This brave German Chemist was killed trying to warn humanity about the graphene hydroxide nano razors put in the Covid ‘vaccines’

This brave German Chemist was killed trying to warn humanity about the graphene hydroxide nano razors put in the Covid ‘vaccines’

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Dr. Andreas Noack was an absolute expert on graphene and its variations, perhaps the only such person in all of Europe. His doctoral thesis was on the conversion of graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide. He worked as a scientist for the world’s largest producer of activated carbon in the new carbon products department. He was an expert on graphene and its ramifications, properties and applications.

His wife said, “he died most likely because he published a video about ‘Graphene Nano Razors Found In Bioweapon’, which is added to the current Covid ‘vaccines’.

According to Dr. Noack, the mRNA molecules in the so-called inoculation mostly distract from the main problem, which is graphene.

He examined the injected matter using spectroscopy, which distinguishes material by frequency, and found that it was not graphene oxide but graphene hydroxide. Graphene hydroxide is a monolayer of activated carbon, the OH groups and its electrons are mobile. It is a stabilised structure that is not biodegradable.

The most suitable application would be in brake pads as it would never wear out. Graphene is contained in current inoculations in nanoparticles 0.1 nm thick and 50 nm long. Such a structure is best compared to a razor blade. It is a very sharp razor and cuts through anything that gets in its way.

It spreads easily in any fluid, and when it flows into the bloodstream, it cuts through the epithelial cells that form the surface of blood vessels and are very smooth. However, when cut, they begin to form hills and depressions in which various substances are easily retained, thus forming obstructions, lumps and deposits.

Doctors and pathologists do not recognize graphene. Although all medicines and healing processes are based on chemistry, doctors are not familiar enough with this science.  On the other hand, pathologists are unable to recognize graphene cuts because they never think about it. How can a person be cut off from the inside! And toxicologists looking for poisons can’t find anything either. They do experiments in a laboratory dish, and because graphene is not alive and immobile, they will never detect it.

Graphene is also a completely new substance, unknown in nature and few experts have experience with it. Doctors should know what the so-called vaccination entails and what causes it, but as already mentioned, their chemical knowledge is poor, and moreover not everything is specified in the contents of individual vaccines. Many ingredients are considered trade secrets and are not described in the package leaflet. (Perhaps not to see how harmful they are).

This is why so many athletes die from cardiovascular disease. Blood flows faster in sport, and the faster it flows, the more damage graphene does. Graphene then cuts not only blood vessels but also organs such as the heart, penetrates tiny capillaries in the brain and causes a stroke. People who fell immediately after the injection or immediately had epileptic seizures got a direct injection into the blood vessels and the graphene entered their bloodstream. If the vaccine had remained in the muscle, it would not have caused such damage, but it will not stay there and sooner or later it will enter the bloodstream and cause irreversible damage.

Graphene is virtually indestructible. Those who have received it in the form of a vaccine have it forever, for the rest of their lives. “You can take 50 doses intramuscularly and live for a few more years and if the doctor hits a vein in your arm it will knock someone out with even 1 dose of code 02. Regardless of age and health.

People who took 2-3 doses and are fine just got hit in the muscle and have their sentence postponed, although their death will come slowly and they will feel it in the air. That’s why there were pictures of people laying down a magnet and it didn’t come off, because they were pricked in a muscle and all the contents stayed in the muscle and didn’t spread through the body as in the case of an intravenous prick.

But as it happens, it will be like with a cancer cell and this content needs time to get into the bloodstream hence the prognosis of 2-3 years. However, frequent vaccination increases the risk that a dose will be injected intravenously and then there will be a fast ball, quick death or first disability and death. This would explain why each person functions differently after vaccination.”


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