3 Dart Finishes Foo Fighter & Rothschilds’ Theatre of War

3 Dart Finishes Foo Fighter & Rothschilds’ Theatre of War

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The shabby, blood-drenched Theatre of War has always been scripted for the macabre benefit of the Rothschild financiers. War is a racket and the only ones who benefit are those who fund both sides and control the narrative.

This fact is beyond question – our dark Rothschild would-be-overlords play God with the lives of ordinary people, as casually as if they playing a game of Risk.

The front man of the operation is Klaus Rothschild Schwab (left), a man who stands as the ultimate example of a James Bond type villain who makes his sweeping pronouncements in a thickly-laid gutteral accent, perfectly for the WEF theatre through which the script writers select potential ‘leaders’ and ‘influencers’ to infiltrate all levels of government and impose the criminal control methods as espoused by these liars. The WEF is but a front for his masters’ New World Order nonsense.

Thus, the stage is set and war gets unleashed, always to the detriment of the people and the enrichment of Rothschild and his cadre of lying serpents,

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John, 8:44

I previously asked the question,‘What kind of a cunt wants to rule the world?’

In the broadest of terms, the answer is a psychopath whose mentality causes him to falsely believe that he is as powerful as God. The expression ‘an out-of-control ego’ is applicable but only partly explains such an inverted mindset. It is a state-of-mind that can correctly be labelled as belonging to the Anti-christ. To be an agent of the anti-christ is to be a promulgator of lies, lies and more lies. This Ahrimanic or Satanic influence has been at work for millennia and its parasitic infestations and inversions are found everywhere one looks, at least in the public realms.

Upside down, back-to-front, a mirrored illusion.

  • The inversion of the truth results in any and all public entities and their staff becoming infected with the false realities of the Sabbatean Frankist liars, often through the communist organ of ‘Common Purpose’.
  • The inversion of the truth is characterised by the following de facto conditions of these public institutions, which are plain to see for those who have the eyes to see:
  • Thus, the NHS, far from caring fot its patients, is operating as a Death Cult in which those who have had the 3 Dart Finish are seemingly developing AIDS as a consequence of their moronic decision making.
  • In the courts of law, the judiciary operates without reason and logic in favour of fraud and cover-up.
  • Politicians become self-serving pigs, whose snouts are constantly sniffing in a trough full of Rothschild’s trinkets for their own gain.
  • The financial system is engaged in stealing your money, not securing it.
  • The education system is an indoctrination tool for mass-hypnosis/mind control that brainwashes the pupils, instructing them what to think, rather than how to think.
  • Organised religions go along with the diktats of criminal governments, thereby encouraging their flocks to comply with their own genocide.
  • The constabulary falsely and criminally act as policy-enforcement officers, in direct contradiction of their common law oaths of office. Thus, peace keepers roles are inverted so that they become agents of tyranny.
  • Charities steal money and reward their CEOs with six figure salaries, rather than using the funds to benefit those for whom it was given.
  • Doctors, or, more correctly, quacks, without ever questioning their efficacy, dispense dangerous oil-based drugs which impair and/or kill the very patients to whom they obviously have a duty of care.
  • And, all of it is sealed by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in a futile and doomed attempt to hack the creation of God.

The stated aims of the megalomaniacal World Economic Forum are, in broad terms,  the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, Population Control and Reduction and real time access to data (cashless payments for everything).

Klaus Schwab was mentored by Henry Kissinger, a man with whom Vladimir Putin has an apparently close friendship with, a fact which may give rise to the question,

Is Henry Kissinger Putin’s handler?

In that car in Saint Petersburg we could witness the meeting of two minds: on the one hand the former secretary of state of Richard Nixon, who, as an admirer of Count Metternich, seemed to prefer the stability of a repressive and totalitarian empire to a rapid decolonization and democratic change, and, on the other hand, the former KGB agent, who regretted the loss of empire and would make it his life’s vocation to repair “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century.”
Putin and Kissinger have a 30 year association.

The mutual admiration between Putin and Kissinger was still intact twenty years later, when, in February 2012, Putin, in an article in the Moskovskie Novosti wrote:

“Not long ago I spoke with H. Kissinger. We meet him regularly. And I share completely this great professional’s thesis that in periods of international turbulence, a close and trusting collaboration between Moscow and Washington is required.”

Putin and Kissinger, indeed, met regularly – at least fifteen times. Once Putin was even invited for dinner at Kissinger’s home in New York.

A “close and trusting collaboration”seemed in particular to be established between the Kremlin and Kissinger Associates, Kissinger’s consulting firm.

In July 2007 – one year before the Russian invasion of Georgia – Kissinger formed with former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov a Russian-US working group to improve relations. This “private” initiative gathered for a whole day behind closed doors in Putin’s presidential residence near Moscow. There was no doubt who was the initiator.  Source: The Putin Kissinger Friendship by Maccel H Van Herpen (PDF).

I could go on but one gets the picture – the world is a stage.  When one controls the theatre franchise, as the Rothschild Mafia do, then it matters not which poli-puppet or scripted actors tread its boards.

When one factors in the numbers of deaths which may result from the 3 Dart Finish, the War in Ukraine is, on one level, a useful smoke and mirrors operation for the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia.

The real weapon of mass extermination is the needle and the poisonous injections therein. All around the world, there is mounting evidence of the vials being ladened with Graphene Oxide.

Of course, the mass formation psychosis has now been brutally directed to the War, resulting in a temporary relief (for the beleaguered polipuppets). It won’t last. The toothpaste is out of the tube and its been smeared over millions of bathroom mirrors. One of the latest high profile victims of the clot-shot is ‘Ruff Needle’ (Rafa Nadal) , the tennis player who lost a match due to symptoms which are akin to all those suffered by shot footballers and all manner of sports players.

Foo Fighter Shot Down

A still from the film “Studio 666” in which the possessed band leader decapitates the drummer.

There is also the death of the Foo Fighters drummer, whose band leader insisted that all crew and band members be kept “safe” from a non-existent illness and roll up their sleeves for the arm spear. A death that occurred but a few weeks after the release of their movie, “Studio 666”, in which said lead singer murders the other members of the band whilst under some kind of satanic possession. The erstwhile drummer is decapitated by a cymbal, thrown by David Grohl’s character.

Oh, the irony; what splendid wit and repartee. What a shower of shite.

Of course, the MSM reports these as examples of ‘Coinciditis’, a condition which results in sudden death, often by heart attack but which has nothing to do with the mag-jab.


The artificial world of man and its associated institutions has been infiltrated at every level by satanic forces which have inverted the truth at every turn. Little wonder the discerning man will choose the exact opposite of whatever the fake controllers and handlers offer him.

For the rest, it is a shabby theatre of war and grotesque absurdity, scripted and funded by the enemy of mankind, the devilish House of Rothschild and its poisonous fruit.

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3 Dart Finishes Foo Fighter & Rothschilds’ Theatre of War

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