The federal government lied about COVID and vaccines

The federal government lied about COVID and vaccines  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) Ben Armstrong of the New American told his viewers the worst kept secret in America these days: The federal government lied to the American people about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and the vaccines.

“Your government lied as if you didn’t know that they already lied to you. But I know you already know that. But your government lied and is trying to depopulate the world. And they lied to you about the COVID vaccine, they lied to you about COVID-19 in general. It was just a cold. They lied to you about masks,” Armstrong said during the July 27 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans still believe the people who have lied to them repeatedly. Some of them even branded Armstrong as a conspiracy theorist for exposing all the lies being spread by government and health officials, as well as the media.

Armstrong stressed that he has been telling the truth to the American people from day one that COVID-19 was a scaremongering campaign; that masks don’t work and they should stop wearing them; and that they should not get the COVID vaccine.

“I’ve been with all this stuff. And when proven right every single time, people [still] don’t believe me. In general, there are a lot of people that were right like me. And we aren’t believed still, we have to pull our teeth to get people to believe us,” Armstrong said.

According to Armstrong, people have been led to believe that mainstream media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN are always telling the truth. That’s why people still listen to the recommendations of Dr. Anthony Fauci despite his penchant for lying to and deceiving the public.

Fauci lied about the masks

Armstrong showed a video clip from InfoWars proving that Fauci was lying to the American people right from the beginning of the pandemic. Fauci supported mask wearing and didn’t tell the American people at the onset of the pandemic that masks don’t work. (Related: Fauci KNOWS that masks don’t protect people against COVID-19.)

He also noted Fauci’s contradicting statements about wearing a mask. Fauci eventually admitted that scientifically, masks don’t work because the eyes are exposed and can be infected by airborne viruses. Despite knowing that masks don’t work, Fauci recommended at one point that people should wear two masks because one mask wasn’t enough.

Fauci also lied about the fertility issue associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. “He was acting like he didn’t know anything about it,” Armstrong said.”

The host pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccine is the actual bioweapon used to destroy people’s immune systems.

“COVID-19 is not the bioweapon per se. It was the scaremongering tool to get you to take the bioweapon because they can’t just release an actual bioweapon that could actually harm them. They needed to create a situation in which they have a bioweapon that is specifically targeted and that only harms the targets. They want it to harm people and they are perfectly safe. So COVID-19 was the scaremongering tool. It wasn’t the bioweapon. It was the scaremongering tool to get you to take the bioweapon, which is the vaccine,” Armstrong explained.

Armstrong noted that people have died because of blood clots, brain hemorrhaging, myocarditis and cancer after getting injected with the bioweapon. He also doubled down on the fertility issue, saying that past vaccines had been found to cause infertility among women in Africa.

He mentioned the tetanus shots given to African women and showed a video clip proving that it was true.

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