Global elites have joined forces to form one world government

Global elites have joined forces to form one world government  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) The global elites have come together to form what has been dubbed as a one world government. They have signed a treaty that would enable the World Health Organization (WHO) to take control and have governance over any NATO-aligned countries.

These globalists have a global agenda and they are people who are far worse than well-known dictators like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Mao Zedong. The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is just a forerunner to more pandemics. In fact, one of those is already here, with monkeypox now in full swing and ably supported by engineered media hysteria.

Millions of people are now aware of the emerging one world government and the plans of the globalists to take power under the pretense of “world health.” People have now realized that this so-called New World Order (NWO) is religiously paganistic, luciferic and satanic in its characteristics. (Related: The specter of one world government looms large.)

Big events took place a couple of weeks ago in Switzerland, with the WHO holding its annual World Health Assembly in Geneva and the World Economic Forum (WEF) conducting its annual meeting in Davos.

The WHO has voted on a pandemic treaty “on strengthening preparedness for and response to health emergencies.” The pandemic treaty will make WHO the sole directing and coordinating authority on international health. The pandemic treaty includes regular simulation exercises, global surveillance, more vaccines, more censorship, contact tracing and digital vaccine passports.

The WEF’s annual meeting, which was led by its founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, has the theme History at a Turning Point. Included in its agenda are more vaccines, more censorship and more LGBTQI resilience.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction recently held its annual global platform where they planned for pandemic simulations, global governance, funds to fight so-called climate change and the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda, which is also known as the Great Reset.

The UN Secretary-General has also signed a treaty to put the WEF in command of the international organization. This will pave the way for a world government that can declare war against every nation state, populace, family and the medical freedom of people.

People are now seeing the rise of a tyrannical world government whose endgame is all about transhumanism and mass depopulation of the human race.

And with the powerful megabanks and international corporations also working with the WEF, the globalists now have full public command under a corporate treaty to rule Earth and cause mass death destruction.

NWO’s final strike in America is coming

The New World Order’s final strike in America will include a man-made bio attack, food shortages, rolling blackouts and endless riots.

Americans may need a massive military-style campaign to summon the strength to overcome this global private sector and achieve the fundamental economic transition it is looking for.

The New World Order is able to raise prices of practically everything, and they are going to do whatever they can to try to make people go down on their knees and take the solution that they have.

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Alex Newman: War advances Deep State objective of one world government.

Globalists want to track your “individual carbon footprint” for total control over your travel, food and consumption of goods.

Globalists push for centralization of power amid worldwide economic decline.

Globalists have been planning to starve the world with food scarcity since at least 2015.

The coronavirus achieves all the top priorities of the globalists: Depopulation, authoritarian government and elimination of the elderly who no longer contribute tax money.

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