Nothing is happening by accident – Everything is planned

Nothing is happening by accident – Everything is planned

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Dr. Vernon Coleman

To the innocent and the ignorant it must seem as though we are in the middle of a perfect storm; an endless nightmare of chaos, confusion, bad luck and disaster.

First, there were the claims of an alleged pandemic which inept mathematicians warned would ravage the world and kill millions. (Even though the British Government’s own expert advisers said, in March 2020, that covid-19 was no more deadly than the ordinary flu.) Naturally, the flu completely disappeared – thus proving that covid was no more than the rebranded flu.

Then, insane global warming cultists invented ever scarier scenarios to encourage us to stop using fossil fuels. Everyone who’s looked at the evidence knows that global warming is childish pseudoscience. There is no global warming. It’s a trick to control us, to scare us and to impoverish us. But to the ignorant and the naïve and the stupid it all seems real.

The politicians and the telly tell us we’re at war, though we’re not quite sure how or why we got involved. No politicians spoke out when Russia invaded Ukraine last time. And the politicians don’t care about bigger wars in Yemen and Syria.

The politicians and conspirators pushed Russia into a (for them) convenient war and quickly introduced sanctions which will result in much of the world running out of fuel and food and which everyone agrees will kill hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia.

Hundreds of millions will starve to death as a direct result of actions by Biden, Johnson et al.

You’d have to be stuck in a cupboard not to know that fuel and food prices are higher than ever – and going still higher. Food will be another 15% higher by the end of summer. And higher still by Christmas. Oil prices will continue to soar because the mad cultists have stopped companies looking for more oil supplies. Refinery prices are soaring too. Next winter most old people will have to choose between freezing to death or starving to death.

Oh, and food and fuel are bound to be rationed at some point. But you could see that coming, couldn’t you?

As I predicted, interest rates are going up in an attempt to catch up with inflation which is soaring. Savers are losing 10% or more every year because of inflation. If you had £1,000 saved in the bank two years ago then it is now worth around £750. That’s how inflation destroys savings.

And home owners will see their mortgage costs soaring. Thousands will lose their homes. Higher interest rates will result in thousands of small businesses going bust. Unemployment will soar.

GPs work three day weeks and hospital consultants want to work from home. Patients have to wait 8 hours for an ambulance and 12 hours to see a doctor if and when they eventually get to hospital. The NHS devotes more time and energy to being woke than it does to looking after patients. Some GP practices employed `assistants’ to take over the work of GPs.

There are doctors who insist that more people died in 2020 and 2021 than in other years. If they would just look at the Government’s own figures they’d know that is not true.

Everything is a lie. And doctors, journalists and lawyers protect the lies.

GPs no longer want to see patients face to face but were happy earning £100,000 a year giving covid-19 jabs – face to face.

Care homes have few staff members because the wise ones were fired for refusing to be poisoned with a toxic jab. As care home struggle, so hospitals are overcrowded with the frail and needy. And the waiting lists grow ever longer.

You’d have to be a fool not to see the truth.

Rail unions are on strike and airline workers might just as well be. Britons planning a holiday abroad can stay at home and stare at the chemtrails criss-crossing their seaside skies. The conspirators long ago decided that we’d have a rotten summer. (So much for that much promised global warming.)

And still there are people who think this is just bad luck?

Millions of other workers, egged on by lefty `new world order’ lunatics, are demanding industrial action as though industrial action will make things better. Teachers, nurses, doctors and other over-protected state employees are threatening strike action. The strikers are doing exactly what the evil conspirators want them to do. They are helping us along into the Great Reset and their actions will massively increase the number dying in the next few months. The conspirators will be rubbing their hands with glee as the strikes start.

The strikes will create more shortages of fuel and food. Prices will go up and up.

The strikers presumably want to be protected against the inflation deliberately created by the conspirators. But they want to be protected at the expense of everyone else – particularly the weak and the poor and the frail and the elderly.

And there are people who think all this is just a perfect storm of misfortune.

The recession I warned about months ago is now moving inexorably towards a deep, dark financial depression. Make no mistake: it’s going to be this way for years. It’s all deliberate.

In Scotland the SNP is pushing through a bill to enable individuals to change their legal sex simply by saying they want to change their legal sex. Men will be allowed into women’s loos, refuges and sporting contests and no huffing or puffing by women’s groups will stop it. The Scots have even rendered `eunuch’ as a recognised gender and will spend gazillions offering the eunuchs plenty of `gender affirming medical care’. No one in the SNP seems to have noticed that, thanks to really crappy health care, Scotland has the lowest life expectancy in the Western world and appears to be in close competition with Wales to become the first Western country to be more like China than China.

The Bank of England is responsible for the nation’s financial health but, like central banks everywhere, says it doesn’t understand what is happening and is helpless to do anything. Massively overpaid buffoons wring their hands, count their money and watch the tennis. Really? How come I predicted exactly what is happening but the overpaid bankers claim they saw nothing?

Motorists are fined if they don’t allow at least five feet of space when passing cyclists – even though this means that on most country roads there isn’t enough room and so all the traffic will have to crawl along behind dawdling cyclists. More chaos. More drivers will lose their licences.

No reasonable, informed or intelligent person can possibly think the covid-19 jab is relevant, useful, safe, effective, necessary or morally justifiable but in the US the FDA has given the go ahead for mad doctors to give the covid-19 jab to infants as young as six months old. Six month old babies are going to be given a deadly and experimental killer jab that is already responsible for uncountable deaths and injuries among children and adults. Doctors who were stupid enough to give the dangerous jabs have announced that they are puzzled by the number of sudden deaths among young people and healthy adults! How can anyone with functioning brain tissue not realise that it’s the jabs which are killing people?

Meanwhile the results from Pfizer’s testing programme are being released in bits – as though there were the results of a television talent contest vote. Every release produces more scary information which the mainstream media continues to ignore because it’s inconvenient.

We’re told that covid-19 is coming back. There will be more jabs for the autumn – even though we know that the jabs don’t stop you getting covid and don’t stop you spreading it if you do get it.

Scientists are working on a new vaccine which will spread through the air like a flu virus – so that everyone will be vaccinated against everything – whether they like it or not.

The dangerous PCR test is still being used in hospitals and at airports by people who pretend they think it means something. Tossing a coin in the air would give a more useful result. Millions – including policemen and hospital workers – are routinely wearing masks which are ruining their health and which will eventually kill them.

The mainstream media lies about anything and everything because these days journalists are paid to lie to protect the conspirators.

The BBC (which, like The Guardian, has a financial arrangement with the Bill and Melinda Gates outfit) suppresses the truth (anyone who questions vaccination is automatically banned from all their programmes) and seems to me to train its journalists to lobby and campaign rather than to report the news. The BBC is now, in my view surely the most prejudiced and partial organisation in the world. And they expect gullible members of the public to pay them an annual licence fee!

In the UK, Government spending is higher than it has ever been before. The number of people paid as civil servants has gone up by a quarter since 2016. Thousands of them receive bonuses even though they haven’t actually done any work for years because they’ve been allowed to just sit at home. Britain is rapidly going bust.

That’s Britain in the summer of 2022.

Anyone who thinks that what is happening is accidental is off their head.

Everything that is happening was predicted. Everything that is happening is going according to plan. The conspirators have speeded up life to keep the world’s citizens constantly on edge and desperate for relief.

This is the beginning of the Great Reset. It is what `new normal’ looks like.

There isn’t room here for more but if you don’t understand and you want to know what the hell is going on please read my book `Endgame’ or watch the hundreds of free videos available on

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