Hope for the Vaccine-injured • FLCC issues treatment protocols that may save lives

Hope for the Vaccine-injured • FLCC issues treatment protocols that may save lives

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With more and more people falling foul of severe health problems – or  worse – as a result of being deceived, bullied or coerced into submitting to the booby-trapped pseudo-vvv shots, finding some way of managing the damage to people’s health has become of paramount importance.

Whilst we must get justice for the millions harmed by the malicious vvv program by ensuring all those responsible are identified and put on trial for their crimes, we must nevertheless not forget that in terms of the health of the victims, something can be done about it.

So we are featuring here the efforts of the FLCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) to bring some hope to the injured through post-jab treatment protocols. We hope that this will help you or a friend or a loved-one injured by the government’s biochemical agents.

I-RECOVER: Post-VVV TreatmentManagement of Post-Vaccine Syndrome

Major public health authorities do not recognize post-COVID-vaccine injuries; and there is no specific ICD classification code for this disease. However, while no official definition exists, a temporal correlation between a patient receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and beginning or worsening of clinical manifestations is sufficient to diagnose as a COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury when the symptoms are unexplained by other concurrent causes.

Since there are no published reports detailing the management of vaccine-injured patients, our treatment approach is based on the postulated pathogenetic mechanism, clinical observation, and patient anecdotes. Treatment must be individualized according to each patient’s presenting symptoms and disease syndromes. It is likely that not all patients will respond equally to the same intervention; a particular intervention may be life saving for one patient and totally ineffective for another.

Early treatment is essential; it is likely that the response to treatment will be attenuated when treatment is delayed.

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