Media absurdly insists COVID shots are "safe and effective" as vaccine injuries and deaths mount

Media absurdly insists COVID shots are "safe and effective" as vaccine injuries and deaths mount  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It is becoming increasingly difficult for the corporate-controlled media, which now includes Big Tech’s social media platforms, to keep a lid on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” injuries and deaths.

The body count is mounting and all the propaganda mouthpieces can do is continue to scream safe and effective! whenever someone points out the facts. How much longer will this tactic work?

The answer is not for long because even people who formerly approved of the shots and even got jabbed themselves are beginning to ask serious questions that the establishment cannot answer. So, the establishment is just screaming the same false answer louder in the hope that it will stick.

Post-injection death tolls have reached levels that are making it very difficult for the powers-that-be to keep the lambs sleeping and the vaxx zealots enthused,” reported the Covid Blog.

“Thus, they are resorting to the oldest, tried-and-true tricks in the book, particularly the ‘if you tell a lie enough, it becomes the truth’ method.”

Politifact, as one example, republished the same article the other day that it previously published declaring that both messenger RNA (mRNA) and viral vector DNA injections are in no way related to the massive uptick in sudden deaths that has been occurring ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

Reuters, which is owned by Pfizer, is similarly regurgitating the same tired propaganda articles about how there is “no evidence” that Fauci Flu shots are killing people.

Then we have, which published an article back in early March claiming that COVID injections are somehow preventing deaths rather than causing them, and telling people to ignore a “misleading graphic on social media” that suggests otherwise.

These three fake news outlets, along with USA Today, have been very busy lately churning out the same parroted lies about Fauci Flu shots that we have been hearing since the beginning.

When enough jabbed people die, perhaps the world will finally wake up – but it’ll already be too late

Try as they might to deflect from the truth, the fake news brigade cannot hide the fact that “fully vaccinated” people all around the world are developing extreme illnesses or dropping dead for no apparent reason.

This was not a thing before Operation Warp Speed, by the way. Only since Donald Trump unleashed the jabs, followed by Joe Biden mandating them, has “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” magically become a reality.

Those who have developed a serious health condition themselves post-injection, or who know someone else who did, are unlikely to continue buying the fake news headlines telling them that the jabs had nothing to do with it.

Even so, the jab zealots are showing no signs of stopping with the propaganda, and are instead doubling and tripling down on their false narratives. “Zionist of the Year” Albert Bourla, the current CEO of Pfizer, continues to make the rounds at elitist functions like World Economic Forum (WEF) gatherings to tout the “merits” of getting injected.

Bourla is also making routine appearances on fake news networks like CNN to push for more jab mandates, and to vilify the “unvaccinated” whom he believes are criminals – even as jabbed people everywhere continue to drop dead.

“The foregoing propaganda campaigns keep vaxx zealots engaged, despite many of them now suffering from various adverse effects from the injections,” the Covid Blog reported.

“Those are the unlucky ones. It’s becoming crystal clear that all vaxxed people will suddenly drop dead of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, or die in their sleep, at any moment. And it’s happening all over the world.”

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