When Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Trying to Awaken Humanity

When Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Trying to Awaken Humanity

The Liberty Beacon

Roger Landry (TLB)

I have stated on many occasions both in my writings and on many of the shows I have done, that what humanity faces today would make even the best of our science fictions writers, past and present, blush in envy at the fact that they had not thought of the depths of science and governmental tyranny we are now witnessing. This is not a joke or even a slight misrepresentation. When your goal is to annihilate a large portion of the useless eaters, and bring what remains under the total control (slavery) of those who consider themselves the elite (The Great Reset) then even the greatest fiction writers are left short of the mark.

Let’s talk about tyranny on a level that any tyrant in history (name any one) would be seriously jealous of. Lord knows I wish I never had to say or write this … at least not in my lifetime. But here we are stuck in the intentional and catastrophic destruction of the global and national economies, as well as the (soon to commence) annihilation of a large portion of humanity. Am I kidding, is this a joke … I could only wish it was !!!

Lets talk a little about the mechanism of destruction mentioned in my opening above. A global Plandemic (not a mistake in spelling), or as others would correctly call it … the global Scamdemic. For any of this to be true try to imagine how many in governments across this planet would have to literally be in the know beforehand. If that is not enough by itself to make you sick … there is plenty more to follow!

First off the mechanism of death is not a killer virus, it is not causing massive global death, and it is not about to kill off a vast majority of humanity. The actual component of destruction in this massive scam is the supposed mechanism of relief from said deadly virus … the so-called vaccine (NOT !!!). So lets jump in there for a quick update of this global savior we are all dutifully bound (or will be coerced/forced) to accept.

The COVID Jab does not, and never has worked as a vaccine in any shape or form (by their own admissions).

What it wont do:

  • Keep you from getting COVID
  • Keep your body from storing COVID
  • Keep you from transmitting (shedding) COVID

Yet if you don’t take Shot #1, Shot #2, the first booster, the second booster, and soon reoccurring boosters every 3-4 months, making you an actual super-spreader (NOT the unccinated) … you are a prime target to have your life destroyed … intentionally! WHY … if in fact these ‘supposed vaccines’ don’t even work ???

If you fail to accept the steadily increasing series of  jabs you may very well suffer the following:

  • You may lose your job
  • You may not be able to go to school
  • You may not be able to fly on some airlines
  • You will shunned by friends and family
  • etc…, etc…, etc…

So to put this into a perspective that gives an entirely new meaning and emphasis to the term tyranny, you will take every jab you are told to even though:

  • They are proving to be the most deadly/damaging pharma products ever used on humanity
  • They are already responsible for killing more of our young than COVID can even come close to
  • They are responsible for the slaughter of your immune system (more with each shot)
  • They are known to affect fertility in both male and female recipients
  • They could eventually seriously reduce the human population via the above ^^^
  • etc…, etc…, etc…

Now for all of you reading this and thinking … how does Roger know all of this? Is he a Doctor? Is he a medical researcher, and the answer is NO. But for all who know me, you understand that the daily research I do is far above what a “normal” person would even consider, but again this does not make me an expert. So in this light I offer the following videos and presentations by those who are eminently qualified to state again what I have been stating for almost eighteen months (to varying degrees as the information became available). And two guesses where I got most of my information from … Yea, from those with the knowledge and tenacity do these presentations.

My article by intention is short as the main point of the presentation are the series of videos I present below. I have put enough above merely to catch your interest, get you to start asking questions, and looking for answers you can trust. This information is critical, and only found on platforms that will allow you to know the truth. For your sake, the sake of your loved ones, the sake of humanity, especially our children … LISTEN UP & SHARE !!!


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