America is under attack and Americans must do something about it

America is under attack and Americans must do something about it  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) America is under attack and Americans must act now to stop it.

“Connecting the Dots” host Dan Happel talked about the things that need to be changed for America to survive as a constitutional republic with his decorated guests, former U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas “Tom” McInerney and former Army Major Generals Paul Vallely and Joseph “Joe” Arbuckle.

“I think all of us are alarmed about Joe Biden’s takeover of the White House. It wasn’t an election; it was a selection,” he said during the June 21 episode of his program on Brighteon.TV.

McInerney agreed. He said America now has a government administrator who was elected through cyberwarfare and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which enabled particular states to change their election procedures with the approval of the legislature.

With inept leadership, the country is now under attack from inside and out. Vallely said his organization Stand Up America U.S. Foundation is already doing a threat analysis.

“We’ve been very busy analyzing the external threats to the United States. And we’re particularly concerned right now about the threats that are overtaking our country,” said Vallely, who has been a military analyst on television and radio for over a decade.

A former lecturer on national security, Vallely said that he is concerned about America’s ability to protect its people and meet threats like the rampant crimes in the cities, the “woke” generals and admirals at the Pentagon and the illegal immigration happening south of the border with the cartels and the Chinese working together.

Vallely, who co-authored three books with McInerney, added that Stand Up America continues to monitor these threats and work to pull together organizations and people to stand up and do something about what’s happening in the country.

McInerney, a respected military analyst, pointed out that everything that is happening in the U.S. is all deliberate and that former President Barack Obama, Biden, the Democratic Party and their cohorts are trying to diminish America’s superpower status and create chaos.

Happel, a renowned public speaker and radio show host, stated that Americans are in a war right now for the survival of the country because the globalists want America to be permanently destroyed by a top-down international system that is run by a handful of oligarchs.

America is in deep peril and fighting for survival

Arbuckle said he was among the retired generals and admirals who signed an open letter to Biden, which said that America is in deep peril and fighting for its survival as a constitutional republic.

“We are fighting the forces of socialism and Marxism within our own country versus what our constitution truly stands for our freedoms, our liberties and all our rights in our Bill of Rights. That is the fight today and that’s what we’re up against,” said Arbuckle, a former Army Strategic Fellow.

He added that the letter also listed 10 different national security threats, and that the need to have fair and honest elections in the country is on top of that list.

Happel pointed out that Americans can get an honest election back if America returns to paper ballots and counts at the precinct level and gets rid of all the computerized voting machines that can be manipulated.

“We must get back to requiring people to vote in person unless they have a medical need to vote through the mail. And then it has to be handled in a very particular way,” the host said.

Watch the full June 21 episode of “Connecting The Dots” below. You can catch “Connecting The Dots” with Dan Happel every Tuesday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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