The Criminal Focus of Secret US Biolabs Now Becomes Apparent

The Criminal Focus of Secret US Biolabs Now Becomes Apparent

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Russia’s special military operation to localize neo-fascist activities in Ukraine continues to receive more and more documentary evidence of the criminal plans and activities of the current government in Kiev, sponsored by Washington, as well in as the USA itself.

This special operation has helped to publicize many secret programs for the development of biological weapons by the United States and its NATO allies in Ukraine. Documentary evidence was obtained of the research on dangerous pathogens, including the Ebola virus, the causative agent of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, as well as many others (for by no means peaceful and humane purposes) by American, British, and German military biologists in Kiev and Odessa. It became known that the American company Metabiota was going to study the Ebola virus in Ukraine. Due to such experiments being prohibited in the USA over their inherent risk, they were transferred to Ukraine and other countries – as a rule, those where the government is corrupt, completely subordinate to Washington, and does not ask unnecessary questions.

Additionally, Russian doctors in hospitals, where captured Ukrainian soldiers were taken for treatment, obtained data indirectly confirming that the Ukrainian special forces were preparing to use biological weapons developed by the USA. This is evidenced by the presence of a high concentration of antibiotics, sulfonamides, and fluoroquinolones in their blood, which could indicate the use of such drugs as a preventive measure, and therefore preparation of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out tasks via the use of bacteriological weapons.

From a report obtained during the capture at a US biolab in Ukraine, prepared for the Pentagon by Metabiota and Black & Veatch, it follows that “Veterinary Projects” codenamed “TAP” were implemented in Ukraine, during which infections were developed that could cause damage not to the manpower of the enemy, but the agriculture of entire regions. Of particular interest to US military biologists was African swine fever (ASF). It should be noted that the USA already has vast experience in causing damage to the agriculture of its opponents in this way. This is how the United States devastated Cuba in the 1990s, poisoning the entire country’s agriculture with various biological agents, spraying such bioweapons from airplanes. Then pigs, sugar cane, tobacco, and rice died en masse, causing Cuba to amass an enormous debt of $32 billion. This is one of the many episodes of the USA’s subversive economic war against its opponents, which is, in fact, a manifestation of American state terrorism.

According to information obtained during the special operation in Ukraine, the USA carried out a significant portion of its secret biological experiments under the guise of Ukrainian institutions and companies. For the past five years, the Ukrainian company Microkhim, judging by the documents discovered, has been conducting biological experiments with E. coli, staphylococcus, and salmonella. Microorganism strains were delivered from a collection in the Czech Republic, as well as pharmaceutical prototypes from Europe and the USA. The experiments were carried out on Ukrainians themselves, who were paid 6,000 hryvnias each (that’s about $250-300) for participation. Experiments were also carried out with potent narcotic drugs, particularly, nalbuphine, which is dangerous because it is very addictive and is on par with morphine, methadone, and tramadol. It, in particular, was supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Luhansk front. It is nalbuphine, although it has not been registered in the country, that is present in the first-aid kits of Ukrainian military personnel. The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used these drugs and went into battle, and this potent drug dulled all of their pain receptors and fear. The owner of this Ukrainian pharmaceutical company fled and, according to the intelligence services, is now in Europe under the patronage of the West.

The efforts of American secret biological laboratories to develop hard drugs for US and NATO soldiers for use in military operations, as well as developments in the field of psychotropic weapons, are well known. In the middle of the last century, experiments with LSD in the hope of creating a “universal soldier” became famous. It is noteworthy that the Nazis of fascist Germany also actively engaged in similar “experiments,” trying to create a super-soldier to correspond to their ideology of the Aryan domination in the world. Pervitin, created by the Nazis, was one such “remedy” to increase the stamina of those fighting. The British and Americans took up similar studies in the wake of the Nazis. Moreover, as evidenced by the documents obtained during Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the Pentagon is even now continuing this “research” in its secret biolabs.

It terms of drug research at the USA’s secret biolabs, one must not forget that war is a very costly business. Based on what funds the United States has been pumping into Ukraine over the past eight years and continues to do so after the start of Russia’s special operation, the bill is in the tens of billions of dollars. In order to “compensate” for such costs, the USA has long been involved in illegal drug trafficking, which has already been repeatedly confirmed by journalistic investigations and scandals about the activities of the US military in “war zones.” Frank Lucas’ “Vietnamese business” in which he supplied drugs from Asia to the United States in the coffins of soldiers sent home is well known.  Many such scandals became known from American journalists then and during the US war in Afghanistan. In addition to the use of new types of drugs in research to create a “universal soldier,” secret biolabs may certainly have an “applied” interest in narcotics, especially since there is no control from the side “receiving” these biolabs, or from the American authorities in this matter.

Recall that 30 biolabs have already been discovered in Ukraine, created with the active financing of the Pentagon. In total, there are 336 such facilities around the globe, according to the Chinese government, most of which are located in the area of the former Soviet Union. Research at these biolabs is carried out in three main areas: the study of the epidemic situation near the expected deployment areas of NATO or US troops; the study of the genotype of possible future opponents (in particular, Slavs and Chinese); increased pathogenicity via synthetic biology, which have already appeared in service with US military virologists. Over the past 20 years, the USA has spent more than two billion dollars on the creation of biolabs in the CIS alone.

When discussing the issue of the use of weapons of mass destruction by a particular country, especially, bioweapons, one involuntarily recalls the year 2003 and US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who demonstrated a test tube allegedly containing anthrax spores at the UN Security Council. Back then, a merely symbolic demonstration, without any evidence, was enough to launch the invasion of Iraq and destroy this state, and to execute Saddam Hussein.

So why, when a lot of documentary evidence about the criminal activities of the USA has already been collected at its secret biolabs to create coronavirus and conduct research on the development of new bioweapons, are all these materials now being ignored by the international court, the UN Security Council, and the WHO? Are the war criminals in the USA really not going to be held accountable for what they’ve done?

Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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