Kill Shots Working As Planned

Kill Shots Working As Planned

Stephen Lendman

Unrelated to protecting and preserving health, kill shots are all about irreparably destroying it.

Days earlier, researcher Steve Kirsh stressed that fourth estate members who claim that flu/covid jabs are safe ignore reality.

Jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to contracting flu/covid, any one or more other major diseases, and comprise the vast majority of deaths — caused by kill shots, not the viral illness as falsely claimed.

Toxic jabs also permanently damage the body’s immune system, why jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to contracting heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses.

On June 5, the Gateway Pundit (GP) reported the following:

Flu/covid mass-jabbing caused a “shocking rise in permanent disabilities.”

Along with other adverse events and deaths, what’s going on is a pandemic of the jabbed — not the other way around as falsely claimed by US/Western regimes and their complicit MSM echo chamber.

There’s also a fear-mongering  pandemic by proliferating fake news, the real thing suppressed.

Left unexplained is that the more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to health, the shorter the lifespans of jabbed individuals.

Daily on his website, Joseph Mercola includes information on irreparably harmed individuals from jabs.

It would take volumes upon volumes to document them all with no end of it as numbers mount exponentially.

The common thread is toxicity from jabs, what ends normality as once existed by destroying health beyond repair.

Yet cause of death rarely ever states the correct reason.

The widely reported million deaths from flu/covid — or whatever the true toll — is overwhelmingly from kill shots, not the viral illness.

Yet according to NYT fake news last month, “the US surpass(ed) 1 million (flu)covid deaths, the world’s highest known total (sic).”

The Times quoted more monster than man Fauci at the time — the Biden regime’s lead kill shot promoter, saying:

“Hopefully, the enormity of that number (sic) would spur us on to do whatever we can to make sure that we don’t have as bad a time in the coming months and years that we’ve had over the past two years (sic).”

The way to halt mounting casualties is by banning kill shots, masks, PCR tests and all else flu/covid related — along with holding promoters of all of the above accountable for their genocidal crimes against humanity.

Especially fraudster Fauci, his co-conspirators, Biden regime criminals and their MSM press agents.

Flu/covid didn’t “st(eal) lives from all strata of (US and other societies), as the NYT falsely claimed.

Kill shots and their pushers bear full responsibility for unparalleled genocide throughout the West and worldwide.

While unknown, the true death toll from kill shots likely numbers in the millions worldwide.

Everyone jabbed was harmed, some straightaway, others later on.

On May 26, noted actor Ray Liotta passed away at age-67 — reportedly in his sleep.

Most likely he was jabbed for flu/covid and its toxins ended his life prematurely.

In January 2021, baseball great Hank Aaron died 17 days after being jabbed with Moderna’s gene-altering mRNA kill shot.

There’s no ambiguity about what took him at age-86.

He was in good health until jabbed. Moderna’s toxins killed him and countless others.

The same goes for Pfizer and J & J kill shots.

Separately on June 5, the Gateway Pundit (GP) cited two new peer-reviewed studies.

Results of both revealed “an alarming link between (the) incurable, degenerative brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)” and kill shots.

CJD is caused by abnormal infectious proteins in the brain called “prions.”

If become diseased, they can cause incurable degenerative brain damage.

Once the process begins, the end result is fatal.

As discussed in previous articles, kill shots greatly increase the likelihood of contracting one or a combination of diseases that range from greatly harming health to shortening life spans to ending them way prematurely.

Yet MSM collectively pretend that what causes irreversible harm is beneficial — along with perpetual fear-mongering to manipulate maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

Fake news headlines repeat with disturbing regularity.

According to NYT fear-mongering misinformation on Monday:

Flu/covid outbreaks are again “affecting most of the US (sic).”

Left unexplained is that what may be happening is from kill shots, not viral illness.

The Times then quoted Pharma-connected, Harvard School of Public Health’s Dr. Bill Hanage, saying:

“Things (will) likely…wors(en) (this) fall and winter (sic).”

No worse than chickenpox, the Times is in the vanguard of pushing unneeded mass-jabbing for monkeypox, saying:

“(S)mallpox vaccines can prevent the onset of disease (sic)” — instead of explaining that these jabs were phased out in the US and most other nations.

Still administered to US military personnel, along with flu/covid jabs and other toxins, they irreparably harmed health while providing no protection.

No reason exists to be jabbed for monkeypox.

Yet the Pharma-controlled CDC and WHO falsely warned that outbreaks are spreading faster in the US and elsewhere than earlier believed (sic).

According to the Biden regime’s so-called head of global health security and biodefense, Raj Panjabi:

“A monkeypox outbreak of this scale and scope across the world has not been seen before (sic).”

In similar fashion to flu/covid fear-mongering, things are repeating in similar fashion with what should be a nonissue.

Not when big bucks are at stake for Pharma profiteers.

Not when wanting continued mass-extermination by kill shots.

All things flu-covid is the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

Fear-mongering about monkeypox continues it with a newly invented threat.

What’s much ado about nothing is manipulated to appear otherwise by the power of state-approved, MSM regurgitated, rubbish.

A Final Comment

Too often, alleged cures are worse than the disease.

The Biden regime, Pharma profiteers, the Times and other MSM mass-jabbing pushers to deal with what should be a monkeypox nonissue fail to explain that smallpox jabs — before discontinued — caused more deaths than the virus.

Explaining it — and irreparable harm from flu/covid jabs — would be bad for business and state-sponsored mass-extermination of unwanted millions and billions so essential to know facts are suppressed.

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