular programming. Their ideas are fed to them. Their rage is recharged in them. That which makes them human has been voluntarily parted with by them.

Made in the likeness of God is a thought disgusting to them. Made to fit the form of the world is their aim, their purpose, their seemingly only purpose. A handful out of every hundred men walking the earth fit that description. So many other men do not know what to believe — they are lost in that way — but they do not slumber comfortably in the lies as they once had. That part of the world we once knew is gone.

In September of 2001, all accountability was removed from American society. It was a slow degradation and crumble from that moment.

It had, itself, been a slow degradation from an earlier day that had so divorced America from accountability — the day the money all became fake. Men had lost the will to call counterfeiting the lie that it was. Proper reckoning from that point forward became difficult. That day, was itself, an extension of a day that soon followed — a day in which the sacrifice of babies on the altar of convenience became the law of the land. Men had lost the will to protect even that which was most dear.

By March 2020, the society they had come to love was forever gone. The entire empire of lies crumbled and America went in two directions: those who long for the empire of lies, and those who are doing something new.

I write this to you, unsure about what will come next and how that might look, but I know that it will be better than what has been. American cowards have no place in this new world. They have no purpose. Their very eyes betray them as the aimless, frightened, robotic folks that they are. American courage has been resurrected. The towns and the streets are named for men like that. They will likely be streets you never get to know the names of. For they will, before long, be replaced by a new crop of heroes, building a culture, building a society, building a world unlike anything previously known, yet so grounded in the wisdom that has forever been known by man since he first walked the earth.

Dear child.

It was not a virus.

It was their cowardice.

It was their lack of will to go on.

Any excuse would have been good enough for the suicide they committed against all that they once held dear.

And dear child.

You have nothing to fear.

In the sacred place of the most high, obedient to your values, every day from this day forward will be more special than the one before.

Keep your focus on where it needs to be. On your values. On your virtue.

Not on the distraction. Not on the lies. Not on the crumbling foundation all around you. For you are building something new in the midst of mighty men and virtuous women doing the same.

No virus can take down a people with a will. It was the cowardice that took down the culture that had lost its will to go on, and that cowardice that allowed the detritus of a different age to be swept away, making what comes next all the more possible to start anew.

Be brave. Be bold. Step out. If you still wear masks for any reason, now is the time to stop. For more on how to navigate life maskless, read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson.”

For more on why that is so important to do, read “Face Masks Hurt Kids.”

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