The Truth of the Matter • "Citizens" are government employees. All the rest of us are not "citizens" of any kind

Paul Stramer

Anna Von Reitz

There are three classes of "citizenry" in this country.Two of these classes are federal employees.One of these classes are volunteers who serve their State Assembly Government.The two classes of federal employees are: (1) U.S. Citizens and (2) Municipal citizens of the United States.The State Citizens are, well, State Citizens --- people who live in their State of the Union and who claim no other allegiance or obligation to any other government on Earth--- only their State Government vested in their republican State Assembly.All right? That's the way it is, and that's the way it has always been. "Citizens" are government employees.All the rest of us are not "citizens" of any kind. We are nationals of our States of the Union.Over time, people forgot these facts because new generations of Americans were not being taught American History in their own Public Schools. Only "U.S. History" was being taught, and that gave the impression that everyone was a citizen.But we're not.From THEIR perspective, everyone in THEIR "district" is a "citizen" so they presume that you, Joe Average American, have to be a "citizen" too ---- but as just explained, unless you are a government employee, you're not a citizen.Being a citizen means that you serve the government in some capacity. If the government serves you, you are by definition NOT a citizen.Okay? So what's the truth here? Are you a government employee? Or are you a government employer?Most of us are employers, not employees, but we are being lumped in with the employees and bossed around as if we were part of their organization and receiving a paycheck from them when we are not.

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