Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have to Deal with the “Consequences” of their Choice

Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have to Deal with the “Consequences” of their Choice

The Gateway Pundit  /  Jim Hoft

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during his recent appearance that unvaccinated people will suffer from the “consequences” of their decisions.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s The House, the prime minister defended his unconstitutional vaccine mandate and tyrannical Emergencies Act that resulted in anti-vaccine Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

He was quoted as saying, “It was their choice and nobody ever was going to force anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.”

“But there are consequences when you don’t,” Trudeau continued. “You cannot choose to put at risk your co-workers. You cannot choose to put at risk the people sitting beside you on an airplane.”

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

This statement by Trudau is obviously ridiculous.

First Canada has not proven the virus to exist and when compelled to do so in court they couldn’t.  Several freedom of request letters have revealed there is no proof of any Covid virus.  

Secondly there is 100% proof of massive death and destruction caused by these "Vaccines" that Trudeau is still threatening consequences if you don’t subject yourself to.  A shot that can kill everyone at some point that has taken one.

Thirdly even if you believe there may be a virus, the vaccine does not stop any deaths as 9 out of 10 deaths recently have been in the vaccinated.  

There is no logic whatsoever to supporting these killer vaccines, mandates or threatening any consequences if Canadians don’t commit suicide with the vaccine.  

To continue to restrict Canadians travel because they did not get a killer shot that does not do anything to slow or stop a real or fictitious virus, is complete insanity.  

None of the people interviewing or asking any questions to Trudeau call him out for this insanity.  

The vaccine is killing people and permanently injuring.  Anyone promoting the vaccine is guilty of genocide, and should be locked up not put on TV to promote more genocide.

Trudeaus garbage lies do not stand up to any reality or logic.  

Genocide has been performed by deadly vaccine.  They are trying to cover it up and call it SADS, just like SIDS is really infant death by vaccine.

Any police officer not doing your job and arresting these treasonous genocide maniacs is not a police officer of the people.  

Police loyal to their oath, to the constitution and charter; it is way past time to arrest those responsible for vaccine genocide.

And it is already late to help everyone that has been vaccinated to try and save them.

Every day the truth of the vaccine is not publicly announced with instructions for the vaccinated to get imediate help, more poeple die from the vaccine.  

Every day police don’t arrest those responsible is another day away from their own redemption.

Save the world. Do the right thing. Arrest those responsible for genocide and gain the trust of the people back.  The people will stand with you.  

As you can see by the poll image in this article. The peoole know the truth.

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