Americans shift food shopping to DOLLAR STORES as their last desperate strategy before mass famine... and REVOLT

Americans shift food shopping to DOLLAR STORES as their last desperate strategy before mass famine... and REVOLT

Sun Tzu would be proud.  /  Mike Adams

(Natural News) All by design, America is plunging into destitution, bankruptcy and mass famine. Along the path to that outcome, the American people are rapidly shifting grocery purchases away from conventional grocery stores to discount “dollar” stores, where heavily processed shelf-stable and frozen food items can be purchased for $1.25.

Imagine the nutrient depletion in a box of generic pop-tarts sold for $1.25.

Imagine the food safety shortcuts and lack of quality control for a $1.25 frozen pizza that’s sold in a dollar store.

Realize that, for many Americans, dollar stores are the last step on the path to famine. If food prices continue to rise — as they are on track to do — the very same people who can barely afford dollar store processed food right now will soon find themselves without food options at all. They will starve.

Or, perhaps more accurately, they will revoltas the hunger kicks in, and they will do anything to try not to starve.

Every nation, it is said, is just nine meals away from anarchy (or a revolution). It’s not difficult to see that’s where all this is rapidly headed.

61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

According to the UK Daily Mail, 61% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. They have zero savings. They have no buffer when it all hits the fan.

Those nearly-broke Americans are increasingly turning to dollar stores to source cheap calories. That same article from the UK Daily Mail explains, “Grocery sales at discount stores spiked 71% between October 2021 and June 2022.”

Meanwhile, retail sales of food items at Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and even are dropping. Thanks to food and fuel inflation — Joe Biden’s gift to America — people who could once afford to shop at a regular grocery store are now being forced into dollar stores, where food options are bleak.

“…[O]nly about 2,300 out of the more than 18,000 Dollar General locations carry fresh produce,” warns the Daily Mail. The vast majority of food shoppers are gobbling up heavily processed, nutrient-depleted, low-grade junk food, making them more vulnerable to infections, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity, among other chronic degenerative conditions.

As reported by, half the nation is already cutting back on food purchases, hitting a brick wall of non-affordability. Food inflation has become so severe that growing your own food is now almost as good as printing money, which is why I’m calling garden vegetables, “green gold” (listen to the podcast below)..

Be sure to also invest in your own “black gold” (compost) and “blue gold” (water), both of which are necessary for surviving the coming engineered starvation and mass famine.

Mass famine is the result of Federal Reserve money printing

Food inflation isn’t Putin’s fault, either: It’s mostly caused by the endless money printing by the Federal Reserve, a criminal cartel that prints “money” out of thin air, effectively stealing purchasing power from the people, driving tens of millions of Americans into poverty and starvation.

Under every president in our lifetimes, the Federal Reserve has pumped counterfeit fiat currency into the system, effectively robbing the working class while enriching their crooked bankster friends who always receive bailouts and bonuses, no matter how many Americans are thrust into poverty and starvation.

Globalists are deliberately trying to starve the world to death as part of a global depopulation plans that also involves deadly “clot shot” injections which are mislabeled “vaccines.” In addition to engineering global mass starvation and bankruptcy, the world’s anti-human power brokers are also:

It’s not just that they’re trying to starve humanity to death, you see, it’s that they’re trying to feed the dead to the living while ordering humans to stop eating meat. (Animal meat, that is. Eating human flesh is apparently okay with the globalists…)

At this pace of food inflation, we’re headed into a massive nationwide uprising of starving, angry people who will be primed to kill and eat just about anything… including each other.

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