A Corrupt and Rigged Government

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A recent University of Chicago Institute of Politics poll showed that a majority of Americans think our government is corrupt and rigged against them. And almost a third of respondents also feel it may eventually be necessary to take up arms against the evil empire currently running the show.

Subtract from that poll the bleeding-heart libs who think feelings matter more than facts, and the numbers are scarier still.

Big Government, including their toadies in the mainstream media, has clearly blown its cover. And it appears, based on this poll, that the American people are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

Why have so many lost faith in our government to the point that armed rebellion is being considered?

Double standards, that’s why. Americans see them and they’re rightfully furious.

They see the despicable treatment afforded President Trump, whose term in office surely seems like the good old days when compared to the turmoil Democrats have unleashed in just a year and a half at the helm.

They watched the press question Trump’s mental fitness and acuity while staunchly supporting the corrupt, dried-up turnip currently occupying the Oval Office.

They observed the media constantly demonizing Trump’s family and then totally supporting “Dr.” Jill and the hapless, hopeless Biden spawn.

They’ve seen every aspect of the Donald’s financial dealings examined with a fine-tooth comb, while the Big Guy (Hunter’s nickname for Crusty Joe) gets half of his crack and sex-addled son’s ill-gotten millions with impunity.

They’ve watched the FBI run multiple coups against both candidate and President Trump, while sitting on the treasure trove of Biden family criminality contained in Hunter’s laptop, which the Feebs have been “investigating” for two and a half years now.

They’ve observed how law enforcement looked the other way as BLMers peacefully rioted, taking lives, ruining businesses, and causing billions of dollars in damage -- all this while authorities pretend that January 6 was another Pearl Harbor, instead of a relatively small dustup where the crowd was rife with Feds, officers obligingly opened the doors to the Capitol, and the only person killed was an unarmed woman, shot to death with impunity by a cop.

They see criminals, perverts and drug dealers released without bail to continue their wicked ways while the Jan. 6thdefendants rot in D.C. jails, their Constitutional rights suspended and their personal lives ruined.

They’ve watched in stunned silence as Democrats and the Deep State pulled every dirty trick in the book on President Trump, while the Republican members of the D.C. Uni-Party sat silent or, as in the case of Cheney and Kinzinger, eagerly concurred.

They’ve listened as Hollywood, the media, and academia all denigrated Trump’s burning desire to make America great again, at the same time supporting the notion that our country is a racist, sexist, xenophobic hellhole, and always has been.

They’ve undoubtedly noticed that Democrats, with the help of Big Tech and many millions of Zucker-bucks, made it incredibly easy to cheat in the last election; yet Trump has been portrayed as a psychopathic monster for pointing out that he was clearly jobbed out of a second term.

They watched President Trump fight the COVID-19 pandemic with all his might, even as wee Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scarf purposely undermined his efforts with their lies, double-talk and obfuscation. While Trump fought the good fight, white-coated bureaucrats and

their pals in Big Pharma got incredibly wealthy.

They watched Trump castigate China for loosing COVID-19 upon the world, causing millions of needless deaths, even as the NBA, Hollywood, influential leaders of both parties, and the Biden Crime Family all filled their pockets with yauns while defending the fine folks of the Chinese Communist Party.

They surely observed how President Trump’s policies lifted all financial boats, setting records for black and Hispanic employment, while the Swamp was busy calling Trump and his supporters irredeemable racists.

They couldn’t help but notice how Trump was deemed a scoundrel for pointing out that women generally allowed him easy sexual access because he was a wealthy celebrity. But those same folks upset with Trump’s statement of fact, were totally incurious about our current demented president’s fondness for touching, fondling, and smelling small children; nor did they show any interest in reports that Creepy Joe took showers with his young daughter, who then became a promiscuous young woman and an addict.

They surely took note of Trump’s incredible energy in his old age, how quick he was to travel the world, campaign for his undeserving party, and speak to reporters. It must have been shocking then to see Senile Joe garble his words, hide from the press, and spend long weekends out of sight and out of mind in Delaware, all this while falling up stairs and off his bicycle.

They also noted how firm President Trump was with other countries, telling Germany to pony up for NATO, forcing Mexico to stop enabling illegal immigration with financial penalties, and reducing IRGC general Qasem Suleimani to a grease stain on the desert floor for threatening U.S. soldiers and diplomats. Now, of course, they watch as Iran plays Biden’s diplomats for fools, Russia feels secure enough in Biden’s impotence to start a war, and the Saudis laugh in the doddering old fool’s face when Biden comes begging for more oil.

They could see that President Trump made the U.S. energy independent, creating jobs and prosperity for everyone; while the current administration has crushed the energy industry, making gas and oil unaffordable for the common man, even as the climate-change crusaders fly around in private jets, party maskless during a pandemic, and buy up oceanfront mansions.

They watched Donald Trump become the first president to stand up for the rights of unborn babies and choose like-minded justices for the Supreme Court; this followed by an administration vowing to use all means, legal and extralegal, to facilitate the dismemberment of unborn innocents, not to mention choosing a Supreme Court justice solely on the basis of her genitalia and skin color.

They observed Trump praising and building up our military might, even as turncoats like General Mark “White Rage” Milley and Col. Alexander Vindman, surely the softest Ranger ever, purposely undermined their commander-in-chief by providing comfort to the enemy and conspiring to impeach the president, respectively.

In summation, it’s clear to me and anyone with eyes to see why a majority of Americans thinks our government is rotten to the core, and why many think a second American Revolution may be necessary to restore integrity in government. What’s not clear is why anyone who’s lived through the obvious double standards I just enumerated, doesn’t feel that way.

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

One comment I have to add is we have also seen Trump push the deadly genocide vaccine.   This places large doubt upon the real intentions of Trump.  It places him directly in the role of controlled opposition. Which has added to the belief that the government  is corrupt.

Even the seemingly good guys are in on it.   Therefore the whole government is corrupt and we need to abolish it all.

Trump may or may not be on the side of the people.  Pushing a deadly vaccine seems to me clearly puts him on the genocida maniac side, regardless if he has been tricked into supporting the vaccine or not.    

Either way government by the few breeds corruption.

The masses should govern ourselves.  The masses would choose what is best for them.

The power of the few controlling the masses must end.

Image: University of Chicago Institute of Politics

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