Cannibal Communists Crave Kids

Cannibal Communists Crave Kids

American Thinker

"Climate-cultists, commies, groomers, lend me your ears; I come not to bury billions, but to eat them."  Sounds like a rollicking 2024 Democrat convention speech to me.  First the demon Dems went out of their way to kill the children.  Then they set their hearts on grooming them for dates.  Now they want to eat their flesh as part of a sustainable diet.  Democrat debauchery is spiraling out of control faster than a pill-popping Joe Biden at a child-sniffing contest.  I tell you, maybe there was more to that Pizzagate conspiracy than I realized!

From vegan diets to bug-eating to cannibalism in the space of months!  What's next?  (Don't answer that question; I'm not ready.)  Just what were all of Jeffrey Epstein's New World Order clients getting up to on pedo-island?  (Nope, don't answer that either; I can't take it.)  There was a time when the numerous rape allegations against Bill Clinton seemed shocking.  Leave it to Democrats to celebrate such aberrant, abhorrent behavior that Clinton's crimes are rendered just an amuse-bouche before the cannibal communists' pervy, gut-wrenching main course.

A Great Reset that is intentionally unleashing life-altering inflation, mass illegal immigration, child sexualization, and societal disintegration is a conscious attempt to crush Western civilization and drag humanity back to a darker, more dreary age.  Do you like windmills?  So did your distant ancestors during the Middle Ages!  Do you think of mass starvation as more of a season than a rare tragedy?  So did every generation of humanity right up until the recent Industrial Era!  Do you worship Mother Earth, interpret bad weather as punishment from the gods, and view human sacrifice as absolutely necessary for a good harvest?  So did the Green New Deal Aztecs of Mesoamerica!  Look at you — you're so "diverse" and "multicultural"!

Build Back Better isn't a political platform; it's a playbook for returning humanity to a state of early death and enduring misery.  It's pure black magic, a pagan ritual spilled out into the open and cursing all it touches.

Consider what leftism reaps:

– The U.S.-Mexico border has already set an annual record for migrant deaths three months before the end of the reporting period, yet secretary of (destroying) Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and President-in-Name-Only Joe Biden are doing everything they can (including offering free IDs so that future, illegal voting is just a tad easier) to transform the southern perimeter into a haven for drug-smuggling, rape, and murder.

– Homicides and rampant crime have never been worse for American cities, and still, Democrat politicians scapegoat police officers as perpetrators and honor criminals as victims.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration is actually paying to spread atheism around the world!

– In defiance of the Supreme Court's long-overdue reversal of Roe, which sickly raised child-murder to the venerable status of a "constitutional right" for fifty years, the Molochian Marxists are out whooping and hollering in their bloodlust to sacrifice more children before the altar of "women's rights."  For those children who survive birth, the left's transgenderism fetish promises body-mutilating surgeries and secret grooming in public schools far from parents' prying eyes.

– In irrationally reacting to the China Virus (more than likely an engineered bioweapon made in a Chinese lab with the help of U.S. funding) by shutting down Americans' lives and livelihoods, the fear-mongers intentionally manufactured epidemics of loneliness, drug addiction, and ill health that have caused spikes in non-COVID mortalities across generations.  And if that were not devastating enough, the experimental, fake "vaccines" that the hopelessly corrupt government-pharmaceutical complex unethically coerced Americans to inject into their bodies have caused needless deaths and injuries of their own.  Fanatical devotion to unscientific health mandates promulgated by cultural priests posing as "experts" succeeded only in maximizing death and damage, obliterating society's overall happiness, and addicting government tyrants to a dangerously authoritarian adrenaline rush.

– COVID-1984 tyranny has predictably shattered academic achievement for school-aged kids across the country, yet the totalitarian drumbeat for ineffective mask mandates (that nonetheless quite effectively impeded adolescents' linguistic and social development) and school closures (which did nothing to slow the spread of illness but did extraordinarily well in slowing the spread of knowledge) is getting louder, as midterm insanity nears.

Green New Deal communism is leading the world into a massive food and fuel shortage that will take millions of lives, and Biden's petulant politburo is as giddy as a devil's den of mass-murderers aching to unleash a wave of war, pestilence, and famine across the planet in the name of "progress."

The list goes on and on.  It's a butcher's bill on par with the great communist genocidal maniacs of the twentieth century.

Basically, if the policy leads to death, mayhem, or child endangerment, the Democrats are eager to embrace it as their own.  These are sick, deranged lunatics who have no business being anywhere near the reins of power.  In another age, normal people would have rounded them up to cast out their demons and purify their souls before they could do more harm.  Today, Hollywood adores them, the Nobel Committee gushes over their crimes, and incurious writers and artists celebrate their ruthless inhumanity.

Leftist malevolence is so pervasive in the world right now that being vocally pro-human is an invitation for public derision, while being anti-human is a magnet for obsequious praise.  "I value human life over that pile of rocks."  What a selfish, troglodytic monster!  "I suggest we consume our neighbors for dinner to save the planet."  What a brilliant and progressive idea!  Someone give that genius a prize!  Has it occurred to you that the world's most notable "philanthropists" don't actually love the human species all that much?

None of this craziness could have passed muster in the past.  When America was still confidently the land of masculine John Waynes and not the grooming ground for a degenerate generation of John Wayne Gacys, Americans never would have allowed this madness to take root, let alone flourish.  You say you're a cannibal communist with a kiddie fetish?  Stay right here while the sheriff reloads his Colt Peacemaker and the undertaker gets back from lunch.

No, this kind of social engineering took decades of time and patience while the insane waited for the sane to die of natural causes (or helped along by the likes of Castro, Stalin, Mao, Chávez, Pol Pot, and all the other leftist murdering thugs Obama, Trudeau, and their fellow travelers hold in such high esteem).  Lenin taught his Democrat acolytes well.  "Give me just one generation of youth," he boasted, "and I'll transform the whole world."  The Democrats replied, "Just give us control of America's schools for a few decades, and we'll build back better serfs who lack the brainpower to question anything."  Voilà: the Great Reset back to communism is here!

First the Democrats stole children's education.  Then they stole their innocence.  Then they stole their futures.  For good measure, now they're grooming them to live on Soylent Green without even hiding its ingredients.

Maybe it's time for the youth of the world to wake up and realize that they've been played as pawns in a dangerous, diabolical game.  Maybe they need to think twice about who their real friends are — the ones promoting human freedom or the ones demanding human slavery.  Maybe now's the moment for the young to begin questioning everything they're told before it's too late.  Maybe now's the hour for that natural, plucky spirit of youthful rebellion to return.  Because one thing is quite certain: when the left's foot soldiers are pushing cannibalism out in the open, there's just no knowing who might end up as their next meal.

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