MEP Christine Anderson With Reiner Fuellmich on EU Parliamentary System

MEP Christine Anderson With Reiner Fuellmich on EU Parliamentary System

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In this one-hour video we see Reiner Fuellmich interview the very effective German MEP, Christine Anderson (who has very good English; this interview is translated, however, from German in real time) first elected in 2019.

Here are some notes on the video discussion:

CA – Christine Anderson; RF – Reiner Fuellmich; VF – lawyer Viviane Fischer; Wodarg – Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, medical doctor who has questioned other plandemics and who once ran for Parliament.

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We were also told that totalitarianism can only come from the right. Leftist totalitarianism doesn’t exist according to them.

  • CA: There are more MEPs than we see being critical of the EU narrative on things, but they’re afraid for their membership within their own parties. Dissent only happens over coffee in the corridors.
  • The work in committee (that she participates in) on the Corona problem is not designed to achieve very much on substantive topics such as vaccine damage, citizens’ fundamental rights, etc. In the EU, fundamental rights have become privileges. Last week, EU Commissioner Vera Jourova actually denied that citizens were forced or pushed into getting vaccinated, just that they were ‘motivated’. She talked about fundamental rights being ‘returned’; they’re not ‘returnable’, they never went away. The EU committee work here should be about finding out where we failed, where people’s basic rights were taken away. Just recently the Covid certificate was once again voted in with a huge majority. And in Autumn, things will continue on like this, losing our democracy and rule of law.
  • RF: How do voters see this?
  • CA: Citizens don’t want it. People have been created into a mould-able mass just to get vaccinated ‘out of solidarity’. The narrative paints it all as good and bad. They’ve been coerced to follow a narrative they don’t understand,which produces resignation and withdrawal.
  • RF: Is vaccine damage being discussed?
  • CA: No, it’s regarded as panic-mongering. Yet this panic-mongering was done by us to get the people under control. There is no talk about vaccine damage; they don’t want to discuss it. The problem of vaccinated pilots is now coming to light, their fitness-to-fly problem. This will be hard to hide. We’re going to do a livestream on this in July. Lufthansa just cancelled just under 3,000 flights in the middle of the holiday season. So people can now move around after lockdowns, but the pilot problem will restrict their movements yet again.
  • Wodarg: Has the problem of military pilots been discussed?
  • CA: I can’t comment on this but a US army physician has raised the alarm about this. Many soldiers have had clinical problems with the vaccines. Absenteeism has been a major problem.
  • Wodarg: Is NATO’s top soldier (Jens Stoltenberg) suffering from herpes, which is why he couldn’t come to Berlin? Is this true?
  • CA: I can’t comment on this.
  • RF: In the US army there is backlash. Roll calls reveal absenteeism. Lawyer Thomas Renz’s statistics show that all illnesses considered to be Covid vaccine side effects went up by 1000’s of percentage points in very young fit people, which created a problem for the military. In the US, even the bought-out politicians aren’t as willing to go along with this as they are here (Germany / EU). When masks were dropped in Florida, people cheered in the aircraft even. Here in the EU we have 3 court decisions criticizing the validity of the PCR test but nobody is interested in this here. The battle for this will be won in the US. We’ll be left over here with a pretty damaged battlefield.
  • CA: Yes, I agree. US society values individual freedom. They have been watering down the US Constitution following 9/11, but there is still a will to maintain personal freedom. It’s what Americans do best. In Europe, it should be similar because we’ve had major problems to fight against. But yes, in Europe we allow ourselves to be cheated. But the hope here are the Eastern Europeans, who remember their recent dictatorships and the mechanisms these regimes employed. If these people organize themselves, there is hope. Europe is going to shrink and come down to a core Europe. This will form along the Eastern European states.
  • VF: People go along with a lot of things here, but when it’s known they’ve been injected with toxins, they’ll probably change and resist.
  • CA: I agree. The freedom convoy in Canada had a very strong effect that gave hope to a lot of people everywhere. This was a massive thrust for the freedom movement that enabled people to see they’re not alone.
  • RF: 96% of what we see is pure illusion and panic-mongering. It’s psychoterror. There’s no pandemic and no reason to be vaccinated but people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by these perceptions to get injected. The pandemic was all manufactured even though there was a virus. We need to be disconnected from all these major organizations and corporations, such as NATO, which is just a criminal organization from what we’ve learned. The EU is also going in the wrong direction. The whole system needs replacing; it’s been going in the wrong direction for many years.
  • CA: You’re right. National Sovereignty principles (from the EU treaties) have been under attack. Citizens get deliberately distracted while we’re all being fragmented. So we’ve lost sight of the whole picture. We’ve been made to be manipulable. For the global elites, citizens with democratic rights are annoying to them.  Instead of fascist regimes of the past, now people get gaslighted and lied to. We also get misled with the label of ‘right wing extremism’ or ‘left wing extremism’, yet protestors are neither. Canada’s truckers were labelled as terrorists. MPs in parliaments no longer represent their citizens. This is a huge problem that needs to be brought before the people, e.g. the WHO is a non-elected body, yet it is to be given power over all nations!
  • Wodarg: Why are vaccine cases only being counted as ‘vaccinated’ after 2 weeks post-vaccination since harms are being experienced within that 2-week period?
  • CA: This question is being asked in the committee but they’re not interested in these issues. When does a person be counted as ‘vaccinated’? This has shifted constantly. They don’t want to raise these questions. The real question is: why don’t citizens understand that under the pretext of public health, democracy is being pushed aside?
  • RF: As Desmets explained, there’s been too much terror created, especially by the MSM.
  • CA: The big problem in the western democracies is we grew up in freedom, as I did. They’ve had no experience of totalitarian regimes. These systems have been eliminated from our education systems. People from these countries, however, know these kinds of systems. “If you sleep in a democracy, you wake up in a dictatorship.” Young people don’t understand that freedom and democracy need to be fought for from the ruling classes. Hence we’re in this position. People have a vague idea that their governments are, pardon my language, ‘fucking them around’ but aren’t quite sure. It takes a long time for people to wake up where their governments are concerned. People shut down easily on this topic.
  • RF: Yes, Eastern Europeans get it quickly. For us in Germany, this was all 3 generations ago.
  • CA: That’s right. We were also told that totalitarianism can only come from the right. Leftist totalitarianism doesn’t exist according to them.
  • RF: Yes, it’s one of the explanations why Americans act so differently. They’ve always looked critically at the left, and now they are justified. The 2nd amendment (the right to bear arms) came about among people who had had to fight their own governments.
  • CA: Yes, the reason why they have a right to bear arms is never mentioned, i.e. the totalitarian government.
  • VF: What is the attitude among EU parliamentarians who choose to play the game? Are they hoping for some crumbs to drop off the table for them as the EU declines and there is no longer any need for an EU Parliament?
  • CA: Other MEPs from established parties are so full of themselves. The EU Parliament doesn’t have democratic sovereignty yet they act as if they are God’s gift.
  • Wodarg: What about the proposed reforms of EU elections? (ER: this refers to transnational voting lists where someone from a completely different language and culture, e.g. Sweden, will represent people living in Italy.)
  • CA: 50,000 citizens were involved in a conference on this – they were hand-picked randomly! They merely reflected the views of the EU; there was no real questioning of it. They’re employing all sorts of mechanisms with which to build an EU superstate, which is just one way to disenfranchise citizens. They want to force a ‘European people’. This type of thing must be built from the ground up, at the grass roots level yet they want to force it. There will be 46 seats next time where representatives will be transnational. The citizens in the member states will have to elect a representative whose language they can’t even understand. How does a Greek voter understand representatives who speak Danish or Polish yet this is their sole voting choice?  It’s an elitist idea. It comes from the Left and Greens. So a hurdle is created for adequate democratic representation. Language translation doesn’t cut it. This is a problem with transnational lists.
  • Wodarg: A lot of representatives come into elections through lists of candidates that are created by the political parties. These people are brown-noses and creepers who only obey their party. We need representatives who are loyal to the people. The role of the parties needs to be questioned.
  • CA: Political parties lead to a negative selection of representatives. When a party elects you, you have to be very careful about what you say.
  • RF: How does the EU perceive people in the alternative media? Ursula von der Leyen is seen very critically in Germany, as well as her husband who has an interest in producing genetic products.
  • CA: It is being hushed up. You do have a minute in the Parliament to say whatever you like, but it’s only a minute. Plus, so many members don’t show up. One day I counted between 12 and 17 members in the chamber out of a possible 105. So there’s no debate on anything; we talk to empty seats.  In Germany, von der Leyen communicated by text message with the Pfizer head, yet she doesn’t have to show them – they are not subject to transparency. Some EU Parliamentary colleagues talk about these things but it doesn’t reach the mainstream.
  • RF: MEP Cristian Terhes couldn’t enter the EU Parliament building without a mask. Is this true?
  • CA: Not quite. You couldn’t only enter the Parliament if you had a vaccine or a current PCR test. This is Absurdistan. You could get a PCR test outside the EU Parliament building, but it took 24 hours to get a result back, and the office wasn’t open on Sundays so that you could get a result by Monday to do your job.  So as democratically elected representatives, we can’t do our jobs. (1 hour 5 minutes – Anderson explains her own situation about being mask-exempt, yet this medical exemption was not accepted).  It’s madness. The mask mandate was only lifted in the EU Parliament recently, yet all the measures had been dispensed with in Belgium last year! So in the Parliament, we walked around in masks yet they weren’t required in tightly-packed bars and restaurants across the street. But my colleagues complained that I wasn’t masked.
  • RF: So this is all a contradiction, but their brains have been turned off.


Video: On the Extension of the Digital COVID Certificate. Christine Anderson, Member of the European Parliament. Corona Investigative Committee


Guest: Christine Anderson, member of the European Parliament (AfD) and member of the:

  • Committee on Culture and Education
  • Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
  • Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the digital age
  • Substitute on the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

This session is:

  • On the renegotiation of WHO contracts: Can Democracy and the Rule of Law Survive at All, if a supranational and democratically non-legitimated organization like the WHO can be given de facto governmental power in the future?
  • On the extension of the Digital COVID Certificate: The “basic rights reference certificate” – a designation it considers much more appropriate has been extended for another year until June 2023.
    “Repeal of the previous Corona coercive measures appears to have been nothing more than a tactical retreat by the Establishment to have been.”


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